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Places To Park

Places To Park: Better Sights Were SetBetter Sights Were Set (2002)
Volcom Entertainment

Reviewer Rating: 2

Contributed by: maverickScott
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Places To Park is like that local band in everyone's scene. You all know who I'm talking about - that group of 4 guys, all with varying degrees of patchy facial hair, one has a pseudo beer gut at the age of 18. They all have assorted Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike patches and stickers on the.

Places To Park is like that local band in everyone's scene. You all know who I'm talking about - that group of 4 guys, all with varying degrees of patchy facial hair, one has a pseudo beer gut at the age of 18. They all have assorted Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike patches and stickers on their clothing/amps/guitar cases. The drummer's license plate is probably "AVAIL 7" or something.

The band's friends come to all their shows and learn the gang vocals parts in their songs, but really only sing along because they know the guys on stage - the music isn't too moving, but at least they're trying, right? Might as well humor them.

This band is the only local band who really seems to try at being an actual band, so they usually get the nod from the local promoter to open for whatever semi-big group is coming through town. They shared the bill with Thursday [before they blew up, of course] last summer, and still tell their friends to this day how "fucking awesome" the show was and how "totally rad" the guys in Thursday were, and how they're positive they remember them and will bring them along for their big MTV2 tour.

We all have a band like this in our scene. We all know that these bands won't ever get signed. Hell, usually the bands themselves know they won't make it big and will end up just giving away the 300 extra demos they had made, "just in case," after their impending breakup [usually because someone goes off to college].

Places to Park is this band, but apparently someone forgot to tell them they're not supposed to make it this far. They got signed to Volcom [who seems to have pockets as deep as Drive-Thru nowadays] and were thrown on the entire length of this year's Warped Tour, winning the hearts of girls who mistakenly thought they were at the main stage and guys who mistakenly thought Hot Water Music was starting early. They really don't offer anything special or new to music now, nor will they probably ever. This is just fine as background music, and that is all it ever will be for me.

Too Soon
Slow Down


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Anonymous (January 6, 2003)

this shit rocks

Anonymous (December 19, 2002)

this is good music. if you like music you will like this, if you like what is trendy, you are gay. just to let you know hot topic is the gayest shit i have ever seen in my life. making punk a trend is a waste of the years spent making what it should be today.

Anonymous (October 5, 2002)

this is good music

Anonymous (September 16, 2002)

who the fuck are you BOSTONMUSICGUY and SCOTT!!!! I'll kick your ass. and i'm a girl

Anonymous (September 15, 2002)

Its too bad Scott has had so many bad relationships with "band guys". He always seems to get his heart broken. You see, it's guys like Scott who care what bands look like so he can go home and shove his 12" dildo in his ass and think about the time he got backstage at a Creed concert and saw the singer take a shower. Its a good thing Scott doesn't like Places to Park. I'd hate to picture him listening to thier CD while he jerks off and fingers his dogs butthole.

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

Did I just really spend(waste) my time on this shitty ass review, of a semi decent record. Places to Park have a very raw sound I think, not for everyone I assume. But I personly love the shit out this cd. They are borderline pop, with the punk/emo sound, that everyone loves to hate, and that has been beat to fucking death recently. ut Places to Park do the sound very nicely. Not the most original sound in the world. But something about this cd I find catchy as hell. I would give it a listen.

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

So you don't like what they look like. what did you think of the music?
Every band starts somewhere.

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

Geez Scott, whats up with all the references to the southeast scene? Sweating Richmond and Gainesville....yeah.


Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

Yeah, I heard Volcom signed these guys for a million dollars, and paid them 15,000 to play their warped tour stage, damn those guys are rich. I heard they have these huge offices in Beverly Hills with plasma tv's in the bathrooms playing loops of Dashboard Confessional and Saves The Day videos and a private garage where they park their matching black Mercedes. Thats SO not punk.

Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

So yea... I knew the band Scott was talking about after the first paragraph... it didnt really need a second and third paragraph to explain it... but you did a good job anyway... too bad you werent writing a review for the 4 Bob Doles who are the exact band you spoke of in this article.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (September 7, 2002)

you guys are fucked in the head. places to park is awesome. sure they are not anything trendy like al the sceamo-pop like taking back sunday or the used. i enjoyed this cd and i loved to see them live.

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

Buy an hot Noodle music cd instead of this shit.

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

I back this guy.

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

Skip this and buy a Small Brown Bike record, listen to it for a few weeks and thank me later.

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