Burning Brides - Fall of the Plastic Empire (Cover Artwork)

Burning Brides

Burning Brides: Fall of the Plastic EmpireFall of the Plastic Empire (2002)

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: ProjectAudicideProjectAudicide
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After hearing Burning Brides debut album "Fall of the Plastic Empire", I am left, really, with only one thing to say to you. Buy this cd. Blending 60/70's harmonies with dark riffs and well crafted music, Burning Brides have definitely earned my ranking as "the next big thing." But this time, ".
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After hearing Burning Brides debut album "Fall of the Plastic Empire", I am left, really, with only one thing to say to you.

Buy this cd.

Blending 60/70's harmonies with dark riffs and well crafted music, Burning Brides have definitely earned my ranking as "the next big thing."

But this time, "the thing" actually has some worth. The Vines were the next big thing a month ago. They have since fizzled, and been written off by anybody that reads their laughable interviews (with their lead singer doing his best Kurt Cobain impression) or hears their god-awful music as contrived and inane.

Burning Brides are neither. Everytime I listen to this cd something new grabs me. I was first impressed with the amazing vocal performance given on this cd by singer Dmitri Coats, which is probably the most notable virtue of this cd.

But on further listen, I found many aspects of this record to be superb. Most notable of these is the stellar bass playing by Melanie Campbell. Many times in this cd the bass makes the song.

The drumming is equally as good, with standout tracks like "Arctic Snow" and "Glass Slipper".

Really this whole cd is beautifully crafted, this band deserves every fan they get. Standout tracks: Plank of Fire, Glass Slipper, Arctic Snow, At The Levity Ball, Rainy Days, Blood on the Highway.


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joeg (August 24, 2004)

i just saw these fuckers with the explosion. they rocked my ass off.

Anonymous (December 1, 2003)

Burning Brides I saw them live in Brussels/Begium. Oh man the best concert of the year..and far from the others ( /1 80 concerts a year).

They were playing before 30 people and they enjoyed that !!!!

They have the songs, the attitude and pure energy...

waste_elite (October 22, 2002)

"Do you even know what a twat is?"

yes, i punctured your mother's last night

Anonymous (October 21, 2002)

"...soon you'll earn yourself a new studded belt."

Ooh!! Ooh!! or a black hoodie with his crew name silkscreened on the back!! Black hoodies are hardcore as fuck.

Anonymous (October 21, 2002)

hey fuckface, nobody cares that you knew about them when they were on "file 13".

why do computers make people into such assholes? or maybe they just give really shy assholes a way to talk smack without getting caught? hmm......

keep racking up those scene points billy! soon you'll earn yourself a new studded belt!

Anonymous (October 21, 2002)

I thought this album was fucking great when I picked it up LAST YEAR on File 13. It's too bad they had to get signed to V2 for anyone to take notice. Thanks for the review brodeo. Who fucking cares who the next big thing is you fucking geeks. Where were you when Burning Brides were on File 13? Fucking listening to NoFX. Fuck off.

Anonymous (October 21, 2002)

Do you even know what a twat is?

Anonymous (October 20, 2002)


Anonymous (October 20, 2002)

Seriously, calm down.

Burning Brides are really good, I have only heard "Arctic Snow", it was the only one I could find on Kazaa, but it rules.

Anonymous (October 20, 2002)

to the dutch motherfucker a few posts down... go to anger management classes, i mean, for the love of god, if you get that worked up over him using a cliched phrase and a few "big" words (just cause you're too stupid to have a large vocabulary) doesn't mean you should go into some homophobic/grandma hatin' rage... anger is bad, it raises your blood pressure and causes heart problems... wait i forgot early death is hardcore

waste_elite (October 20, 2002)

the "twat" guy has got some issues. funny shit.

Anonymous (October 19, 2002)

They are on V2 (home of the White Stripes), and I was simply commenting about their status as a band. Most likely they will be big soon, thats all I said.

Grandma? huh?

Anonymous (October 19, 2002)

Wow anyone who uses the phrase, "next big thing" needs to put down the rolling stone and needs to stop using lubrication on their next anal adventure. "Contrived and inane?" Someone's using the thesaurus grandma bought them for their birthday. I bet when she gave it to you, you secretly wished for her to die. That??s just mean. How many more days before the burning bride's status as "the next big thing" fizzles out? Fucking cunt. If you like the album good, I don't want to hear if their currently cool. Just fucking tell me what you thought about the album without the goddamn gossip section. And please for the love of god, I don't want to hear how bad it sucks when he shoots it on your new silk sheets. Next time let him pillage your ass on the bear rug in front of the fireplace. twat.

Anonymous (October 19, 2002)

Ij ust saw them here in Chicago and they were pretty tight...Reminded a lot of Nirvana in the song structure...And the singer had the balls to take the piss out of the stiff, boring,statue-esque Chicago crowds....

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