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Rise Against: The UnravelingThe Unraveling (2001)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: AtomicGardenAtomicGarden
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Being the fan of pop-punk (and the occasional hardcore band), I bought my tickets to the NOFX show as soon as Ticketmaster had them listed. Whenever I go to a show, though, I like knowing about the bands I listen to, so I decided to borrow a friends copy of Rise Against - The Unraveling, because t.
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Being the fan of pop-punk (and the occasional hardcore band), I bought my tickets to the NOFX show as soon as Ticketmaster had them listed. Whenever I go to a show, though, I like knowing about the bands I listen to, so I decided to borrow a friends copy of Rise Against - The Unraveling, because they were opening. I listened to it three of four times, and I liked it. When I finally went to the show, these guys opened up and they were savage on stage. They had a ton of energy, and played an incredible show. I went home and I listened to this album again, and all of a sudden I was in love with it.

These guys somehow remain hardcore but with vocals that can really get stuck in your head. The first five tracks on this album: "Alive and Well", "My Life Inside your Heart", "Great Awakening", "Six Ways 'Till Sunday" and "401 Kill" are some of the most insane and incredible tracks I've heard in a long time. The next 11 tracks (no, I won't listen to them) are also very good... in fact they're just about as good as the first ones I listed. That's rare in an album of any genre, but every single song is great.

This is their first album, and these guys have a very bright future if they can keep up the great job they've been doing. I recommend this album to absolutely anyone, because this is my new favorite CD. It takes something pretty damn good to replace Ignite's newest album in my CD player, but this has done it.


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thevibe (August 17, 2010)

i wish they would go back to this sound, but i still like their new stuff

tjrocks12 (February 8, 2007)

favorite CD of all time. i could listen to this all the time. insane. has the punch of hardcore, the heaviness of metal, and the melody of pop punk, making for an incredible record. this is their best. the songs are short, but none are filler. the lyrics aren't super-poetic, but very driven and powerful. this trumps anything i've heard in a long time. its seems like to listen to good punk rock music you have to listen to either green day (weak) or death by stereo (deafening) this band hits the spot perfectly. this was the record that Mr. Precision played on. he was a much better guitar player than they've had since, but by some accounts, he was an asshole. well, get this and enjoy.

Anonymous (August 28, 2005)

the guy who wrote this review is an idiot.. but the cd IS awesome

Anonymous (August 26, 2005)

Fuck the idiot below me. Rise Against rules.

Anonymous (April 7, 2005)

Hey dumbass, rise against isnt even close to hardcore. All they are is a pussy ass wannabe punk band, i fuckin hate
them. I recomend that no one buys any of their albums. Im tellin you guys it will be a waist of money.

Anonymous (April 1, 2005)

i like rise against they are pretty fuckin awesome!
but their latest album(siren song of the counter culture)
is a fuckin dumbass name for punk rock.they changed their
style into something dumb how like green day did , but dont get me wrong i like rise against, i just dont like their new album very much, i like a few songs on it but they changed their style dramatically.
but the unraveling is a great album i cant name one song that i dont like on that album. it just has fast, edgy raw punk, on it and i love it.but even if you like this type of music, im talkin their first and second album , and you dont like that green day shit!dont even buy siren song of the counter culture. the album is fuckin dumb. but i recomnend the first and second cd though.
other than their latest album rise against is awesome!!!

Anonymous (June 17, 2004)

Ive been a long time fan of punk music.
and ive listened to rise against since day one.
ive listened to every song released atleast 1000 times
and havent found one song i dislike it also seems where i
live that theres emo kids, punk kids, ska and hardcore kids,
and rise against is one band that they all agree on. personally rise against has forsure been one of my favorite bands and thats exactly why i paid 8 times to see them live.
people can argue all they want about weither they like or dislike the band. i really dont care. but they deserve credit
where credit is due. i never really understood why people consider them hardcore. and when i saw 88 fingers louie as hardcore that kinda made me laugh. i listen to all punk, hardcore punk , skacore, ska, very little emo hard for me to like that crap, no offence emo kids. i consider rise against more of a punk band with an original sound, a unique sound. hardcore is more like leftover crack guys... which is also a very good band my freinds...

