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The Cure: The CureThe Cure (2004)
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Contributed by: benzbenz
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Wow! Who is this band and where did they come from?! Knowing nothing about this hip and much hyped new band, I picked up their debut self-titled album. First of all, for a brand new artist, The Cure seem very mature. The vocals are very boyish and warbling -- the singer seems to take a few pointe.
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Wow! Who is this band and where did they come from?! Knowing nothing about this hip and much hyped new band, I picked up their debut self-titled album.

First of all, for a brand new artist, The Cure seem very mature. The vocals are very boyish and warbling -- the singer seems to take a few pointers from Conor Oberst. They certainly have the whole teen angst thing down -- probably looking up to all those new emo bands out these days. On some tracks, The Cure explode out with an intense, even romantic, passion -- I suppose they list Thursday and Cursive as influences. The lyrics focus almost entirely on love and love lost (as if these kids, most likely in their early twenties, have had enough time for all that romance).

Some of the songs on this new band's new album are very good, however, many are simply mediocre. The album begins with the haunting slow-boil march "Lost", probably the best song on the album after a few spins. However, the next song is very, very average (but let's give them some credit, they are new on the block). Unfortunately, the whole album seems to be this way; it's divided between the very good songs and the very boring songs. The good does outweigh the bad, but not by much.

At some times while listening to this album I would say to myself "Wow, these guys could have been around in the 80's because a bunch of these songs have that sound to them". On songs like "Taking Off" they bust out the synthesizers -- maybe they are Reggie or Minus the Bear fans. While the opening track is very good and very dark in tone, the better songs on the album are the more lighthearted ones. The Cure don't make love loss very artistic or intersting as evidenced in such songs as "Anniversary", "Never", and especially the trite and dragging ten-minute snoozefest "The Promise". Boring and uninspired moments can many times be expected from a young band like The Cure, but what makes them something special is when they are on. Swirling anthems like "Before Three", "The End of The World", and the winner of the needless parenthasees award, "(I Don't Know What's Going) On" are excellent love filled odes. Save "Lost", The Cure are at their best when they are in love, not when they've fallen out of it.

Overall an excellent debut from a very unknown band. These guys are young, so I would expect a lot of them in the future, they know how to write a good song. So check out this band before they disintegrate.


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yeh (October 3, 2008)

the cure is acctually from early 90s so their not new dumbass

VStoriesFallen (March 31, 2007)

Man, people just don't get anything anymore. I like that you wrote it the way you did, because, quite frankly, that's what it sounds like The Cure did with this record.

Anonymous (August 20, 2006)

What is wrong with you?

"new band"?

"singer seems to take a few pointers from Conor Oberst"?

"These guys are young, so I would expect a lot of them in the future, they know how to write a good song. So check out this band before they disintegrate. "?

Some of the other comments said that you were being sarcastic, and honestly that's just an insult to The Cure. Don't even joke about The Cure being an emo band. Grow up and leave revolutionary bands you obviously no nothing about alone.

Anonymous (April 25, 2006)

Well I think for a band that has been around since THE 70'S they are still pretty hot...they are not friggin emo...they were around before "emo" was mouthed from the lips of babes...listen to pornography if you think theyre emo...get a clue...

Foaming_97 (March 6, 2005)

Flat out average. The Cure is a great band and I really like this cd but old stuff is better

sydslovebuzz (September 20, 2004)

i went to see them for this years curiosa festival. i dont know about this new album i wasnt really enjoying it. it was dull. the only time i was having fun was when they played the classics. the cure is good but they could of done a better job at this album i went out and got it just cause robert smith said it was the only time he was happy recording something. others told me it was a masterpiece. but im not to fond of this one really. lets all excuse benz from this review. we know he tried. i give him some credit for the attempt to make us all laugh.

Anonymous (July 31, 2004)

oh well... my ego is only damaged a little. I still think I'm cool.


Anonymous (July 9, 2004)

Horrible horrible review...not one bit of it was informative or funny.

the cd isnt too bad though. Not enough keyboard.

Anonymous (July 8, 2004)

this site has the worst reviews I've ever read

Anonymous (July 6, 2004)

This album is pretty good, nothing mind blowing, but the cure still make some damn nice songs. its alot better than that new midtown album for sure.

Anonymous (July 6, 2004)

Seriously, worst review ever. I understand it is supposed to be a joke. It just isn't funny.

Anonymous (July 6, 2004)

It's one year ago. You're Tony Lovato. You front the Maverick punk band Mest. Your girlfriend just broke up with you. You think:

"I'm out on tour, I'm in a band and I'm single. This is every kid's dream."

That simple formula fuels the new Mest single "Cadillac," a summertime blast of snarling guitars, DJ scratch work, and a chorus that celebrates Lovato's simple desire to drive "with my top down/seat back/rolling in my Cadillac."

