Former Nerve Agents frontman Eric Ozenne has finally named his new band. Originally announced as the Strange Young Heroes, the group is now going by the name Said Radio. Scene Point Blank's cleared up the band's line up, which seems to have shifted somewhat since earlier announcements. The group now features Gary Gutfeld of Redemption 87, Ryan Mattos and Anthony Anzaldo of Ceremony, and Dante Sigona of the Nerve Agents. The band will play their debut show at West Seattle Legion Hall in Seattle, WA on Monday July 23 with Ceremony, Shipwreck, and Ruiner.

Said Radio Tour Dates
July 23 Seattle, WA Legion Hall w/ Ceremony, Shipwreck, Ruiner
July 24 Portland, OR Laughing Horse Books w/ Ceremony, Shipwreck
July 25-29 Ventura, CA Sound And Fury Festival  
July 30 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction w/ Ceremony, Shipwreck, Blacklisted
August 3 Santa Cruz, CA TBA w/ Ceremony, Shipwreck, Blacklisted
August 4 Berkely, CA 924 Gilman w/ Ceremony, Shipwreck, Blacklisted

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