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Against All Authority

Against All Authority: 24 Hour Roadside Resistance24 Hour Roadside Resistance (2000)
Hopeless Records

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Contributed by: ChrisGorman2Chris Gorman
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AAA have always been better at punk than ska, and thankfully, they embrace their snot-core side. Popeye-on-speed vocals, shredding guitar riffs and the occasional horn blast help give this chunk of pissed-offness the edge that it needs to be one of the best punk releases in recent memory. AAA's.
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AAA have always been better at punk than ska, and thankfully, they embrace their snot-core side. Popeye-on-speed vocals, shredding guitar riffs and the occasional horn blast help give this chunk of pissed-offness the edge that it needs to be one of the best punk releases in recent memory.

AAA's past releases have heavily featured the horn section, but the horns don't even show up on this slab o' plastic till track 5, "Nothing to Lose". The opening title track sets the tone for this album. AAA are pissed at the world, and they are taking their aggression out on our ears. The second track, "Dinkas when I close my eyes" is one of the best tracks on the album, with a punky-ska beat and passionate lyrics about the terrible conditions in Sudan and other African nations.

"I think you think too much" is another great track, centering around a true event that occurred between the band and some power hungry police officers. The rest of the tracks follow suit, as AAA proves that ska can be just as vicious as punk. Oh yeah, and the last track isn't a song, but rather an informative little piece about the affects of Strontium 90 on the human body. Throw this CD on and indulge your angry side.


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nocash666 (September 28, 2007)

amazing cd. AAA's best fo sho.

Hey_ska (August 1, 2006)

This is my LEST favorite AAA album. I have no problem with them going "punk" but the cd just isnt that strong. Sure it has a few good tracks but overall its just the same old shit and it gets boring. If you want to hear AAA at its finest pick up DWDY or All Fall Down.

GlassPipeMurder (July 22, 2005)

I agree with the second comment down. Their ska is what sets them apart, if they didn't have that, they wouldn't be nearly as charming.

Anonymous (April 17, 2005)

I'm sorry you're alittle mistaken my dear reviewer friend the last track is a song that speaks informativle about strontium 90 with an informative spoken word pievce about strontium 90 and the charity organization the tooth fairy project. just thought I'd be an ass and correct you take care.

AnarchoSKApunksUNITE (December 20, 2004)

I love AAA, they by far are my favorite band. If you don't like this cd, you need to go jump off a bridge, but seriously. I love their ska sounds and their driving punk melodys are both catchy and powering. What I love most about them is their energy. If you like this at all or even if you don't be sure to check out All Fall Down. It's by far their best.

Zekeguy80 (June 29, 2004)

Great punk band, they sound great live, and they have something to say, Good Punk Rock Good Lyrics A Little Horns= AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY

Anonymous (May 8, 2004)

I could probably sell this cd at a garage sale for 2 dollars.

I LOVE All Fall Down and Destroy What Destroys You, but this cd just doesn't do anything for me. I loved their ska sound and now its just boring to me. Its just all sorta the same. I just saw them live and they only have one horn player left and they sound like shit.

Why do all good bands eventually get worse and worse with more releases?

Anonymous (February 7, 2004)

aaa should keep punk! ska is for idiots. horns make me like braindeath

ybs7200 (November 5, 2003)

I can recall when I first heard this cd. My friend came home from Wherehouse Music with this cd and was so damn syked. I didn't know who AAA was, but once I heard the first song I was hooked. I borrowed this cd from him till it was damn near scratched to hell. Then I got my own copy. Buy this cd or go fuck yourself. AAA rules the ska/punk scene right now (Well, L.O.C does to).

Anonymous (July 31, 2003)

hell yea! I love this band and this is their best album.

Anonymous (April 22, 2003)

This album definitely kicks some major ass. Of the 3 full-lengths, this tops all of them, though barely. The lyrics kick ass, the singing kicks ass, and the only complaint is lack of horns. When the fuck is their new album gonna come out???
Best Tracks:
Committing The Truth
The Next Song
Killing The Truth

Anonymous (March 10, 2003)

AAA sucks, their music is so bad and the vocal sings like a dog with no throat

Anonymous (July 28, 2002)

Blink182,nfg,sum41 all fucken suck. There all mainstreem mtv sell outs. Fuck them. Aaa kicks ass

Anonymous (April 2, 2002)

great great album.

Anonymous (November 26, 2001)

Right up there with Suicide Machines 'Battle Hymns' and 'No Gods, No Managers' by Choking Victim as greatest ska/punk/hardcore albums ever.


Anonymous (November 8, 2001)

I Hope you know that you got the wrong name!! just kidding aaa is better than you, foo

Anonymous (November 3, 2001)

Hey, could you guys put the proper album title up for me? Just so I dont look like an idiot? This has been up for a while, and I forgot I even reviewed it, but yeah, if you could fix that, that would be cool.


Anonymous (October 19, 2001)

I saw them live last night At Nation in DC with AutoPilot Off and H2O. It was a pretty good show. But AAA's horn guy wasn't there for an unknown reason, so there set was a lot of non-ska from this album, and some harder ones off of 'All Fall Down.'

icK-x-Strife (September 7, 2001)

While I really liked AAA's earlier album 'All Fall Down' which was more ska than this one; I must agree that overall this record sounded better with more of a hardcore edge. These guys can really tear it up. Has anyone seen them live?? I hear they are great.

- icK-x-Strife

seek (June 15, 2001)

AAA kicks fucking ass. every single one of their records is awesome. the only punk-ska band that can equal them(both in listenability and hardcoreness, great choice of words, eh?) is choking victim/leftover crack.

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

AAA is my favorite band but i after reading the review, i felt like i had to stick up for their first two albums. yes, they both include much more ska but AAA is one of the few bands who can make it aggressive and punk-as-fuck. this album is great but lets not knock their ska parts. the source probably has the most ska and is one of (if not) the best song on the cd.

oi joy boy@aol.com

Anonymous (April 25, 2001)

jaw breaker can fucking suck my cock and then get fucked by a dolphin for all i care. fuck jawbreaker they are the worst band in the world

Anonymous (April 21, 2001)

This belongs in the trash bin as it is trash. Go buy a Jawbreaker album instead.

RecipeForHate (April 18, 2001)

This is a very good album.I like the way it turned out.Less ska and more PunkRock.I like they're ska songs,but these songs are much more aggressive and threatening and that matches they're lyrics very well.

Anonymous (April 15, 2001)

A very good CD. All want it!!!!Go to my webzine

Anonymous (April 11, 2001)

So...its stupid to do a review of this album just because its not brand new, but reviewing old Clash, Descendents, and Ramones albums is cool? Of course not! Review what you like! To those who want to piss and moan about it, find a hobby.

Anonymous (April 11, 2001)

Hey asshole! Why don't you do a fucking review on the actually NEW album!??! Nothing new for trash like you. It may be old songs, but it's the new fucking album. But this album does rock. Fuck you emo!

Anonymous (April 11, 2001)

Ok, when I submitted this review, I am pretty sure I wrote the correct title, which is "24 Hour Roadside RESISTANCE". Did I make a mistake, or did the editors change it? Well either way, I am just making sure no die hard AAA fans jump down my throat, I know the title is listed wrong.

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