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The Decay / Wayfarer Decayfarer

The Decay / Wayfarer

Decayfarer (2011)


Wayfarer Our Fathers


Our Fathers (2010)


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WayfarerSleep Through to the Light


Sleep Through to the Light

September 23, 2014

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Media: Wayfarer: Sleep Through to the Light
Kitchener, Ontario's Wayfarer are streaming their new sophomore LP Sleep Through to the Light at Bandcamp. The record was released this week through Kitchener's…
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Kitchener, Ontario's Wayfarer recently announced their sophomore LP Sleep Through to the Light. The record is set for release on September 23rd through Sorrow Carrier Records out of Kitchener and…
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Kitchener, Ontario's Wayfarer has posted a new video for their song "Daughter of Time." The track comes from 2011's "Decayfarer" split with Guelph's The Decay, who happen to star in…
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Media: Wayfarer: "Daughter of Time"
Kitchener, ON's Wayfarer has unveiled a new song entitled "Daughter of Time." It's slated to appear on an upcoming split with The Decay that will be self-released on vinyl and digitally released via…
February 28, 2011

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