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Various: Another Year On the StreetsAnother Year On the Streets (2000)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 0.5

Contributed by: fatheadMark Williams
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It's easy to see what's wrong with Vagrant Records simply by comparing the two samplers they've released. Five Years On the Streets, the first one in 1998, and the second one, Another Year On the Streets, in 2000. Sampler 1. introduced me to bands i now really like - no motiv, boxer, nuclear s.
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It's easy to see what's wrong with Vagrant Records simply by comparing the two samplers they've released. Five Years On the Streets, the first one in 1998, and the second one, Another Year On the Streets, in 2000.

Sampler 1. introduced me to bands i now really like - no motiv, boxer, nuclear saturday -

Sampler 2. introduced me to bands i now really hate- koufax, the anniversary, the new amsterdams-

Sampler 1. had two really good face to face songs- i'm trying(live), resignation-

Sampler 2. had two very sub par face to face songs- nulification, sunny side of the street.-

Sampler 1. had random songs by Down By Law, Far, and J Church that were all awesome.-

Sampler 2. had rocket from the crypt-

Sampler 1. had really good songs by really bad bands- both hippos songs, 'drink drank drunk' by the Gotohells, and 'broken record' by Automatic 7 -

Sampler 2. a. had really bad songs from really good, or somewhat decent bands- both no motiv, one of A3's and one of Saves The Day's. -

Sampler 1. had two songs by blink, and two covers by mxpx and unwritten law-

Sampler 2. had the get up kids-

Well, that last one is a tie for horrible, but the rest of the reasons are obvious. Gone are hard rockin bands like Boxer and Nuclear Saturday, enter Pop. The few good parts of this sampler are 'Bloodied Up' by the Alkaline Trio, and one of Saves the Day's songs is decent. Even the No Motiv songs are unbelievably pop-trash. You'ld be happier with a combo meal from Wendy's than this CD. I hope I pissed everyone off real good.


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Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

didn't piss me off, just proved that you write shitty reviews

evildeadalive (January 21, 2002)

I really like both No Motiv songs on here. I also really like the Koufax song.

sXe_nick (December 15, 2001)

wow now realizing you really had nothing against these bands it is funny to see how you pissed people off.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

one more thing. the 'grown up' sound that one person described Vagrant as...i dont think so. sure the bands might be trying to progress punk's sometimes stagnate sound, but all of them have the whiniest, least 'grown up' voices and lyrics. If the get up kids and saves the day are mature punk, then i am 165 years-old.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

the hippos sound exactly, and when i say exactly I mean down to the last note, like Reel Big Fish, one of the worst bands ever.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

Fuck all of you who think you can generalize me. I listen to skate punk yes, but I've got every type of music in my collection, from ska, hardcore, emo, pop-punk, rap, bluegrass, techno...the list goes on. This sampler is trash. If it were good, I would have written a good review for it. And how does a 'fledgling' lable stay a float for FIVE FUCKING YEARS.

Anonymous (May 27, 2001)

i'm sorry i only said "three bands" i must not have thought your "review" was important enough to reference and i *gasp* estimated! And, no, the annioversary and the gotohells are not great bands, but there are at least 10-15 bands on this comp, including Saves The Day, The Get-Up Kids, Face to Face, and Alakaline Trio, and , yes, I do think Koufax is a very good band, if you'd stop listening to the vandals and NoFX long enough to appreciate something else, maybe you'd see their talent, too. The Hippos are NOT trendy. Name one other band that sounds remotely like them. They're just poppy! O my goodness. And this is a punk site. The first Comp, as was mentioned, was the best attempt a fledgling label could do. Maybe it had Blink 182 and some good "old school" cred with older f2f stuff, i dunno. you'd probably be happier with the new "Fat Music" or "Punkorama" comp anyway...

Anonymous (May 27, 2001)

You know, I read through almost every review that comes through here, and there's a lot that don't tell you anything. This was one of them. The purpose of a record review is to give the reader an idea of what the record sounds like and then give a statement on whether you think it is a worthwhile purchase or not.

Some of the reviews on this site say nothing about the songs at all, but more often about the bands and whether or not they are trendy. I could give a flyin fart whether a band is trendy or whether someone thinks they sold out. I want to know what the record sounds like! Just because a band is on a major label does not mean that their music is instantly going to suck. Just because a band slows their music down doesn't mean they suck. Bands progress, and it's not always going to be fast and loud. Like it or not, the punk/hardcore crowd from the 90's is growing up, and the music is growing with it. Bands have started straying from the three chord punk anthems and have given birth to new styles of music. That's where Vagrant records has entered the scene.

