Warped Tour 2002

Warped Tour 2002: live in Bostonlive in Boston (2002)
Warped Tour

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: DukDuk
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[editor's note: Duk talked a lot of shit about the other Boston review, so here's his, spelling errors and all.] Ahh the good old Warped Tour. Everyone knows that it's obviously NOT a festival dedicated to underground punk rock and the scene. Hell no! Clearly it's all about the benjamins and m.

[editor's note: Duk talked a lot of shit about the other Boston review, so here's his, spelling errors and all.]

Ahh the good old Warped Tour. Everyone knows that it's obviously NOT a festival dedicated to underground punk rock and the scene. Hell no! Clearly it's all about the benjamins and marketing, so my expectations were null as I approached my 7th Warped Tour in a row.

It was a grueling hot day with temps in the mid 90's. After waiting in line for what seemed like 3 or 4 days, they finally let us in. I immediately ran to the huge band scedule sign and my jaw dropped. Reach the Sky, the band I was there to see, was fucking playing first..in 5 MINUTES!! Fuck! Where do I go?! What is this "Maurice" stage? I scrambled to find the stage but I managed to find the RTS tent. I asked them where the band was playing and they hooked me up. Here's my low down on the show below:

Reach the Sky: Brilliant. There's nothing like a good, solid set from this Boston hardcore band. Their songs are filled with emotion and they rocked the fucking house! Huge pit, fist pumping sing alongs, it doesn't get any better.

Thursday: Headed over to the Main stage to catch Thursday. HUGE crowd, they brought out the water hoses to douse the kids and that was cool. They played the usual "hits" and the crowd seemed to love them immensely. The singer told the croud to go watch From Autum To Ashes, Unearth, Death By Stereo and other hardcore bands there. They ended with a blazing version of Cross Out The Eyes that ruled. Their new song was amazing too, lots of people are looking forward to their new EP coming out soon.

Circle Jerks: What can I say...the snot-punk legends were incredible playing all kinds of killer, old school songs. They had one of the best crowds of the day with many, many punks going crazy in cirlcle slams and whatnot. Great, memorable set.

MXPX: Caught some of them in passing...they played the same songs they always do. It was boring and uninspirational.

COMMENTS: At this point I had two hours of free time till the next band I wanted to see played. SO I wandered around and saw some interesting things like some skating and band tents and shit. I went to the slip and slide thing and saw something that did not shock me. A group of 5-6 meatheads made up WOW and FLASH ME signs and were standing at the end of the slide. Women were simply laughing at them. They were pathetic in their attempts to look at femal breasts. Another area had a group of 7 half naked men being told to rub shaving cream on their bodies...at that point I left. I thought to myself..."This crap didn't go on during the 96, 97 & 98 Warped Tours..." Wow, how far we've come...

Lo Ball: Caught some of them in passing. Pop punk played by th3 ladies. They like preening to the crowd and flirting with the crowd and whatever...

3rd Strike: Played a great, crowd moving set.

Death By Stereo: Awesome job by these boys, they played a great set that had the mosh going in a frenzy from start to finish. They played a new song that ripped!! One of the best sets of the day.

From Autumn to Ashes: Wow...big crowd for the little punkrocks.net stage. Immediately they had sound problems, but once they figured them out they tore the fucking joint up! They played a short, sweet set that had fans moshing and singing along like crazy. Great guitar work here, from Duchess to Take her to the Music Store to Short Stories...this set ruled!

Finch: no comment...don't like them.

unearth: Wow...they fucked the place up RIGHT! Huge crowd, tough guys freaking out everywhere, little girls and boys running for the hills crying for mommy, people bleeding, it was a thing of beauty. They played a ton of tunes basically just fucking rocked so hard.

Lagwagon: Good fun here...great set by these boys.

Then I went to eat some food of somekind and get out of the sun...before I left I managed to catch...

Bosstones: Seen then dozens of times over the years...this set was killer as always. Played some new tunes that were recieved real well.

Bad Religion: Had to play a shortened set because the Bosstones went over. BR simply rules the earth. They played hit after hit and capped it with 21st Century Dig Boy and the crowd went nuts.

All in all it was a decent show, a bit hot, a few too many meatheads, way to much pop-punk and way to much marketing and not enough skating. Where was the BMX freestyle? Moto x? More fan interaction with the Action SPorts? I'll go next year for sure.


