Various - Punk-O-Rama 8 (Cover Artwork)


Various: Punk-O-Rama 8Punk-O-Rama 8 (2003)
Epitaph Records

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: ElVaqueroElVaquero
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First off, I was planning on writing this review for a long time now; I just got around to it tonight. This is not a reactionary review, but I do promise no stabs at pretension, sarcasm, or any humor in general. This is a summing up combined with a jigger or so of my opinion and commentary: some cal.
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First off, I was planning on writing this review for a long time now; I just got around to it tonight. This is not a reactionary review, but I do promise no stabs at pretension, sarcasm, or any humor in general. This is a summing up combined with a jigger or so of my opinion and commentary: some call it a review.

First Disc

The first disc starts off with a track from the Distillers, a good introductory track to the label, the compilation, and the band. Like most songs on this album, this truly displays what a band sounds like, however the only Distillers song I truly like is "Ask The Angels." This is not a bad song; it's just‚?¶ eh‚?¶ After that comes Motion City Soundtrack, who probably should've gotten the first song on this disc as they make you sit the fuck up and listen to their moog. This is melodic, fast-paced, and very, very good. This is the state of "punk rock" these days, not bad from the sounds of it. After that is Hot Water Music contributing one of their best tracks I've ever heard from them. If you like the sound they've been bringing for their past couple albums, you'll definitely like this track, a little popped out, but incredibly solid. Yes, the Rancid track signifies one of the major problems with this comp: this is a really old track and just about everybody who knows Rancid knows this track, it's still a good example of the old Rancid, let's just hope no one picks up Rancid (2000) based off of this. The Bouncing Souls track is everything you'd expect from them, it's good, it's not groundbreaking, but it's really good. It's nice to have some things you can always back on as dependable in the music scene where bands constantly try and one-up each other's sound. Matchbook Romance... cough‚?¶. if you don't know about this band yet, they are a truly strange signing for Epitaph, they are trendy, they are sugary, they have a guy screaming during the chorus. Moving on, NOFX tries to bring things back to normal, this sounds just like NOFX and it's a definite showing of the overt politics on the new album, good stuff going on musically. The Bad Religion tracks on this comp are both really great; their new album is going to be just as solid as The Process of Belief was. The second section of this CD is where they stuffed all the bands they didn't really know what to do with, there is Hardcore, Garage, Underground Hip-Hop, and‚?¶. Blues? The DOLL track is a strange pick, this is the most low-key track on the album, I would've thought that "Need To Get Some" would've been the obvious choice, seeing as it was the first single, had a great video, and is a good introduction to a good band. Oh, well, still a good song. Ikara Colt puts in "Sink Venice" which I was really surprised at, I've heard some terrible things about this band, but this is just a god-damn good song. Some people say this is "art punk," for an actual description, it's hugely up-tempo Garage, just try walking around busy streets listening to this song, you'll love it too. I'm not a fan of F-Minus personally, but this sounds like their general stuff, if you dig it, you dig it. Sage Francis is definitely a new direction for Epitaph, if you visit the comments page for this comp on their site, you'll see thousands of little punkers with sticks up their asses, not believing that their beloved Mr. Brett would try to expose them to new styles of music. If you can get over yourself, you'll realize that Sage Francis is incredibly talented and this just might be the future. I can hope can't I? The (International) Noise Conspiracy sounds like themselves, if you've heard them; you probably know this song, if you haven't heard them before, now you have. They usually branch out a little bit more, but this is just their sound, no frills. Closing up the disc are Randy and The Black Keys, both are incredibly solid if you like either sound (groovy Little Richard-inspired Garage-Punk and high distortion, low fidelity Blues-Garage, respectively). Personally, I think "A Man in Uniform would've been a better for track for Randy, but I've got no big problems with "Welfare Problems."

Second Disc

The Death By Stereo opener is serviceable, a little too melodic to really show what they sound like (go pick up their first album instead of this comp), but that's just like all four of the tracks of theirs that Epitaph has put on their comps, I think the Matchbook Romance song is the most screaming I've ever heard out of the Punk-O-Rama comps (disregarding Zeke and Straight-Faced who both kick ass and should still be putting out music on the label). Refused, finally, they put out some old Refused on here. Refused are my favorite band, so I'm pretty sure you can already tell what I think of this track. Fucking genius. Pennywise: you love them or you hate them. I hate them. I've never been a big fan of the Dropkick Murphys post-Mike McColgan, I dunno, their sound went in a direction that I have never been able to adjust to. Personally, I love Atmosphere, this is not a good track for it's purposes, if you know Atmosphere, well, this is a really strange song for Slug and the gang, good, but strange. The Tubonegro track here shows exactly what's going on with the new album, it's still Trubonegro, but it's not Apocalypse Dudes-level stuff here. Tiger Army is the (sadly) only appearance of Psychobilly for this comp, and it's a great song, since they haven't been on a Punk-O-Rama disc before, this is a great introduction to the band. Millencolin, Pulley, and Guttermouth, all have tracks that are nothing new to report, if you're a fan, then you will like the tracks (believe me, I do). Here now we come to the funeral of a once-great band, over the last few years I've gotten to be a huge fan of Bombshell Rocks, their first two albums were incredibly kinetic and melodically brilliant. Now, we come to their third album, a major disappointment, a purchase I still regret, even if I only paid five dollars. Yet, this is one of the better tracks on that album, proceed with caution. Next up, a much needed kick in the pants, Raised Fist is one of my favorite Hardcore groups out there and this song is just really good (would've been even better if I hadn't been listening to it for half a year already, but that's the story with most of these tracks). No Fun At All is a classic band, thus the material here is a little dated, back when it was still OK to like Skate-Punk. Great stuff if you grew up on this music, the perfect representation of Punk in the 90's. The U.S. Bombs are the sole showing of Street Punk on here, though it is a great representation, if you like this band or the genre, you will love the song. Covert Action is a great album as well. Bad Religion rounds out the compilation (in my mind), with a stunner, "Shattered Faith." I've heard that the band were not pleased with this song, but I'm not sure, I think this song is huge. Bad Religion proves that they have two songs on here not because the guitar player owns the label, but because they fucking deserve it.