On their first sampler, they were a fledgling label with little identity, and thus the sampler seemed random. Since then, they've gained an identity of their own. They're not Fat Wreck Chords or Epitaph, and they don't want to be. Vagrant has been a major player with the "grown up" sound that punk fans are starting to listen to. Bands like the Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, and the Anniversary are expanding the horizons of what was once the pop-punk scene and further branching the styles of music often lumped in as Punk, Emo, or Hardcore. It's a little bit of everything, but it doesn't fit a true description. The music on Vagrant can really only be described as Vagrant style. My opinion on this sampler? I think it's one of the best I've heard in a while. As punk has grown, so have I. I once listened to the three-chord wonders in Screeching Weasel, NOFX, the Vandals, and LTJ, and I still do, but I also hold an appreciation for bands like the Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Thursday, the Stryder, and Fairweather, who are all far removed from the aforementioned bands.

Some of the stronger tracks on the CD:
Alkaline Trio - Crawl : I like these guys. The singer has a voice that I describe as "lazy" because he never seems to strain his voice, yet the words are always sung with a high level of emotion and clarity.
Saves the Day - Sell My Old Clothes : If this band wrote songs like this exclusively, they would be my favorite band. Catchy as hell with guitar lines that will stick in your head for days. STD has some of the most angry, yet poetic and beautiful lyrics I've ever heard.
Anniversary - D In Detroit : A great band that utilizes synthisizers and both a male and female singer. They form great harmonies and create some awesome music.
Get Up Kids - I'm A Loner Dottie (Alternate version) : This is a far superior version to the track found on "Something To Write Home About." The drums really set this one apart from the other if you ask me. Excellent song.
No Motiv - Get A Life : Very very poppy, but very catchy too. You'll be singing this one for days. It does get old after a while though.

In all, it's well worth the 5 bucks or so that you'll spend on it. It does have a lot of bands that I don't personally care for much (Koufax, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Gotohells), but the good songs are great and definitely pick up the slack. Hope this review helped some of you to actually form an opinion about the CD, instead of simply labeling it slow and trendy.

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

whoops..wrong score. oh yes, the hippos are about the trendiest band i've ever seen, and Crawl is a boring song.- fathead

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

1. boxer, gotohells, hippos, no motiv, face to face....that's more than three

2. there were only three songs two or three songs from Befor You were Punk (out of 20 on the first cd)

3. I hardly consider Koufax, New Amsterdams, Reggie and The Full Effect, the Get Up Kids, and The Anniversary 'great bands'.

4.no shit 'sunny side of the street is a cover'. they could have at least put one of the good songs from f2f's cover cd on here( maybe chesterfield kings?)

5. vagrant has pussed out completely

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

This is the best comp/sampler i have ever had the privilege to listen to. Almost every band on here rocks. IT shows Vagrant's consistent ability to sign good bands. And how in the world did you not like CrawL? And the first sampler was stupid. Vagrant had like three bands, so they just released songs from the before you were punk albums by big name bands that they had the rights to to get themselves known. I pretty much disagree with everything you said, including saying that the hippos arent very good. oh yeah, the reason f2f's songs were sub-par was that one of them was from the covers record and vagrant wants to get the word out on that probably. the other was left off their last album by fans who picked the tracks on mp3.com, and was put on their simply because it was probably a way to makje it available to f2f fans, not idiots who have no business reviewing CDs.

Anonymous (May 24, 2001)

almost every song on Five Years On the Streets can be found somewhere else in the Vagrant Catalog on either seven inch's, full lengths, soundtracks, or other various artists cd's, with the exception of Far and Nuclear Saturday. You have no idea what you're talking about.- fathead

Anonymous (May 23, 2001)

I think you bought this CD with the wrong intentions buddy. First off it's a Vagrant sampler meaning it'd probably be a good idea to put Vagrant bands on the disc. Five Years on the Streets was good, admitedly, but it featured bands that have nothing to do with Vagrant. I don't think you can compare the Another Year on the Streets disc with the Five Years on the Streets disc since each serves a somewhat different purpose.

Anonymous (May 22, 2001)

Ironically this is my favorite compilation, and I work at Wendy's...

I bought this simply because I wanted to hear from these bands that I've heard so much about, I don't regret those $5 bucks, even though a number 1 from Wendy's makes me happy.

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