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LMFAOHAHAH (August 4, 2006)

First off, I'll say that I listen to hardcore/or older hardcore, where 'punk' was still an influence, rather than metal, but no bashing. .. I don't understand completely why everyones panties are all tied in a knot. If you don't like the band, then thats awesome, don't be an elitest. So what, he wears a polo, and camo shorts - he/she can have a fav. band of bad brains but be in love with rap. Whats the point of music? A message, and the way its delieverd. Moshing, circle pitting, spin kicking, whatever is fun for yourself. So what, someone wears hottopic, becuase they like the way it looks on themselves. Some dude has pants tigher than, well I can't even explain how tight, but it all comes down to one thing, the way they'd like to show there personality. How can someone be a 'posure, poser, etc'? Why would someone waste all of there time to pretend there something there not, so the fuck what, you live by jimmy eat world, and fall asleep to deathcab, wear american eagle and play hockey, the band reaches out to them one was or another. You listen to the misfits, minor threat, fugazi, bad brains, black flag, and wear your vests with patches. One person/group started every fad. So are we all posers? Someone listens to bane, slipknot, led zepplin, anti-flag, and dresses in hot topic, american eagle, wal-mart, why isn't that allowed? I'm sick of fucking people bashing every type of music style they disagree with, if you don't like it, don't listen. If you think they're ignorant, then thats your opinion, dont press it on everyone else. Music is music, and its all the same as i said before, same messege, different sound, different looks. Open your fucking minds and accept the fact that people are going to do things that piss you the fuck off, and things you'll never be able to understand. Me? I play football, listen to local bands, and bigger, have heart, bane, deathbeforedishonor, colin of arabia, etc - but my fav band is Alkline Trio, why? Becuase it makes me feel a way that no other can. I wear abercrombie, band t's jeans, and track shorts, nikes or macbeths, whatever i want to that day. A poser is nothing, a poser is what you don't like. And all of you who bash my comment, are ignorant, and need to get a grasp on your own virtues before you go insulting everyone elses.

Anonymous (August 31, 2002)

you're right all punk music sounds the same, how fucking thick is your anus cause you're talking out of your ass.

Enthymeme (August 30, 2002)

Subgenera of punk? How thick are your craniums? Bottom line ignoramuses: Punk, or not punk. You're all about as lost as a chinese water dragon in the middle of Texas.

"everyone in punk was kissing mark hoppus' ass when cheshire broke thru and sent them into major label orbit." Punks always hated him, his band, and his ass.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

wow, does it really matter what subgenre of this so called "punk" music you listen to? if you don't like warped tour, then don't go. if you're really all that "punk" then why are you using a computer. in any genre of music there are always subgenres and spinoffs of the style that orginally started a stylistic movement or dictated what was to follow in musical terms. this is the case with most and/or all of the music being put out anywhere, the difference between punk and any other classification of music is that punk elitist cling to their beloved roots, in a conservative and sometimes even hitleresque way. let go, music changes with time, so get used to it because in a couple of years you'll see something completely different. let the fads past and present be a lesson to you. in 10 years the fashion victims will think all this music sucks and look for another oppurtunity to look cool.


Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

i dont get the below comment. what is your point, that we cant get along based on what we wear?? hahaha. dude rugby is a sweet sport, and i've played that with my friends, OH NO i'm a jock!?!? fuck that, and anyone who thinks that. and everyone in punk was kissing mark hoppus' ass when cheshire broke thru and sent them into major label orbit.

like the other guy sed, we (true punks) are above that poseur shit, so live and let die. when jimmy eat world fades away we'll still be here.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

Evildeadalive, you could say that 100 times in complete sucsesion and it still couldn't be more true.

You got the whole spectrum of wannabes here. You have the preps with their baseball caps, their GAP hoodies, and their Mark Hoppus haircuts. You have the poppers who pretend to like skateboarding, bragging about liking NFG and other emo pop rock bands, and their rugby polos. Then you got the kids who fight with them, trying to say they're the ones being copied, when they're just hot topic raiding, overly obsessed with the same bands over and over ("You dumb morons stop saying NFG is punk. Punk is MXPX, rancid, and nofx, and all the other hard wt bands"), saving money up for their first tats when they turn 18, with a million stickers all over their parents' car.

The ratio of steet punks to everyone else on here is no doubt 1:100.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

man, for being punks, and about unity, you kids bicker an awful lot. cant you find some bands both of you enjoy, maybe suggest some bands to one another find a compromise somewhere?

or you could do what you always do, and trash drive thru, or whoever hurts the scene. the "scene" of ours is so watered down it only exists thru the word "scene".

at least it is easier to go to shows and see bands, so many more places are willing to give punk bands (punk covering all forms from emo to hardcore to metal core)dates to play...so hooray!!

not everyone has to be negative. and let the poseurs be poseurs, you're above them.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

Road Rules is still a show? With all the reality shows on basic cable these days, who needs any on MTV. MTV stands for music television, but all I see are tv shows, and only a few of which are even remotely affiliated with music.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

They don't allow squat for HTML in these posts, and absolutely no DHTML or VB scripting. So much I wanna do, so much I can't.

My desire to post in relevancy to the topic has deteriorated now...

evildeadalive (August 25, 2002)

I like Enthymeme. Don't 100% agree with him/her. But like him/her nonetheless. Not enough actual punks on this site. It's sad really.

