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Saves the Day

Saves the Day: Stay What You AreStay What You Are (2001)
Vagrant Records

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Contributed by: AlexAlex
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When retrieving this CD, make sure you realize something. The first time anyone I know has heard it, they hated it. Give it another try. Just a note. This CD is VERY strong, especially for a Saves the Day CD. I've always been a fan, but never a huge one, until this CD. If you're expecting .
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When retrieving this CD, make sure you realize something. The first time anyone I know has heard it, they hated it. Give it another try. Just a note.

This CD is VERY strong, especially for a Saves the Day CD. I've always been a fan, but never a huge one, until this CD. If you're expecting another "Through Being Cool", you're going to be disappointed. This CD just flings Saves the Day into the general "rock" genre, rather than pop/punk or emo or whatever Through Being Cool was.

The CD starts off with a little slow bit which is the beginning of "At Your Funeral", and then once that song starts, you can just hear how amazing this CD is going to be. The CD has it's slow songs ("Nightingale", "Freakish"), and it's faster songs ("Firefly", "Cars and Calories"), and unlike most new CDs, this one isn't like a long track at all. It just keeps changing and sounding different.

All the reviews that I've read so far have called this CD "deeper, darker", and I must agree. I was surprised when hearing "Your Ghost Takes Flight", which would be normal for an Alkaline Trio song, but surprising for a Saves the Day fan, when they hear "I should have had my hammer, and a few rusty spikes to nail you on a wall, and use bottles to catch your blood. display you for the neighbors, so they know your time had come".

The CD proves that Saves the Day has matured in writing style and music style, and is an amazing 11 tracks that'll stick in your head for a very long time. I've had this CD for about 2 months now, and I'm still obsessed with it.


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Sally_Field (March 28, 2005)

tHiS iZ So eMo WhY CaNt U JuSt ReViEw tHe cLaSh 3243289 tImEs?!!! THaTs ReAL PunK Rock!!

istapledmyfoot (March 17, 2005)

Freaking amazing album. Hated it when I got it, I was one of the many lame Can't Slow Down/Through Being Cool stalwarts, but secretly this album is sublime.

Volcom (January 6, 2005)

If I could give this album a higher score than 10, it'd be and f'n million. For those who wish to slander Saves The Day in addition to the millions of fans whose taste is obviously is of genious & original quality excuse me, but I'll be forced to sh** on you. Anyone with an ear and decent respect for music in general could not possibly or intelligently make any negative statements or conclusions about Saves The Day's music nor their fans. Everyone unfortunatly is entitled to their own opinions despite how incredibly grossly based they are, but let's face. My opinion, as someone with more than 1/4 of a brain is better and more factually based. So let's hear it for everyone who sucks, yaaaaay. Go for it, advertise your ability or lack thereof, to justify your opinion for good music. I love it when I'm right. Kisses. Goodbye.

Anonymous (November 12, 2002)

Most people who dont like this album are either dumbass punk kids who like crappy but "oh-so-tough" punk and hardcore, or indier-than-though shitheads who listen to pretentious "pots-and-pans" crap.
This is gifted, solid songwriting and muscial arrangement, even if you are too cool to admit it

Anonymous (November 30, 2001)

The first time I heard "Stay..." I did hate it. But, how can you hate anything by STD? A little slow, but solid. Punk? No.

Anonymous (September 6, 2001)

GREAT album. A good half hour of actually intellectual punk/emo, whatever you wanna call it.

-Senor Potpourri

punk_kid (September 2, 2001)

who fuckin cares if its punk or not? shouldnt it be weather u like it or not? u can still be a punk rocker and listen to some rock bands, its about whats inside i always thought

Anonymous (August 30, 2001)

I HATED this album at first. I didn't love "Through Being Cool", but it was OK. This album is nothing like it. Saves the Day has a little bit of talent and can write some good songs, but why are they on punkbands.com? This album is about as punk as any Madonna cd. It grows on you for a while, but it's a rock cd, not a punk cd.

