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Eric Ozenne comments on injury
Said Radio frontman Eric Ozenne has posted an update on the injury that forced the band to cancel their previously scheduled apperances with Tiger Army. Eric commented: i didn't realize that i would have people so worried about my health, so.... many of you know that i have an old military leg injury that is chronic. this is different. i hurt my leg at Said Radio's last show w/ TA in Portland a few weeks back. it didn't seem that bad at first, but then it swung in a negative direction a couple days later.…
2008-10-02 15:30:02

Said Radio to return to active duty
Said Radio frontman Eric Ozenne has posted an update on the band's status, which is starting to look a lot more rosy than it did a month ago: hello friends...sorry if anyone went–a–lookin'–for–us....we are now officially back together....as we have changed our direction abit....see you soon....new album in 2008. The band was previously on an indefinite hiatus that followed a summer of touring in support of their debut release Tidal Waves and Teeth. The…
2008-01-14 11:00:02

Said Radio still together for now, plans MCD release to retail next month
Said Radio, the band featuring members of Redemption 87, Ceremony and The Nerve Agents, will be widely releasing their new album, Tidal Waves and Teeth, in November. The record has been available directly from the band, but will be available in stores through Mankind Records next month. On a related note, the label is denying rumours that the band has split up. Apparently a brief message…
2007-10-29 10:00:03

Said Radio post three new tracks
Said Radio has posted three new songs off their Mankind Records debut. You can check out the new songs "Cue the Crickets," "Killing Her Softly" and "Hollow Man" on their MySpace. The band features members of the Nerve Agents, Redemption 87 and…
2007-06-29 19:00:07

Said Radio "Roses"
Eric Ozenne's new band Said Radio has finally debuted some music. You can head to their MySpace page now to check the song "Roses." You'll find lyrics there as well. The Bay Area act features members of the Nerve Agents, Redemption 87 and Ceremony. The band is preparing to release an EP via Mankind Records later this year. They recorded with engineer and producer Andy Ernst who's worked with just about everyone from that…
2007-06-27 17:00:03

Said Radio (Nerve Agents, Redemption 87, Ceremony) begin recording debut EP
Said Radio, the new band featuring members of The Nerve Agents, Redemption 87 and Ceremony, is going back into the studio on Wednesday, June 20th to finish recording their debut EP for Mankind Records. It's being recorded at the Art Of Ears in Hayward, California with engineer and producer Andy Ernst. Andy Ernst is a longtime member of the Northern California hardcore/punk community and has worked with everyone from Green Day, Rancid, AFI, and Tiger Army to Said Radio member's former bands The Nerve…
2007-06-22 17:00:03

Eric Ozenne's new band are now Said Radio
Former Nerve Agents frontman Eric Ozenne has finally named his new band. Originally announced as the Strange Young Heroes, the group is now going by the name Said Radio. Scene Point Blank's cleared up the band's line up, which seems to have shifted somewhat since earlier announcements. The group now features Gary Gutfeld of Redemption 87, Ryan Mattos and Anthony Anzaldo of Ceremony, and Dante Sigona of the Nerve Agents. The band will play their debut show at West Seattle Legion Hall in Seattle, WA on Monday July…
2007-06-10 16:00:03

The Scare preparing EP, plan show with AFI, Stretch Arm Strong
The Scare are set to open for Stretch Armstrong and AFI December 4th, 2006, in Charleston, SC, at the Centre Stage at the Plex. The Scare are prepping a split CDEP/ 7" with the Phantom Pains, which will be released on Mankind Records in early 2007. They were recently seen on both legs of Strike Anywhere's current US tours, the Dead FM and…
2006-11-11 16:00:08

The Strange Young Heroes (Eric Ozenne) personnel and name change
The Strange Young Heroes, the band formed by Eric Ozenne of the Nerve Agents, has apparently undergone a personnel and name change. The details of the changes have not been announced, but the band is advising fans to watch the Mankind Records Myspace page for more details. The band was formed by Ozenne, recruiting former Redemption 87 bandmates Timmy Chunks and Gary Gutfield along with Mark Hayworth of Inside Out and…
2006-06-18 20:00:03

Posthumous Nerve Agents DVD, EP in the works
Not much info is available at this time, but Mankind Records has indicated that two releases featuring the defunct Bay Area band the Nerve Agents are on the horizon. Release dates and details have not yet been announced, but there is both a live DVD in the works as well as a 7" / CD EP. The latter will feature live, out of print and rare tracks. The Nerve Agents broke up in 2002, a year after the release of…
2006-05-24 12:25:03

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