Anonymous (August 25, 2002)


Enthymeme (August 25, 2002)

There you go with the false subjectivities. Gutter punk? So street punks are gutter punks? No, you couldn't be more ignorant you little imbecile. Street punks, are punks.

You're all something else that also starts with a P. Pompous? Predictable? Pseudo-punks? Pop culture? Poseurs?

Enthymeme (August 25, 2002)

That's just it, 90% of that shit isn't punk.

Keywords in my older posts Mr. Oblivious: dime a dozen, pop oriented, trendy drive thru bands, grundgy pop smoking skate boarders and bikers who act more like stoned and angry hippies, this thing you kids are apart of, with all your beliefs, all your ideologies, all your counter arguments, all your bullshit is not punk, your concoted wannabe scene, this erroneous interpretation of punk that spawned from SW culture errupted into the trend it is today.

Think of it this way. Ancient asians had a very sacred means of centering themselves. Through such ideologies ensued martial arts, a respectable and deep cultural symbol. Comparing the original and now sparse real punk scene with what you kids are all saturating the world with today, is like comparing this ancient asian art to Bubba Joes Karate shop in the Walmart plaza.

Anonymous (August 25, 2002)

that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Who are you to hate something that thousands of kids enjoy every summer. It's not your thing so don't go. A lot of other kids will, and have a good time. Does that bother you because punk isn't just for the gutter punks with the strong beliefs, granted we need to have that element to balance things out, but I don't see the need for you to hate something when so many people enjoy it.

You must have the life man, if you are this concerned about the warped tour and what kind of bands they chose to have.

Duk (August 25, 2002)

LOL...Holy shit! I'll never talk smack again on this site...I can't believe the editors posted this. LOL!

Good jobs fellas.

Enthymeme (August 25, 2002)

Interesting. I never mentioned I was a genius. But since I am a certified one, I won't argue in that context.

My ideal Warped Tour is one that isn't packed wall to wall with dime a dozen, pop oriented, trendy drive thru bands that are worshiped by poseurs. And more so, my ideal tour is one containing a sheer paucity of imbeciles like you...kids who didn't exist before this erroneous interpretation of punk that spawned from SW culture errupted into the trend it is today. Kids with fake piercings, spray on hair, $100 hot topic imitation plaid shorts, hordes and hordes of preppy people pretending they have the slighest inclincation towards punk, and grundgy pop smoking skate boarders and bikers who act more like stoned and angry hippies. Basically my ideal Warped tour is no WT at all.

I haven't been part of the street punk scene since most of you were watching sesame street to be lectured by you. You reek of nothing but ignorance. There was a punk scene, a street punk scene. That scene still exists, somewhere. This thing you kids are apart of, with all your beliefs, all your ideologies, all your counter arguments, all your bullshit.....is not punk. So go hand yourselves instead being idiots and calling yourselves something you're not.

Anonymous (August 24, 2002)

ya man, the warped tour doesnt have bands you like so i mean it sucks now.

The idea of it is to put a shit load of bands that people like all together, it was never meant to be a scenesters paradise.

WHat is your ideal warped tour then genius, lay it out for us.

Anonymous (August 24, 2002)

god, quit labeling you judgemental piece of shit.....god, just listen to the music instead of worrying about what people are going to think of you for listening to it

Enthymeme (August 23, 2002)

Hard-core kids getting bashed by Poseurs for bashing?

If you're making light of my post, I'd like to know what your reason for labeling. Because there are not soft-core, hard-core, drive threw-indie, skate, emo, or other types of punks. There are punks, and than all of these other groups you subjectively categorize are all nonpunks. 95% of you KIDS today are the latter.

The only people who bash punk, are all you KIDS. Punks don't do anything. We're just sittng back and watchin all you kids trash your concoted wannabe scene.

Anonymous (August 23, 2002)

Yes it's absolutely true that they bash every other type of music around even punk rock as well.
If it's not thrashy or faster than shit it's automatically shot down as lame.Shows you what they know.

Anonymous (August 23, 2002)

is it me or do hardcore kids bash every other style of music?

Enthymeme (August 23, 2002)

Why hasn't the Warped Tour died yet? It went from decent, to ok, to cheesy, to lame, to a a complete joke, to utterly disturbing.

Anonymous (August 23, 2002)

review sheview. this is a blog entry. there's no objectivity - "The bands I liked, I liked! The bands I disliked, I disliked!" No shit sherlock. I knew that, and i didn't even go.

Anonymous (August 23, 2002)

With all the "hype" Duk tried to provide about his review.... it really sucked ass. You saw some good bands but took the same formula that every other show reviewer does. One line comments about the bands you saw and comments about what you did over the day. Not very impressive for something that was supposed to be "much better" than the other boston review... try again fucker.I hated Boston Warped this year.-the user formerly known as pat41

Anonymous (August 23, 2002)

3rd Strike, ahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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