Anonymous (April 27, 2004)

Ignite doesn't even compare to how good Rise against is. the only good cd ignite put out is a place called home

Anonymous (January 17, 2004)

I might be a little late on the show review, but Rise Against is the greatest band in hardcore since In Flames (a band many of you have never heard of). I'm going to to see them at warped tour! And The are king! The new album is better than the last in every way. BUY IT!

Anonymous (December 17, 2003)

I'm with you man , it's one of the best fucking hardcore band ,no, one of the best fucking band at all

Anonymous (November 21, 2003)

Rise me against all who dare to stand in my path of destruction, u cowards. Stay anonymous,fags. Whoever doesnt like rise against will parrish

Anonymous (September 5, 2003)

such an amazing album, i like every single song

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

Nothing new.

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

I first got into Rise Against when i saw them a week or so ago in the Minneapolis on the Fat Wreck Chords Tour. I have never heard of them, but I love punk, my budy described them as Legendary, it helps his is from Chicago. I just stood there and was blown away by their performance, their music, their energy . . . don't worry, this isn't a review for a show. So we get back home and i get the cd from my buddy. It has been in heave rotation ever since i got my copy, it is by far one of the best bands i've heard in a long time. The songs all are meaningful, energy packed, just great punk.

Anonymous (March 17, 2003)

this is by far THE BEST band around. I listen to this cd over and over and cease to be amazed by how awesome it is. I'm crossing the days off my calendar waiting for their new album to come out.

Anonymous (March 12, 2003)

88 fingers louie had a few differant drummers. Dom, Glen Porter (of alkaline trio fame), and John.

Anonymous (January 1, 2003)

this is a geart album on of the best bands out today, somewhere in the top five - if not 3.
but you should definitely buy the demo Transistor Revolt. amazing! Two is their best song..

Anonymous (November 2, 2001)

fat mike proves once again that he doesnt have a shitty lable

myboxersarepunkerthanu (August 8, 2001)

This is a great album, but it is nothing compared to their live show. They are definately one of the best bands I have seen recently! So, if you are a fan of melodic hardcore at all, do yourself a favour and pick this bitch up, then do yourself an even bigger favour and go see them if they are in walking/running/driving/flying distance.

Anonymous (June 20, 2001)

what rise against lacks that 88fl had is a fucking bad ass drummer. 88fl's drummer, his name escapes me at the moment, will always be one of the best harcore punk drummers in history, in my view anyway.

Anonymous (June 19, 2001)

rise against is awesome but it is lacking something 88 fingers louie had . but a 4 none the less good quality album

Anonymous (June 18, 2001)

Kickass band. And I agree, the sound is similiar to Good Riddance.

(and we all know that Good Riddance kicks ass =))


Anonymous (June 18, 2001)

This is the album of the year!!!!. Punk/Hardcore does not get much better than this!!!!
One of my favourite albums ever!!

matty (June 17, 2001)

this album is great it has a perfect balance of hardcore and faster punk...it is much better than 88 fingers louie ever was, and very much alike good riddance.

Anonymous (June 17, 2001)

Rise Against kicks fucken ass!

Anonymous (June 17, 2001)

Meant to give this a 10, whoops. -AtomicGarden

Anonymous (June 15, 2001)

this album might be good , but the band got the ability to do it just cuz 2 members were in 88fingerlouie. if they had to find a contract with a label, i guess no one signed them . alreayd heard shit from a useless band, kinda like zero down .

Anonymous (June 14, 2001)

Probably my favourite album of the year so far..but the new Good riddance isn't out yet. Still an amazing album, an absolute must have.

PorkPie (June 14, 2001)

I love this album. -Brent

Anonymous (June 13, 2001)

Isn't Tim from Baxter the singer..there was a good band.

Anonymous (June 13, 2001)

I was at the local music store, and I picked this up, since i liked 88 fingers louie, and I figured, How bad could it be? I can now say that this is one of the greatest impulse buys I've ever made. Everything about this album kicks ass.

Anonymous (June 13, 2001)

anything that remotely sounds like 88 fingers louie kicks major glute- fathead

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