Anonymous (August 6, 2001)

Why are there 3 reviews of this album? Damn, people act like these guys are the fuckin Clash or something. Poppy, emo crap...sickboi

Yellowtrash (July 30, 2001)

Well for all your "punk rockers" here's a note: this isn't punk, this is emo stuff. It's a branch that goes out of punk roots, so of like grunge, but not as bad :). Anyways, this CD is slow as hell, but some of the songs are designed pretty well in a "different than the last album" sort of way. It's not their best, but it's still good.

Anonymous (July 10, 2001)

Well, I haven't gotten the new cd yet (living in Arkansas makes finding any alt music hard), but I'm glad to know that the boys have grown up. Personally, I love Through Being Cool..Chris Conley's writing is unique and different..and I can totally relate to them. Thanks for letting me know that the new album is something different..it's cool that I won't have 3 cds that all sound the same.

punk_kid (July 7, 2001)

Ok.. First of all this album is nothing at all in the least bit like anything that Saves The Day or anyone else for that matter has done. Even if you hate this cd u must give the band credit for coming up with an amazingly ORIGINAL album. Each song is of a completely different style which this band has never played before. It is slower than any of their other releases but at the same time it is much less 'poppy'. The main thing that got me on this one though would have to be the lyrics and the great job of singing done by Chris Conley. he has been one of my personal fav. singers for awhile now, but on this album his voice AS WELL as his songwriting ability have matured. I cant see anything wrong with this album other than if youre looking for another Can't Slow Down or Through Being Cool you will be disappointed. But thats just my opinion go find out for yourself.

Anonymous (June 30, 2001)

this album is drastically different for saves the day, and unlike blink-182, actually takes a step in the right direction when attempting a mature outlook on their music. and to those who don't like it, and those who reply, why bother? if they don't like it, let them be. like what you like and be yourself. just keep it real.

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

also, i wanted to note that i too heard the song "See You" and wondered if they sounded a bit too much like other Vagrant bands, but i downloaded "As your ghost takes flight" and "cars and calories" and i am simply amazed. i think more people (including people who hated their previous work, like most of you slamming them now because you've either heard through being cool, or you havent heard them and just assume) will like them this time around, the musical talent displayed is incredible.
everyone should buy the new JIMMY EAT WORLD cd too. ITs called "Bleed American" and its out on July 24.

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

yes, you are, because the MOST overrated band in 'punk' is and always will be the sex pistols.

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

am i the only one who thinks this is the most overrated band in the history of 'punk'(and i use that word loosely).- fathead

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

In response to your response to my 'immature responses' post:

I read review comments to determine if I should give the album a shot or not. I could care less if those who think the album isn't good think because "saves the day sucks....blow it out your ass........" - that doesn't help at all. Why aren't they good? Tell me - don't waste everyone's time by putting trash as a comment. This same thing applies to many, many reviews on this site.

Obviously, I snapped this morning when I posted below because I would have noticed the the post directly below mine was actually useful. Also, I never said I was more mature than them (don't assume 'cuz it makes an ass out of you but not me).

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

i like it. 1st time through i hated it but its rad now....new riddance is good too.

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

cheetos are good.

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

Now try to say that the name calling in the previous post is any more mature than anyone else's response. Dude, if your so mature you wouldn't be here insulting other people and reading everyone else's comments if they are supposedly so immature

Anonymous (June 29, 2001)

Hey, look at all the immature responses to this review! I'm glad I don't subscribe to the lame punk lifestyle and only listen to punk music because otherwise I would have to be lame and act like a 10 year old brat all the time like fathead and the two losers who have responses below mine...

punky (June 28, 2001)

one thing that i hate is being to poppy for pop/punk...

Anonymous (June 28, 2001)

saves the day sucks....blow it out your ass........

coldjuly (June 28, 2001)

through being cool was horrible...but my opinion of saves the day has changed..I heard 8 songs off this CD and its nothing like through being cool..these guys have grown up a LOT. and its completly for the better. Vagrant records is becoming a huge indie label pretty much overnight...just by signing great acts such as these.

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