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Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA (USA)


Punchline is an American pop–punk/rock band from Pennslyvania. They formed in 1998. The band signed to Fueled By Ramen records in 2003 and released ‚??Action‚?Ě in 2004. In 2006 they released ‚??37 Everywhere‚?Ě. As of early 2008 Punchline has left Fueled By Ramen Records but will continue making music and they are currently looking for a new record label. They have toured with bands such as Reel Big Fish, Fall Out Boy, Bayside, Hellogoodbye, Less Than Jake, Hawthorne Heights and many more. Punchline is Steve Sobolsi[guitar, vocals], Jon Belan[guitar, vocals], Chris Fatalios[bass,vocals], and PJ Caruso.

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The Berlin Project


Punchline 37 Everywhere


37 Everywhere (2006)

Fueled by Ramen

Catch 22 / Bigwig / Punchline live in New York City

Catch 22 / Bigwig / Punchline

live in New York City (2004)

live show

Punchline Action


Action (2004)

Fueled By Ramen

Allister/Hidden In Plain View/Punchline live in Philadelphia

Allister/Hidden In Plain View/Punchline

live in Philadelphia (2004)

live show

Punchline Rewind


Rewind (2003)

Fueled By Ramen

Less Than Jake / Punchline / Bigwig / Teen Idols live in Des Moines

Less Than Jake / Punchline / Bigwig / Teen Idols

live in Des Moines (2003)

live show

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December 05, 2012
Media: Punchline: 'How To Get Kicked Out of the Mall'
Punchline have posted a pay-what-you-want digital download and stream of their debut album, How To Get Kicked Out of the Mall, as part of their 15th anniversary. The album was originally self-released in 1998. Check out the stream/download…
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Punchline vocalist Steve Soboslai has had a busy week; the band's new EP So Nice To Meet You is currently the #2 album on the iTunes rock chart (having peaked at #1 yesterday) and he was featured on the Fox…
January 05, 2012
Media: Punchline: "Everything I Wanted"
Following up on the ultimatum delivered by Punchline bassist Chris Fafalios, that due to "a delay over at iTunes" their new EP So Nice To Meet You did not launch Tuesday morning, but did make it to the…
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Media: Punchline bassist gives ultimatum
Punchline bassist Chris Fafalios has released a video delivering the ultimatum that if their new EP coming out tomorrow does not reach #1 on iTunes this week that he is quitting the band after almost 15 years. You can click Read More…
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Media: Punchline recording new album
Pittsburgh pop punk outfit Punchline announced they are working on the follow up to 2010's Delightfully Pleased. Bassist, Chris Fafalios, released the following details: "Our plane is…
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