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Asher: For Your EyesFor Your Eyes (2002)

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: JayPorterJay Porter
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Asher is a four-piece pop-punk/emo band out of Ithaca, NY. Their self-released debut EP "...for your eyes" was recorded at Cipher Studios and their single "Lost in Johnson City" was included on the recent Cipher Records comp. "...for your eyes" is a decent debut for a newly-formed band. All of the.

Asher is a four-piece pop-punk/emo band out of Ithaca, NY. Their self-released debut EP "...for your eyes" was recorded at Cipher Studios and their single "Lost in Johnson City" was included on the recent Cipher Records comp.

"...for your eyes" is a decent debut for a newly-formed band. All of the guys were still freshman in college when this was released, and their sound is unpolished. However, they do exhibit serious potential. "Lost in Johnson City" is explosive and emotional, "Rally" is straight-up catchy pop-punk, and "Cannon" is an inspired burst of poetic lyrics and clever guitars. The three-part vocal layering at the end smacks of Midtown, but the band comes off sounding more like Saves The Day.

Vocalist John Brhel writes some insteresting lines, like "This summer will be so grand / we'll slide down on top of the piano again" and "She stuck crisp autumn leaves in my throat from college trees." However, they somehow work with Asher's crunchy guitars, clean lead riffs, and energetic drums. Their follow-up album should be something worth checking out.


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Anonymous (November 22, 2002)

Scott, you need to get laid.


waste_elite (November 22, 2002)

"I mean, Her forheard and hair makes my little soldier stand at attention"

i'm frightened by the fact that you get aroused by foreheads...

maverick (November 21, 2002)

Part of me wants to update the reviews, hence pushing this one off the top 20.

The other part of me wants to doctor the hit count on this so it's our number one most read review.



Anonymous (November 21, 2002)

Hmmm....nice mouth.


waste_elite (November 21, 2002)

she might be asian

Anonymous (November 20, 2002)

she looksl ike a girl that will be a fat ugly housewife within the next 5-10 years...........that's why i think she's disgusting.

Anonymous (November 20, 2002)

ok try this, scroll down a little bit, and stop just below her chin, look at her...
she's a 10

but for the love of god don't scroll up... her eyes are weird

Anonymous (November 18, 2002)

that was fun while it lasted..

waste_elite (November 18, 2002)

eh, she looks like the average college girl with her finger up her ass

Anonymous (November 17, 2002)

It kinda looks to me like the expression on her face is saying "this finger is going further up my ass than I'd ever expected"

Look at her left arm position, it's lined up perfect.

I think she could be kinda cute though...

Anonymous (November 17, 2002)

i'm sure these guys rock live with those practice amps theyre playin out of on the front of their webpage, as for the chick, she's got nice dairy bags but the expression on her face looks like she just won 1st place in the wheelchair races, later.

Anonymous (November 17, 2002)

cant comment bout the girl... one picture never really tells hottness

but i went to the band's site to get some songs (see if they had any other pics) and rally is actually pretty good
not bad for freshmen!

lockdown59 (November 17, 2002)

Jesus! this is really driving me nuts! Is she hot or ugly!? I honestly cannot decide. AAAHHHH this hurts! and the guy who made the bikini and camero comment was probably dead on.

lockdown59 (November 17, 2002)

OK, here is what I just realized. When I say it's her face that makes me sick, its the lower portion.

I mean, Her forheard and hair makes my little soldier stand at attention, then we get to her mouth and chin and stuf and he is at ease, and then we get to her bod and DAMN! that man goes to war!

Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

shes the object of affection for one of the band memebers for sure..and was like 'you guys should put me on the cover of your cd'. so they did- but when it was time to take pictures.. none of these emo wussies had the rox to say.. okay- put a skimpy bathing suit on and stand next to my camero.

turbo acs know whats up!

Melvyl (November 16, 2002)



or.. it's just a chin-strap.

Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

i bet that girl likes the get up kids.

Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

Did her face get hit with a bag of pennies. . .haha, j/k. . .i'd do her!

Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

These comments are fucking hilarious . . .they need to put up more shit like this instead of everyone turning on each other and their music, they can take out their aggression on ugly girls. . .haha


lockdown59 (November 16, 2002)

I am torn in deciding of that girl is a hot-ass or a tart. I mean, There are he perfectly molded breats that are just sreaming "Feel me with your tongue!" BUt there is also that face that switches between "hot" and "not" everytime I blink.

Something tells me that this band goes to School at Ithaca. It looks like a dorm in the background. Its probably just a picture of a random student. . . . .who got banged for the photo. But then again, who would bang her? I am confused now about my masculinity after seeing that picture.

maverick (November 16, 2002)

This is the best comments section ever.


Keep 'em coming!


WussEmoRock (November 16, 2002)

something is wrong with her face


Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

I like to score with that girl. But it looks like they cut half of the picture and slapped as a cover.


drewcifer (November 16, 2002)


Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

i bet she looks great naked. nice tits.. probably has a nice bald beav.. that hemp necklace means you can probably get her stoned and make out with her- as long as shes got her homework done. uptight sorority bitch.

Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

brimful asher on the 45..

Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

Maybe if she didn't look so conservative she'd be ok.

maverick (November 15, 2002)

Her eyebrows look painted on.


Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

I think she's pretty damn cute. The score is for the girl.

:D I bet there's more posts about the cover than about the review. :D


waste_elite (November 15, 2002)

this album cover makes me want to hate this band. how fucking dorky...

Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

Those lyrics make me want to puke. How can you be so cheerful all the time?!? Did his testosterone die? And as for this girl on the cover, she looks like she might be an ugly housewife in a few years, gross. Give me a blonde stripper thank you. Adios.

Anonymous (November 15, 2002)


Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

Sounds like another candy ass, mommy loving pop band.

Anonymous (November 15, 2002)


Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

I didn't know they were friends with Michelle Branch! haha, j/k

Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

She's kinda beat looking but she looks like she has pretty nice meat pillows!

Anonymous (November 15, 2002)

eek. that covers gonna give me nightmares.

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