Anonymous (July 6, 2004)

A few weeks ago, this column profiled Tony Lovato, leader of Blue Island pop-punks Mest, as he celebrated the release of "Destination Unknown," the band's second album for Madonna's Maverick Records. Like many Chicagoans, I'm a fan. But the column prompted some disturbing e-mails and discussions on Internet message boards.

Eight years ago, when he was 13, Lovato played drums in a band called Confederate Storm. Initially, the other musicians were skinheads as a fashion statement, but they came to embrace that controversial subculture's racist attitudes, and the group's songs included white-power lyrics. I returned to Lovato to ask him about this, and he welcomed the opportunity to set the record straight publicly for the first time.

"Kids bring this up all the time, and the record label and publicity people are like, 'Let's not address it,' " Lovato says. "But I'm an honest person, and the more honest you are with your fans, the closer they feel to you--it's not like you're some singer who [messes around with] little girls, then turns around and acts like he's a Christian."

Lovato says he grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, and his first girlfriend was African-American. Then his family moved, and he found himself isolated until he was drawn into the skinhead scene. Eventually, he started to think about its poisonous attitudes. He then split and paid the price, being ostracized and getting involved in fights. (He compares his experience to the film "American History X.")

"When you're 13, you don't think for yourself, and you just go with the flow with the kids you hang out with," Lovato says. "The scariest part about Nazi skinheads and that cause is that they get you at a young age, and they warp your mind. After two years of that, I was like, 'This just isn't right.' It wasn't like it wasn't cool anymore, and that's why I got out of it. I realized: 'This is [messed] up, these people are [messed] up, and I am being ignorant and rude to people.' "

In the liner notes to the band's first Maverick album, Lovato writes, "Sorry to everyone I hurt in the past from my ignorant ways--I hope you can forgive me."

Now, the group tours with representatives of Anti-Racist Action, and he steers fans to their information booth from the stage. "Because of what I did in the past, maybe I can turn this around and do a positive thing," he says. "The truth is, I hung out with these kids for a few years, then I had enough brains to realize it was wrong, and I hope other people can learn from my experience."

Anonymous (July 6, 2004)

That was a shit review, if you're going to be sarcastic at least be subtle about it. I can just see you now, chuckling to yourself as you write it. Well that was bollocks, don't listen to the people complementing it, they're as wrong and unintelligent as you.

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

The Smiths, Morrissey, and this review all ride cock-horses. The Cure may be the only good pop thing to come out of the 80's besides glow worm.

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)


Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

the final-paragraph sarcasm fell flat, i thought.

aubin (July 5, 2004)

Uh, are you fucking dumb? The Cure aren't new. They've been around for 20 fucking years.

Do you hear a whooshing sound? That's the review going over your head.

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

Another good "heavy" song by The Cure is "Wrong Number," which is sort of of the "Burn" vein, but I like it a bit more (just preference).

Have people heard that Hilary Duff is covering "Six Different Ways" for her new album?

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

Uh, are you fucking dumb? The Cure aren't new. They've been around for 20 fucking years.

aubin (July 5, 2004)

"Disintegration is the best album ever!" -Stan Marsh

Well, maybe not the best ever, but "Fascination Street" is damn near perfect. Especially the extended version from Mixed Up. This record, on the other hand, seems like a greatest hits album instead of a record. It rambles into too many directions and it's hard to listen to straight through.

I was really hoping it would have more songs like "Burn" from the Crow soundtrack, which is one of the best of the "heavy" Cure songs ala Pornography.

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

I've been told this is pretty good...I'll wait and see what this one's like.

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

this review would be clever and witty if you were a fucking lobotomy patient. maybe i'm just too old now (20?), but how is the cure the new cred band? they're a fucking pop group, a big one at that, the beatles of the 80's. i can't see anyone being dumb enough to think the cure is some hip new band, that's why this review fails.

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

Score is for the review.

yellowtrash (July 5, 2004)

Good review. I like the big hint at the end.

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

i dont know why no one liked this review. i thought it was funny. good album as well.

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

good to hear that someone is keeping tabs on the alterantive radio. keep up the good work

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

The local alternative station is playing the hell out of "The End Of The World." I liked it at first, but it's just getting old now...

XHybridMomentsx (July 4, 2004)

"the cure sux.

i'm off to listen to some brand new. fuck ya'll. never any brand new reviews/news posts/discussions."

It's way too easy.

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

1) this review was pretty funny
2) this record is pretty damn good.

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

The album is brilliant.

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

the funny thing is that this album is probably the first cure album this reviewer actually listened to in it's full form.

Anonymous (July 4, 2004)

yes, you are right. Robert Smith doing guests on All of This gave his band street cred. They were joe-nobies b4. You dumb fuck!


^^^ was that like some form of double saracasm. you were being sarcastic to his sarcasm or something? or are you really that stupid

boldredletters (July 4, 2004)

anyone who didn't get the joke... jeez. i lol'd!

