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The Locust

The Locust: Plague SoundscapesPlague Soundscapes (2003)
Anti- Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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I used to hate the Locust. When I was in high school and just starting to branch out beyond punk rock, all the "scene" kids, for lack of a better term, were always talking about the Locust like they were some sort of godsend. They even sold my older brother on them for a time, and when I heard t.
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I used to hate the Locust.

When I was in high school and just starting to branch out beyond punk rock, all the "scene" kids, for lack of a better term, were always talking about the Locust like they were some sort of godsend. They even sold my older brother on them for a time, and when I heard the absolute garbage coming from his stereo I vowed that the band would never enter my consciousness again unless it was to say "The Locust? They fucking suck, dude."

Well, the band proved me wrong, as bands are wont to do. From the first time I put this album in and was hit with knockout punch after knockout punch eminating from my speakers, I realized that either I missed the boat 5 years ago, or this band has just gotten incredibly better. I think it might be a combination of the two.

Produced by Alex Newport [the man probably responsible for most of your favorite albums, if you're reading this review], the Locust are able to realize the potential they've been trying to mine for the past half dozen years. The sound on this thing is just fucking phenomenonal. Each 30 second burst of spastic, frenetic energy is turned into a 100-megaton bomb detonating an inch from your nose.

And the scariest thing is, this shit is dancable.

I can't analyze the songs individually, because I'd be hard pressed to tell you anything about them besides "Ooh, that song just ended... I think?" If you're really curious, just scroll down and download the MP3s provided.

By and large, the Locust exists solely to piss people off. And with "Plague Soundscapes," by far their largest and most ambitious recording to date, they might just succeed with their goal on a level that no one could have ever expected. I can only hope that Epitaph puts them on their next Punk-O-Rama tour.

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Pulling The Christmas Pig By The Wrong Set Of Ears


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Anonymous (September 11, 2005)

I've been open minded, and have tried to give the band several chances. But I still can't stand this. The Locust is to music what dogshit is to shoes.

However, I'll give it 1.5/5 for effort and originality. Had this sounded like something I had previously heard, I would've given it a 0.5 rating.

Anonymous (August 18, 2005)

basically everyone who cums on here to rip the piss and say how shit the locust are. these people are sad as they have nuthin better to do than cum on websites and say shit bout a band that are different. everyone fukin says all the shit but the locust are not afraid to make music that sum people may not like. respect to them cus they are fukin amazin. the new album is gona rule after listenin to safety second body last. xkrissx

Anonymous (November 3, 2004)

the locust make music to piss off people like punkrocker810 and i am thankful for it. u are a douche

Anonymous (June 21, 2004)

great show in switzerland! they are sooo ill! but great! yeahh, keep rocking

punkrocker810 (June 6, 2004)

hahhaaa. the locust!!! bunch of skinny little bitches who wear masks and suits so that they can pretend to be superheroes or whatever else they read in comic books. the need to get lives. oh my god, the fact that people like this shit shows how pathetic the world is.

Anonymous (May 27, 2004)

to the guy who mentioned the casualties, please stfu who wants to listen to those fking idiots who sing about sinffing glue al day?

they aren't even comparable to the locust, who basically rape them

Anonymous (January 4, 2004)

The Locust will fucking rape you.

Anonymous (July 31, 2003)

OMG!!! where's the chorus! i can't make out the words. Why doesn't the beat go duhduhduhduh... this sounds exactly like DEP. no talent involved in it... listen to the casualties.

TheOneTrueBill (June 30, 2003)

I'd go see these guys if they weren't against the Circle Jerks & GBH. Damn people and booking things on the same night

waste_elite (June 30, 2003)

"This band is dumb and pointless. Gimmick band for kids who are too afraid to get into grindcore, so they settle for this goofy sendoff."

first of all, the Locust are about a thousand times better than any boring grindcore band. funny how doing something different is now considered a 'gimmick'.

i suggest you read a few interviews with the band, you'd find that they're probably a lot smarter than you and the stupid shit you listen to.

Spikedd (June 29, 2003)

I saw these guys play Philly last year or the year before, I forget when. Their drummer kept puking between songs (little too much H before the show?), and their songs just aren't that long.

Anonymous (June 29, 2003)

This band is dumb and pointless. Gimmick band for kids who are too afraid to get into grindcore, so they settle for this goofy sendoff.

"It sounds like DEP" Haha, everything remotely quirky sounds like DEP to you people.

Anonymous (June 27, 2003)

I think music is music and if you don't like it fine if you do fine! I on the other hand like the Locust only because it sounds a lot different then stuff thats been coming out lately. Also my favorite color is bowling and my other favorite color is porkloaf!!

waste_elite (June 27, 2003)

sass-core? i think the only band that i'd put in that (fake) genre is the blood brothers, there isn't really anything 'sassy' about the locust. plus, the locust doesn't sound much like any of the bands mentioned here. maybe a little bit like DEP, but they're far from similar. the locust is the weirdest and most interesting of the bunch.

melt banana is awesome too, somebody mentioned them. see them live if you get the chance, they'll blow you away.

Anonymous (June 27, 2003)

that guy from the last comment is total sasscore.

