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Hometown: Olympia, WA (USA)


Olympia, WA's RVIVR features members of Latterman, Shorebirds, Hooky, Socks & Sandals, Casual Lust, Lightnin' Round and Glue!. They have two 7 inches called "Life Moves" and "Derailer" (the latter of which 100% of the label profits go to benefit the Derailer Bicycle Collective in Denver, CO), a self titled LP that are out on Rumbletowne Records. As well as an EP called "Dirty Water" that is out on YoYo Records (http://www.yoyorecords.de). In 2011, the band released an LP called "The Joester Sessions" that compiled their 2 7" releases, the "Dirty Water" EP, and a bonus track.

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LP [12-inch] (2010)



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Matt Canino (RVIVR/Latterman/Ex-Shorebirds)

Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 8:00 PM (EDT)

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RVIVR have posted another new music video, this time for their song "Old Dogs." The song appears on the band's recent full-length, The Beauty Between . RVIVR will be performing at this year's Fest in Gainesville,…
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