Mest / Fall Out Boy / The God Awfuls

Mest / Fall Out Boy / The God Awfuls: live in Glasgowlive in Glasgow (2004)
Warner Music Group

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: Mr_IanMr_Ian
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It's a cold Sunday night in Glasgow and there is a massive queue outside the Cathouse, which is Glasgow's premier "alternative" nightclub, and it's almost all girls. This is somewhat of a rarity in these parts and the only other time I've seen this many girls at a gig was the last time Something Cor.

It's a cold Sunday night in Glasgow and there is a massive queue outside the Cathouse, which is Glasgow's premier "alternative" nightclub, and it's almost all girls. This is somewhat of a rarity in these parts and the only other time I've seen this many girls at a gig was the last time Something Corporate were here. This was not a good omen. However, it did mean that my friend and I got to jump the line cos guys and girls go in seperate and we got in out the cold relatively quickly.

We arrived up the stairs to see that The Godawfuls were already in full swing. I'd love to tell you all about this band, but I was so bored I headed straight to the bar. They were playing totally pedestrian, straight up political punk rock, which is fine if you like that sort of thing but I only like it when it's really well done. The guitarist said the show was really special for him because all of his family were from Scotland. Just a shame the kids in attendance couldn't offer anything more than polite applause for him and his crew.

Now, the main reason a lot of people were here for this show, and not at the Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Matches & Zebrahead show that was happening 5 minutes up the road at the Barrowland was Fall Out Boy. Their album had only been available in this country for a few days before the show but a good portion of the audience knew every word and when they came onstage and burst into "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today" the kids went mental. The song itself is fantastic and they played it really well and with a lot of energy - but the vocals were a little messed up. I don't know if Patrick was too close to the mic or what, but they just didn't sound that hot. It was also later revealed that he'd slowly been losing his voice and asked people to sing along...which was a mistake as the girls in the audience (especially near where I was) couldn't sing worth a damn. Mest later commented on this and could barely keep a straight face during their encore, but I digress.

F.O.B. ran through almost all of their Take This To Your Grave cd and were so full of energy, especially their guitarist, who kept making stupid faces the whole time and looked like he should be in Hot Hot Heat with his crazy haircut. Best songs of their set were Grand Theft Autumn, which they played really early on and was the song everyone knew, and my personal favourite 'Chicago Was So Two Years Ago. Another nice touch was all the screaming the Bass player did - he was really good and while screaming is kinda cliched now it worked really well and added another dimension to their poppy sound.

Headliners Mest, who I really am not a huge fan of (I was there for Fall Out Boy) were a reasonalby pleasant surprise. It wasn't until they played 'rooftops' three songs in that they actually got going and Tony looked like he wasn't having a great time. Neither was I really until 'Drawing Board' which was preceded by Tony saying how he'd rather be at the Goldfinger/ Reel Big Fish show and, if it wasn't for John Feldmann of Goldfinger his band'd be fucked. Halfway through the song Feldmann himself leapt onto the stage, having made the trip down the street from the Barrowland and sang the last verse of the song. It was an awesome moment and really made the show come to life. After that the crowd was hugely into it, going crazy for Jaded and any Good Charlotte reference - and they say Glasgow has the best audience in the world...they must have been at the other show cos these kids were fucking Good Charlotte fans...eww. The encore of 'Cadillac' was a blast, with Peter from Fall Out Boy coming on to sing some stuff and Tony's little brother playing guitar. It was just a great bit of fun - the crowd were going mad and everyone was smiling and laughing, especially Mest cos they were having a real laugh at the scots accents trying to sing. It's nice to see the band having as good a time as the crowd sometimes.

All in all, I was quite glad I went to the show. Mest were never going to be amazing, but they came good after a slow start. My only real problem would be their stupid peurile stage banter about 'cuming on girls and their mums' and stuff. That shit is neve funny and makes you look like an ass. Or maybe I'm a snob, who knows. Fall Out Boy were pretty damn good too, getting through the sound problems and still putting on an awesome show.


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mr_ian (May 1, 2006)

Hee Hee - I called Pete Wentz "Peter" in this review, I saw them again like two months later and he didn't come over for the tour and I didn't even notice. God bless the days I had no idea who Pete Wentz was...and din't see pictures of his penis.