Extras: A cool video from Death By Stereo, of Wasted Words, their song on the last comp. Whoops! The artwork is very cool, as to be expected from a label with that much money. Oh, yeah, the Transplants are on here too‚?¶. um‚?¶. yeah‚?¶..

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. The Distillers - I Am A Revenant MP3
2. Motion City Soundtrack - Don't Call It a Comeback MP3
3. Hot Water Music - Trusty Chords MP3
4. Rancid - As Wicked
5. Bouncing Souls - New Day
6. Matchbook Romance - The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)
7. NOFX - The Idiots Are Taking Over
8. Bad Religion - Who We Are
9. Division Of Laura Lee - Trapped In
10. Ikara Colt - Sink Venice MP3
11. F-Minus - Sweating Blood MP3
12. Sage Francis - Makeshift Patriot
13. The (International) Noise Conspiracy - A New Morning, Changing Weather
14. Randy - Welfare Problems MP3
15. The Black Keys - Thickfreakness MP3

Disc 2
1. Death By Stereo - Unstoppable MP3
2. Refused - Coup d'etat MP3
3. Pennywise - Holiday In The Sun
4. Dropkick Murphys - Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight
5. The Transplants - Quick Death
6. Atmosphere - Bird Sings Why The Caged I Knows
7. Tiger Army - Incorporeal MP3 - Video
8. Turbonegro - Train Of Flesh MP3
9. Guttermouth - Contribution
10. Millencolin - Bowmore
11. Pulley - The Ocean Song MP3
12. Bombshell Rocks - Warpath
13. Raised Fist - Get This Right! MP3
14. No Fun At All - Lose Another Friend
15. U.S. Bombs - Roll Around MP3
16. Bad Religion - Shattered Faith MP3
17. Error - Quick Death (Remix)


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Left_On_Red (June 30, 2003)

Very good comp. Even with the rap, look at it this way at least its not eminem rapping about hating his mom. Its a rapper singing about politics much better in my opinion. I wont listen to rap on my own but if its more like the sage then i can at least stand it. And blues is a huge influence on punk and the black keys are a good band and im gonna go eat on of toose pudding cups that has chocolate on the top and vanilla on the bottem and then you swirl them and its really really good.

Anonymous (June 29, 2003)

No Skill? Next time you down are your local record shop pick up any record by"
Jurrasic Five
Souls Of Mischief
Soul Sides

Have a listen! And then come back on here and say that hip hop requires no skill!

Anonymous (June 29, 2003)

I've actually heard underground rap acts... And they sound the same as all of the mainstream crap, except they try and be more "gangsta". The Public Enemy type "anti-system" rap transformed into "gangsta" because, when the public finally did accept what rap groups had to say, they tried to be even more offensive. So stupid. Either way, rap sucks andrequires no skill whatsoever.

maverick (June 27, 2003)

Error is actually Brett Gurewitz's industrial side project.

So he's not really "signing techno acts."


Anonymous (June 27, 2003)

Exactly! finally someone on this message board with some actual knowledge!

Anonymous (June 27, 2003)

What you see on MTV and whats selling millions of records in stores IS NOT rap. It's about as close to rap as Good Charlotte and Blink are to punk rock. Real rap is just as confrontational as some of the most intense punk rocks bands. In case you little twats didn't notice, the early 90's rap scene is incredibly similar to the early 80's punk scene.

Anonymous (June 27, 2003)

a techno remix of bro hymn?

i gotta get that one, it sounds like the most confusing/funny thing ever.

but talking about techno, i like the techno break in afi - death of seasons.

FortyMinutesWest (June 26, 2003)

There's a techno remix of Bro Hymn. It's funny and wrong at the same time.

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

what the fuck is this?

epitaph signing rap and techno?

and even worst, the techno act is remixing songs...

wow, i soooo wanna hear a pennywise song remixed because people would want to say "is this on epitaph? but it doesn't sound like pennywise", but they WON'T BE ABLE TO!!! FUCKAAA!!!!

listen to the locust.

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

Just goes to show that the guy below this post has only been exposed to "MAINSTREAM" hip hop!

