Reagan Youth photographed by Dave Insurgent by Gary X.

Reagan Youth

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Hometown: New York City, NY (USA)


Reagan Youth (a play on Hitler Youth) was formed Dave Insurgent (Dave Rubinstein) and guitarist Paul Bakija in Queens in the early 1980s. The band was together for nearly a decade, but released only one album, Youth Anthems for the New Order, which was later collected along with other material for A Collection of Pop Classics.

The band suffered from the tumultuous life of Insurgent who was an occaisonal drug dealer and heavy user. However, the true tragedy came when both David's mother was killed in a car accident and his girlfriend, Tiffany was murdered by a serial killer. The impact of the losses and his spiralling drug addiction led Insurgent to sadly take his own life in 1993.


Reagan Youth / Mouth Sewn Shut live in Austin

Reagan Youth / Mouth Sewn Shut

live in Austin (2007)

live show

Reagan Youth A Collection Of Pop Classics

Reagan Youth

A Collection Of Pop Classics (1991)

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