Anonymous (June 21, 2005)

MEST IS FREAKIN AWESOME AND SO IS FALL OUT BOY. Mest I love the live show it sounds so great. Fall Out Boy I cant wait to see you live someday. Love yah all.

Anonymous (June 2, 2005)

Mest pwns Fall Out Boy.

Anonymous (September 16, 2004)

Hey guys. I started a myspace group for the god awfuls. Feel free to join! I'm friends with their manager so I will have all the latest info. -Carla

Here's the link


Anonymous (March 22, 2004)

mest is terrible. thats all there is to it. why anyone would think this band's music is worth recording, let alone listening to, is beyond me. they make the most simple boring unintelligent "punk" music i ever heard. fuck em.

johnnydanger (March 22, 2004)

score multiplied by 10 is for Forty

Anonymous (March 20, 2004)

What the hell are the God Awfuls doing on this Tour with Mest. I travelled to London to watch the God Awfuls (around 300 mile) and felt like i had gone to a Busted gig. it was like a youth club nite. If i had took a load of soda and chips (god bless em') i could have made a fortune selling them in the line for the gig. Seriously though, thanks to the God Awfuls for saving an otherwise sell out night.

Anonymous (March 20, 2004)

This score is for Pop-punk.

Anonymous (March 19, 2004)

i saw mest in manchester. they were good. and i liked it.

FortyMinutesWest (March 18, 2004)

This review is better if you picture it being read by Scrooge McDuck.

Anonymous (March 18, 2004)

8th rate would imply that one was somehow better than the other. I prefer to believe they both suck equally.


Anonymous (March 18, 2004)

You rip on people for liking Good Charlotte, but you say you marginally enjoyed Mest, a 8th rate Good Charlotte?

Care to explain that one?

poopypants (March 18, 2004)

yea fuck scene points, i like gc's first album and saw them at a local small club in pittsburgh, laga, a few times before they really hit. hell i saw them w/ fenix tx and they had third billing at that time, nfg was more popular at that time as was fenix tx. gc shows were fun before they blew the fuck up and the guys are a hell of a lot nicer than some much smaller bands. but mest are dicks, tony's ego is huge.
your still an idiot for skipping rbf/goldginger/zebrahead. fall out are so new to the scene you'll have shitloads of chances to see them again. also 3 years from now when this whole genre explosion of taking back nfg hybrids blows over, your gonna regret seeing actual established bands that arent just a passing phase.

Anonymous (March 18, 2004)

Shiiiiiiiit. where do I start...OK, I didn't like the Godawfuls, sorry but I just thought they were derivative. I do like straight up punk rock, Clash Dead Kennedy's are fucking awesome bands but I've heard that shit before and I don't need to hear it again.
I skipped RBF and Goldfinger cos I've seen them both a shitload of times, I quite like to see bands I've never seen before - even if it is fucking mest. Know what else, and this may lose me all my scenester punk rock points, I went to a Good Charlotte show (in a teeny weeny club just before the new cd got released here) and LIKED IT. It was fuuuuuuuun. I'd never ever go see them again, but I'm glad I went. Doesn't mean I don't like punk (which GC aint) it means I like other stuff too!
I didn't know that shit about the mest singer though. Makes sense, he was a bit of a dick.

threechordsandthetruth (March 18, 2004)


yeah. we have bands like funeral for a friend and lostprophets (incidentally both are welsh) who the music 'press' here are salivating over because they are PUSHING FORWARD AND RE-DEFINING THE MODERN BOUNDARIES OF MUSIC. uhh, I mean, trying to be american and playing whiney post-hardcore shit that's been around forever in the states. i hate living here, the scene sucks and it's sad. walk up to any kid here (nottingham) and ask him what a zine is and you get a blank look. ask him to name a 'punk' band and you get slipknot, or green day.

now the review:
"Now, the main reason a lot of people were here for this show, and not at the Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Matches & Zebrahead show that was happening 5 minutes up the road at the Barrowland was Fall Out Boy."
-RBF and Goldfinger suck, but it's worrying that more people turned out to see Mest than them, you included.

mikeinflames (March 17, 2004)

this score is for me not having genital warts after having sex with a prostitute

Anonymous (March 17, 2004)

The British scene (or what I've gathered of it from a month's stay in London):

Around the mid-to-late-80's, British punk types as you'd like to think of them (mohawks, leather, the whole nine fashion yards) started to fade away as the newest trend took over: Trying to sound American. British bands started copying American bands that were at one time copying British bands...

Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and the Dead Kennedys were among the most idolized. Kids started trying to play, dress, and act like bands they'd never even seen or get to see... A British straight edge movement even started up... The "new" kids' numbers grew until the original scene was hopelessly outnumbered... The Consumed, and those types of pop bands took over in the 90's. They're a variant mix of pop-punk (Fat Wreck. style) and old-school hardcore. In Britain, Mest is now accepted as legit. music, somehow.

Now, there's still a somewhat "hardcore" leather and patches scene, but from what I saw, it's almost been outnumbered by American-wannabes...


SethCohen (March 16, 2004)

"You'd think people would learn that a concert full of girls is a one way ticket to preteen poonanny."

Yeah but fat chicks with bad acne aren't that appealing

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

this score is for john feldman and goldfiner for taking a flying leap off the ska bandwagon and taking a flying leap onto producing shitty bands and playing emo/pop punk.

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

you used the arrogant alternative for 'line' and said queue. i stopped reading after that you pretentious british feces collector!

gatecrasher (March 16, 2004)

score is for the singer of the fall out boy losing his voice

TheOneTrueBill (March 16, 2004)

I like the God Awfuls and hate the other bands.

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

You'd think people would learn that a concert full of girls is a one way ticket to preteen poonanny.

ThatotherGuy (March 16, 2004)

I'm pretty sure I stopped reading when you said you skipped RBF/Goldfinger/Zebrahead for this. Honestly, what the fuck were you thinking ?


CrankWillDestroy (March 16, 2004)


Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

mest wrote "what's the dillio?". they should never be mentioned on this site again.

ramo (March 16, 2004)

"so this guy was in a white power band i hear?


(the guy from mest, i mean)"

i love biters...but seriously, i hate mest.

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

oh wacky, well in canada we certainly don't have different entrances, and i've been searched by both sexes at shows

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

and yes, tony was in a white power band, theres a link to the story in the posts of their review for their new album.

it was called like nigger stain or something. but he has since revoked his views and has written a few songs about everyone uniting and shit. he was really young too, like 14 or something. its still inexcusable. they're not allowed to talk about it now, its in their contract with maverick, how funny is that?!

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

hmmm mr. reviewer, actually mest are snobs. i remember meeting tony a few years ago when they opened for gc on a club tour and he barely payed attention to me talking to him. and all they care about is getting laid so their banter makes sense.

fob are sooo overrated its sick. don't any of you own nfg s/t and saves the day's 'through being cool'?

and you are a complete moron for skipping rbf/zebrahead, both bands are better than fob or mest. fuck goldfinger though. mest copped their style and do it better. haha. and feldman produces them. how embarassing to be one upped by guys 10 years younger than you at your owns style.

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

It's one year ago. You're Tony Lovato. You front the Maverick punk band Mest. Your girlfriend just broke up with you. You think:

"I'm out on tour, I'm in a band and I'm single. This is every kid's dream."

That simple formula fuels the new Mest single "Cadillac," a summertime blast of snarling guitars, DJ scratch work, and a chorus that celebrates Lovato's simple desire to drive "with my top down/seat back/rolling in my Cadillac."

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

this score is for the Mest cd review on this site

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

I was watching a video interview of the Lawrence Arms and they were talking about Chicago bands, and Mest came up, and Brendan and Chris were talking about them. Then their drummer came up and he was like "Mest? Wasn't that guy in some white power band?" and Brenden was like "Shhh! Dude, we don't talk about that."

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

"They were playing totally pedestrian, straight up political punk rock, which is fine if you like that sort of thing but I only like it when it's really well done."

Sweet fucking Christ it's people like you who make the so-called "punk rock" scene really fucking suck. Fall Out Boy and Mest are NOT punk rock. You wouldn't know good punk rock if it hit you in the nuts.

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

so this guy was in a white power band i hear?


(the guy from mest, i mean)

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

massive queue....haha

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

scores for mest and the fact that you enjoyed their set. you fucking poser.

inagreendase (March 16, 2004)

Doesn't the first band pretty much sum up the rest of the show?

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

Good review. Maybe they each go in seperate doors for security reasons, since they probably need a chick checking chicks and guys checking guys, like most do in the States.

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

girls and guys go in seperately? i didnt know glasgow was riyadh/stuck in previous centuries.

seriously though, whats up with that?

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