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

Going against the grain is not signing a rapper. That's selling out. In case you didn't know, rap is the no. 1 selling type of music in America. Yay for talentless black guys who can talk really fast about bling and hos.

Anonymous (June 25, 2003)

I'm not a huge fan of rap (actually I'm not a fan at all) but the Sage Francis song was really good. I was quite impressed... cheers to Epitaph going against the grain and signing a rapper.

FortyMinutesWest (June 25, 2003)

Sage Francis > Rancid

Anonymous (June 25, 2003)

and its called PUNK-O-Rama and not PUNKROCK-O-Rama, so please dont try to use the "its called Punk-O-Rama, not Rap-O-Rama" argument.

Anonymous (June 25, 2003)

Cause its good.

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (June 25, 2003)

Why is there rap on this?

FortyMinutesWest (June 25, 2003)

I have to agree with lieutenant on this one, I liked the review, but the format killed my eyes.

lieutenant (June 24, 2003)

God, that Bad Religion song is sooo good. If this is a b-side, which I believe it to be, it definately should have made the final cut of the album. I love the chorus so much; nothing we have not heard before but I definately accept most catchy choruses from Graffin with open arms... He always emits a quality of charm I can never deny. I must say, this song reminds me so much of the Offspring's Kids Aren't Alright, though yes, I am fully aware that the Offspring song was most likely penned under the obvious influence of Bad Religion's earlier Epitaph releases, thus making the connection in sound quite pointless to mention. Anyway.

lieutenant (June 24, 2003)

I have not bought a Punk O Rama for years, but this may just be worth it. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if I just settled for the mp3s linked on this review.
The review itself, it was an informative and enjoyable read, though paragraphs would have worked well.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

Hey Pennywise, news flash, its not 1995 anymore!


sickboi (June 24, 2003)

Damn, who needs to buy this? All the fucking mp3's are right here. Good review.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

yeah, i kinda wrote this in notepad... whoops... tubonegro... hehe

-el vaquero

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

mm another good thing epitaphs starts to realize that quicktime is shitty (i hope they really do). the death by stereo video is in mpeg. only thing i would love now is that they increase the qualtiy of such goodies, how about SVCD quality or even DVD mpeg2 format, just some ideas.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

i wouldnt have thought it, but the not typical epitaph stuff are the ones that i start to love on this punkorama (also of course the oldies but goldies "Bad Religion"), the Black Keys, Sage Francis and the Looptroop songs really are on the top in my playlist. Also the Transplants remix is cool, although i am not really a fan of Transplants, but the remix makes it enjoyable in your car. AND of course Hot Water Music is probably one of the best songs i heard this year, its not new, but i guess you can put it on any compilation as often as you want, like Refused with "new noise".

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

The new Pennywise song on this comp sucks & it's a pretty generic song... and this is from someone who likes Pennywise. I just hope the rest of their new album will be better.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

wow the new stuff epitaph is putting out is freaking amazing. the non-punk stuff there is making the label 10 times more punk then it was before. the Black Keys are a really good band the high distortion blues with a tiny punk infulence is one of epitaphs strongest bands in my opinion. if u really dig the DIY/undergorund blues stuff check out Fat Possum Records its a blues label distributed by epitaph and their realesaes are amazing!

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

indeed this review was much better than the first one.

by the way, its turbonegro, hehe, you almost had it "tubonegro" "trubonegro"...

epitaph should have picked a much better song from No Fun At All, they have a big variety of styles, from hardcore to slow rock/punkrock, maybe on the next compilation. perhaps a song from "state of flow", an underrated album, full of great melodies not at full punkrock speed.

StratManX (June 24, 2003)

where's the song bashing and biased nonsense??? (that's sarcastic as I hope you would pick up) Good review, much much better than the filth we had to read before.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

good job for 'big-upping' sage. If those kids are so hurt by a good hip-hop artist being on Epitaph (which, in my opinion, was going downhill until recently) then they shouldn't listen to it. No one is forcing anyone to like or support each and every band a label has.
and on a side note - At warped, Rancid said that their new record would be out on 8/26 on hellcat. so are they on a major or not?

recordings (June 24, 2003)

i wouldve read this... if i didnt lose my place 5 times in those godforsaken paragraphs. *shrug*

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

Randy's "A Man In A Uniform" makes me want to shake that ass. And I totally agree with DBS's first album. "Sing Along With The Patriot Punx" is one of my all-time fav DBS songs. Great review.


Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

albeit a few typos, a great review. but it was ok to talk just a LITTLE more trash than you did, i think the transplants don't get as much as shit as they deserve.


tenderbransonx (June 24, 2003)

Great review dude.
When you get pissed write it down and send it to

Kevin11 (June 24, 2003)

Yep, that review was better than mine, thanks for reviewing it in an unbiased manner. I pretty much just reviewed it to talk shit about stupid bands. great review though.

FortyMinutesWest (June 24, 2003)

The Distillers song has a cool intro, then Brody starts to sing. It's all downhill from there. The Black Keys song is starting to grow on me.

hungryjoe (June 24, 2003)

i think Randy should do a cover of "Tutti Frutti".

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