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

I really hate the term "sass core" that shit is really lame. How bout just rock music, why "sass-core?" What makes the locust, blood brothers, etc. any sassier than any number of bands. I fashion myself to be quite sassy yet I don't think I'm "sass-core." Point is its fucking lame that a portion of people write off a band because of stupid fucking genre names that really have nothing to do with the music that is being played.


P.S. Shit and shit.

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

yeah that guy is a dumb ass, the locust sound just like the blood brothers and vaux and dep and other stuff

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

Well, we be knowin' how to be speakin' mo betta than you.


Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

no of you know anything about music, fuck you

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

next up, melt banana...holy god yes

Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

I was just thinking the same thing actually......but DEP is MUCH harder, and, well, much better.


Anonymous (June 26, 2003)

They kinda remind me of DEP. Maybe I'm crazy!

maverick (June 25, 2003)

The Locust [at least on this album] is just like the most insane, spastic parts of Blood Brothers multiplied exponentially.


Anonymous (June 25, 2003)

vaux sounds nothing like blood brothers and the locust and the locust is way more psycho and weird than the blood brothers

Yellowtrash (June 25, 2003)

This is good, but why the hell did they stop screaming for?

relay1112 (June 25, 2003)


Anonymous (June 25, 2003)

how does this compare to the self-titled album?

Anonymous (June 25, 2003)

Bah, overrated noise. I lump em with the Blood Brothers, Vaux, and all this other "sass-core" nonsense.


FortyMinutesWest (June 25, 2003)

The backlash will come when people start to realize that other people like this album.

jheisel (June 25, 2003)

yeah and if you get the crimson curse discography cd, there's some pretty kickass video footage.

i am also pretty weirded out by everyone sucking this album's nuts - here, pitchfork, splendid....all good reviews. i thought there was a locust backlash?

soulbleed (June 25, 2003)

this album is god

waste_elite (June 25, 2003)

"what do swing kids and crimson curse sound like? comparisons?"

swing kids were a hardcore band, emocore technically. for some reason, the band reminds me of drive like jehu if jehu played hardcore. very cool, slightly experimental. they did a joy division cover.

Crimson Curse is kind of like the bridge between Swing Kids and the Locust. loud, obnoxious, in your face, fuck your shit up hardcore. noisier than the swing kids, more conventional than the locust.

FortyMinutesWest (June 25, 2003)

The Dillinger Escape Plan is far from random noise, but I won't rant, because I'm too tired. Also DEP and The Locust don't really sound alike at all.

TahoeJeff (June 25, 2003)

I'm not going to bash this cd..if you like it great...but I dont...It reminds me of dillinger escape plan. I didnt like them either.I just dont understand the hype...for me I need more than just random noise for entertainment....on a different subject I found the new Me First album today..not to bad at all

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

what do swing kids and crimson curse sound like? comparisons?

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

why would i need this when i have dillinger escape plan, who's music is just as chaotic and simply more talented?

waste_elite (June 24, 2003)

i like the swing kids but if i had to pick a pre-locust Justin Pearson band, i'd go with the Crimson Curse. that's probably the most vicious stuff he's done.

anyone, this new album fucking rips, they get better and better with each release.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

i hate my computer. signed out again. but if you haven't listened to swing kids listen to them. i enjoy them more than the locust.


Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

i want to listen to swing kids. i think i will.

irish_joo (June 24, 2003)

i don't think charles bronson is as much power violence as they are a band that has ALOT of sarcastic songs.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

i agree with the reviewer's prior opinion...Locust? they fucking suck dude!!!!!!!!!!!! these no talent ass clowns (like bolton gettin ripped in office space) need to never record another song

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

Great album but I still think "flight of the wounded locust" was better. "Gluing Carpet To Your Genitals Does Not Make You A Cantoloupe" and "Wet Nurse Syndrome Hand Me Down Display Case" are such fucking great tunes.


waste_elite (June 24, 2003)

"charles bronson is better"

CB is a powerviolence band, argue it all you want, but the Locust are not.

i am honestly shocked that people are giving this good reviews (especially Scott). i remember when i was one of about 2 people on this site that liked the band, everyone else hated them passionately. anyway, whatever.

i'm off to pick this bad boy up.

maverick (June 24, 2003)

On the last POR tour, both Nerf Herder [Honest Don's] and Authority Zero [Lava] were on it. It's not exactly a label showcase.


aubin (June 24, 2003)

I don't think they'll be on Punk-o-rama, aren't they technically signed to Anti?

Leandro (June 24, 2003)

blood brothers are slightly better

irish_joo (June 24, 2003)

charles bronson is better

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

amazing at times, but sometimes i just can't take how spazzy and nuts this is, it's like a tornado going through the room , rudiculous energy. my biggest problem though is that some of the lyrics come off as just plain screaming. i would love to be able to scream along to this shit.

greyicewater (June 24, 2003)

i need to listen to these guys more. boy do i ever. i missed the boat years ago. i know that. i missed out on a lot.

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)


FortyMinutesWest (June 24, 2003)

This has always been a band I said I'd listen to more but I never got around to it. But then my friend got a promo of this CD, and holy shit does it ever slay

Anonymous (June 24, 2003)

Taking Blood Brothers to the next level....

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