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River City Rebels: live in Danbury, CTlive in Danbury, CT (2002)
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Contributed by: chonkchonerschonkchoners
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Living in Connecticut, I find that it's hard to see a good show unless you want to make an hour-plus trip somewhere. Sure, there's the El-N-Gee and the Webster, and places in the city, but I'm too lazy to make the trip. I probably shouldn't be whining about the lack of good shows in that case, but t.

Living in Connecticut, I find that it's hard to see a good show unless you want to make an hour-plus trip somewhere. Sure, there's the El-N-Gee and the Webster, and places in the city, but I'm too lazy to make the trip. I probably shouldn't be whining about the lack of good shows in that case, but that's besides the point. Here, in a crappy little town not far from Danbury or Norwalk, the best place to find bigger bands (by bigger I mean not local) is the Empress Ballroom. While it's basically some abandoned warehouse with horrible acoustics, some larger bands have found their way there. Bigwig has played there several times, and the River City Rebels have been there a total of three times I think. Anyway, that's just a little background on the venue and my hate for Connecticut.

The first five bands were pretty much horrible. One was pop punk, one was indie/emo with random screaming, and the other three were pop punk. I think most of them were local, one was from Pennsylvania, and I actually don't remember/care about any of the bands' whereabouts. I don't remember any of their names either. The last three of the five were all pop punk trios and it was hard to distinguish when one left and another took the stage. Luckily, at Empress the side walls have old couches and beat-up chairs for people to sit on. I took a seat for most of the evening until the Rebels hit the stage. Boy, was I in for a treat!

Not really. The Rebels' set was good, but way too short. They must have played for only twenty minutes, and they were headlining. Well, can't win ??em all! The set included "Hate", "Religion", "No Good", "Should Have Been Aborted", "That's The Way It's Gotta Be" (the closer), and probably five others. I don't have the new album and they played some other songs off of that. They played with intense energy though. Singer Dan O'Day jumped into the pit when "That's The Way It's Gotta Be" started and stayed there for the remainder of the song. They sounded on-key and got everyone involved in every song (mainly due to the easy-to-learn singalongs). There was this one guy who just let loose and kicked everyone's ass. I got punched in the stomach numerous times; all in good fun though. The band complained about a group of people who were sitting on the couches during their set. The group of kids were pillow-fighting, to be exact. Oh boy, you wouldn't believe it, but Dan O'Day sure told them off! There were only like thirty kids there to begin with, and to see some kids pillow-fighting must've gotten his goat. It's understandable.

All in all, it was a decent show. I didn't like how I had to sit through five shitty bands, but I guess I could have just arrived later. Maybe next time. The Rebels could've played longer, but it was good for what it was. They are nice guys, after the show my friends and I talked to them and they said if we wanted they'd put us on the guest list for the next night's show, in Madison. It was enticing, but I didn't feel like making the drive. They were probably just joking anyway. If they're in your area, catch ??em if you can. They're not exactly the best band ever but they put on a good show.


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Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

theres a river city rebels sticker in the empress bathroom.. someone filled in the stars to read.. G L A M.
are rcr a glam band?
i like their style and substance.. so if this is true... glam fucken rules.

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

there's a lot of shows at the empress and the el 'n gee in new london which is in danger of closing. other than that it's mostly teen centers and halls and such. there's also the webster theatre where bigger bands stop by every now and then.

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

Shit, thats to bad,where does everybody go? -oldpunker-

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

The tune inn closed like a year ago unfortunately

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

Boy, back in 85/86 we had the anthrax in norwalk and the tune inn more recently in new haven,i havent been up there in a couple of years,is the tune inn still there? -oldpunker-

Anonymous (December 1, 2002)

I thought Super Hi 5 and A Year to Forget were excellent. And very nice young drunk gentlemen.

Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

ct isn't that bad. you should've gone to the beanery that night to see comin correct instead of rcr who's playing in ct a lot lately.

borntolose (November 30, 2002)


Back to the drawing board.

chonkchoners (November 30, 2002)

im from ridgefield, which is right next to danbury. yeah i forgot about toads place. oh well. hey, thanks for the offer, but believe you me, im no fan of trouser lollipops! hehehehhe

Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

"ever need a lift. . . "
beware children. me thinks this guy wants to kidnap some of you kiddies and keep you as his sex slave.

borntolose (November 29, 2002)

Man, Every state sucks, everywhere.

Im assuming your from the valley being close to Danbury. Toads isnt that far a trip and is good at putting on some shows.

The problem is the lack of friggin enthusiamsm when shit does roll around. Everytime some act comes round and the turnout is shitty theres no-one to blame when no other bands come into CT.

So In closing, drag your friends out whenever theres a show around and if you ever need a lift let me know.

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