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Rob Zombie: Mondo Sex HeadMondo Sex Head (2012)
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Over the last decade, Rob Zombie has made more of a name for himself as a director than as a musician. In the time it took him to direct five films, he's only released two studio albums. Oh sure, the shlock rocker has produced some extra albums along the way, including a live record and two greatest.
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Over the last decade, Rob Zombie has made more of a name for himself as a director than as a musician. In the time it took him to direct five films, he's only released two studio albums. Oh sure, the shlock rocker has produced some extra albums along the way, including a live record and two greatest hits packages, but for a guy who's been musically active for about 30 years, it's interesting to me how easily he's transitioned to another medium, and how much his output in music has suffered.

All of this is to say that Zombie's latest record, a remix collection dubbed Mondo Sex Head, isn't especially good. It's not terrible. In fact, some people craft moody, electronic soundscapes out of Zombie's biggest hits, as Deftones frontman Chino Moreno does with "Dragula." But taken overall, Mondo Sex Head is lackluster, so much so that I'm not even sure who the target audience for this release would be.

Let's say Rob Zombie is one of your favorite artists. I'm assuming you love him for his fusion of Americana, metal and B-movies. You probably like White Zombie more, but either way, you're big on Zombie's grooving, hooky brand of metal. Well, that's all gone here. Mondo is all techno. It has touches of darkwave and industrial, but overall, it's dance music. And if that just so happens to be your bag, well, there's no way you're gonna be looking to get down to a "Pussy Liquor" remix.

Mondo Sex Head is about good as it could be, but that's still not very good. If anything, it's just further indication of Zombie's transition to film. I'm excited to see his Broad Street Bullies movie. Remixes of songs I liked in middle school, eh, not so much.


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jelone (August 13, 2012)

According to the press release I was given, Chino is billed as the remixer.

Michael_Berryman (August 12, 2012)

i'm not fully sure it was Chino that did the remix. it's billed as crosses. it could be the guy from Far or the other guy that's not Chino, right?

Imsoawesome (August 12, 2012)

@Skibz: yeah your right man, I was a bit intoxicated when I posted that and thought it was funny at the time. I've had freinds in homosexual relationships, and I know that shit can get just as crazy as any other relationship.

@Jimmy: I thought Echo's post was more funny than creepy.

heretic (August 12, 2012)

Yeah, Jimmy. I think it's for the best.

jimmynorville (August 11, 2012)

Are we just pretending EchosMyron's creepy post didn't happen or something?

givemeamuseumandillfillit (August 11, 2012)

...Why did you focus on that part of the post? He blew up a 20 foot robot before he got on stage, that's what important. I've seen him play tunes with some boobies on stage before, but it's a whole different story now. It has changed. Fucking robots being blown up before the band even got on. Ridiculous.

I'm not a fan either. I don't enjoy his work what so ever, but I do enjoy robots being blown up.

Skibz777 (August 11, 2012)

It's not ridiculous. I saw Zombie in 2007, and though he had plenty of flashing lights and dancing girls, it wasn't particularly elaborate. I was told by old-school fans who know more about him than I do that his shows had considerably tamed from his heyday in the '90s. Who am I to argue? I wouldn't even call myself a Zombie fan.

givemeamuseumandillfillit (August 11, 2012)

Skibz: Ridiculous statement. I saw him last year and he blew up a 20 foot robot before he even started. It must've changed. It was absolutely ridiculous.

givemeamuseumandillfillit (August 11, 2012)

The "bangers" are horrendous, but the ones that just adds a sort of throbbing pulse in a more ambient way are pretty decent. Keep in mind that I'm not a Rob Zombie fan and don't know any of the the originals.

Skibz777 (August 11, 2012)

@Imsoawesome: No...no, it's not. >:/

Imsoawesome (August 10, 2012)

Echo: just start banging dudes, it'll be way less complicated.

EchosMyron (August 10, 2012)

Why are women such great pretenders, they pretend like they all innocent when they're not, they can easily deceive us guys because they always act all baby like, it makes me mad sick angry angry

A girl will lie to you and swear by God's name that she's telling the truth and when you confront her , she still cries and tells you she's honest.

I got a cell phone for a girl which i was paying the bill for( lob=ve? yeah rite!). I had access to her voicemail which she didn't know. I ain't the insecure type but i hate when girls grow chicken feet and they try to deceive a brother

I listened to her voicemails from time to time, i would ask her about certain stuff, she'll lie to me and i'll keep quiet (knowing that i knew the truth).

This particular time, she lied she was going to he hairdresser's and i believed her, the next day i listened to her messages and a classmate(guy) was like , "i'm waiting for u at the station, call me back".

I confronted her and she cried, swore and pleaded that she was at the hairdresser's, i was really mad, so i told her to play her voicemail messages, she was shocked shocked, she refused at first but then she had to.

I told her to put the phone on speaker so we could both hear, then she played the message i was talking about and she started crying again , elling me she was sorry and she lied to me so many other times, girls are bad maan.

Guys if you think your girls are prefect angels, think twice.

mattramone (August 10, 2012)

Next record's coming out on Epitaph. Bet.

jizzo (August 10, 2012)

Rob Zombie is a legend. "The Great American Nightmare" has been the opening theme for the Howard Stern show for about 13 years or more now. Stern has never changed that song

jelone (August 10, 2012)

They did a reworking of "Brick House" together.

Imsoawesome (August 10, 2012)

I was just reading his wikipedia page and it has Lional Richie as one of his associated acts. Does anybody know how they're associated? Just seems like an odd combination.

paulrulzdood (August 10, 2012)

weird timing on this release too since I just heard he just wrapped up a new album for a Fall release??

sleepwalker (August 10, 2012)

Album art is adorable! Music is not adoarable.

Skibz777 (August 10, 2012)

His live shows aren't nearly as entertaining/theatrical as they used to be, unless he's made any major changes in the last few years.

megalife (August 10, 2012)

Hate him or not, this guy puts on an incredible live show. Caught him at some random festival and was totally blown away.

Russe11 (August 10, 2012)


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