Goes Cube photographed by David Bergman

Goes Cube

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY (USA)


Many bands get all uppity about how they hate labels and comparisons and all that, but Brooklyn‚??s Goes Cube don‚??t really care what you call them. They're just unpretentious like that — no fancy gear, no fancy clothes or haircuts. They're simply three friends who are obsessed with making each song heavier, more intense, more glorious, and just plain better than the last.

Goes Cube has steadily gained attention as one of the most intense bands in both their hometown of New York City, and beyond. Their music is a brutal blend of metal, punk, and full–on rock, and is performed with an urgency rarely witnessed or experienced anymore. None of the members have any sort of formal or traditional training on their instruments, and as a result their music–from the dizzying and unexpected drum fills, bizarrely and lowly–tuned guitars, and unrelenting bass–has a singularity in its sound and structure that simply does not exist elsewhere.

Stereogum has said that the band's "sledgehammer assault" is "inescapably awesome," and that they've become their "favorite underground locals." Oh My Rockness said, "Goes Cube is an insanely good band" and that they give "newfound hope for the future of rock in New York City." Hell, they‚??re even taking note 3,000 miles away: the Los Angeles Times warned its readers that "You'll need a bit of time to recover from this one – perhaps book a cell in a monastery for quality silence. This is as loud as loud gets."

And for all you fans of heavy music, isn't that what it's all about– You won't find these guys at the hottest parties. You'll find them in a cramped van, heading for their next tour date. You'll find them in a tiny practice space, deafening themselves and their neighbors. You'll find them at the bowling alley, drinking beers and smashing pins like they've smashed so many eardrums.

The band has rapidly sold out of their first three EPs — ‚??Beckon The Dagger God‚??, ‚??Not What We Thought‚?? and ‚??Hutchinson‚?? — and now set their sights on a full–length debut entitled ‚??Another Day Has Passed‚?? which will be released via the band‚??s newfound home label, THE END RECORDS, in the Spring of 2009. Produced by Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, Most Precious Blood, Freya, Hold Steady, and more), Goes Cube slams its way through 13 songs in a little more than 45 minutes, and with hardly a second to breathe from start to finish. Some songs are sonic hammersmashes, and others are dark but glorious tractor–trailers plowing through your eardrums. Every second of it is pure intensity.

Call it metal, call it post–metal, call it quasi–metal–post–punk–pre–twenty–second–century–independent–art–sounds if you're into that kind of thing. But just do yourself a favor: Take a listen.

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