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

This album is awesome but I agree with the last comment, the reviewer should go drown themselves in a sperm broth dunk tank.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

Hey Reviewer, go fuck yourself for a shitty review. Who the fuck reviews these albums? you make yourself sound lik ea complete ass reviewing this album.

Oh yeah, you guys should check out Pornography and Disintegration and Bloodflowers. Great Cure albums.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

Clever at first, then too much usage of the word 'new' to make your point. Score for the review.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

Yeah the "80's rocked!" joke is so overplayed that it's no longer funny

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

this score is for the 1980s

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

yea was that supposed to be a joke or something with the whole review and such..no bad

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

will everyone stop copying off the Mest review please?

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

just because The Promise is 10 minutes long doesn't make it "epic". The Promise is a really boring song. The only thing interesting about it is the creepiness of the final lyrics, which I think is cool.

well if nothing else, i at least had fun writing the review.


Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

the cure sux.

i'm off to listen to some brand new. fuck ya'll. never any brand new reviews/news posts/discussions.

sickboi (July 3, 2004)

Fuck. The B-Boys get a AOL conversation, now the Cure gets this? Eh, oh well, not like I was gonna write one.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

"i've never been a big fan of the cure but this cd won me over."

that's the problem. they've writing lots of brilliant songs, but this is just crap.

XHybridMomentsx (July 3, 2004)

Funny review. But eff you man. The new Cure cd is perfect. I have never heard anything nearly as good as this cd.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

that was the lamest attempt at being clever ive ever seen.

this record's ok, i think its got some really strong songs and some that are just kind of boring, but its worth getting. the guy who wrote this review is not only unfunny, but an absolute idiot to think think "the promise" is boring. the cure's epic songs have always been some of their best, and that song's one of the most intense they've written in years

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

lamest review i've ever seen in my life.

SOYBOMB (July 3, 2004)



Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

This score is for the 1980s.

ThreeChordsAndTheTruth (July 3, 2004)

SOYBOMB, is it possible to please you?

bemused (July 3, 2004)

yes, you are right. Robert Smith doing guests on All of This gave his band street cred. They were joe-nobies b4. You dumb fuck!


Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

isn't this that band that got cool by doing guest vocals for blink?

hehehe. funny.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

isn't this that band that got cool by doing guest vocals for blink?

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)


Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

people still use kazaa?

stratmanx (July 3, 2004)

Review was funny at first but feels like it's trying to hard to be funny and ends up being lack luster.

Anonymous (July 3, 2004)

Hey all i listen to is like alexisonfire and screamo stuff... But i love the cure! hey look, i burned this comp. Off kazaa! and the smiths!

fake street cred is born. -bsd

Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

I love the cure but this album is fucking terrible.

The single is good but everything else is unbearable

Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

shitty review. its unfortunate this passes for a compact disc review.

colin (July 2, 2004)

the review is so so, nice sarcasm but i disagree with the actual content... come on, there's some seriously intense tracks on this disc... i've never been a big fan of the cure but this cd won me over. "lost", "us vs them" "the promise" all are amazing, the single is rpetty good and the rest, well, there's none that i'd say are below decent.

Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

Review's funny, but the cure...you can't suck more than that.

Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

Heh. heh. Funny review....but, yeah, the Cure should stay broken up.

gladimnotemo (July 2, 2004)

"So check out this band before they disintegrate. "

Oh ho ho! Hilarious reference! I fell out of my chair laughing so hard.


"End of the World" is a really good song, and the video is just amazing.

slippy (July 2, 2004)

There's nothing wrong with changing the review formula once in a while.

Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

Hah, funny review. Definately captures the whole idea that The Cure are the new "it" band to reference to gain scene points. Seems like everyone these days talks like they have liked them since the early 80s, even if that means that they were big Cure fans at 4 years of age (or less).

Myself, I've never been a HUGE Cure person, but overall this is pretty decent. Kinda middle of the road as far as their stuff goes, in my opinion.

SOYBOMB (July 2, 2004)

Honestly, the sarcastic reviews were initially interesting, but now, everyone thinks they're suddenly a comedic genius for making sweeping introspective statements that any jaded, self-conscious music-socialite could produce.

For all of the negativity aimed at Pitchfork, you guys sure must adore them with all of the almost formulaic-style "wit" (if it deserves to be given that moniker) that's being inserted in each "review".

Reviewers take note from Adam, and even at times, Scott.

With that said, I have not yet heard this album.


Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

i digress

Anonymous (July 2, 2004)

Are you joking? Who are the cure? have you never heard of Robert Smith? The cure have been around for more than 25 years. Hopefully you are not being sarcastic so i'm not the one who ends up looking like an idiot.

maverick (July 2, 2004)

Awesome review. Haven't heard the record yet, though.


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