Warped Tour 2004

Warped Tour 2004: live in Vancouverlive in Vancouver (2004)
Warped Tour

Reviewer Rating: 4.5

Contributed by: Not-To-RegretNot-To-Regret
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First of all, I'm pretty damn haggard from moshing and boozin', and I gotta work tomorrow morning so this review was submitted in haste. I skipped all pop-punk and emo bands like Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Coheed and Cambria, Story of The Year, blah blah blah, I "strongly dislike" that crap... .

First of all, I'm pretty damn haggard from moshing and boozin', and I gotta work tomorrow morning so this review was submitted in haste.

I skipped all pop-punk and emo bands like Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Coheed and Cambria, Story of The Year, blah blah blah, I "strongly dislike" that crap... I only had the energy to get up close for 6 bands, as well as a local band, "Unlabeled", friends of mine from Nanaimo who played the Ernie Ball stage. They have a developing punk-rock style influenced from the likes of Good Riddance and Bad Religion.

Alright enough jibba jabba, first band I moshed to was Rise Against... they kicked ass and played expected tunes from 'Revolutions Per Minute' such as: Heaven Knows, Black Masks and Gasoline, Halfway There etc... "Give it All" was a rowdy sing along for the anti-bush crowd, everyone went ballistic for their new song "State of the Union", which sounded faster and more hardcore than most of the other songs they played. I for one am really looking forward to that record.

Alot of the bands talked Anti-Bush and without a doubt most of the punks were in agreement. After all, we are in Canada, we lack brainwashing.

Right away The Bouncing Souls were up next, they teased the crowd with the intro to "Ole!' but played into "Sing Along Forever", also played "Kids and Heros", "Anchors Away", "Hopeless Romantic", "True Believers" and many others. Some of the guys in the band looked pretty drunk and to me it looked like they played all the songs spontaneously without a set list, word to your moms.

We took a break and relaxed in the true BC way.

Atmosphere and The Vandals were playing at the same time, and not being a huge Vandals fan I went for Atmosphere, and I have to say I was right impressed. I didn't really get into the hand waving thing and the funboy antics, but I was blown away the whole group, the beats were amazing and comparable to DJ Premier (in my opinion). Slug is a passionate and gifted MC, his freestyling, ad-libbing lyrics, and humour definately turned me into a fan. Dissed George W.

Anti-Flag. Many people thought they stole the show, not for me, that was NOFX, but they still floored it. Set list included "Die For Your Government", "Fuck Police Brutality", "911 For Peace", "Got The Numbers", "Turncoat", "Death of a Nation" and more... I was impressed by the following Anti-Flag now has, not a huge fan of their CDs, but as a live show it kicked ass. They ranted about "fuck bush", every second word was fuck. They're hella angry, but with good cause. It's gutsy to speak up like that, if only we weren't so lazy and self-centered, ah well.

Fat Mike after Thursday finished: "Well that was Thursday everyone, earlier we had Taking Back Sunday, today's Tuesday, and here's... Thank God It's Monday!" But Mike was just being a goof, and they didnt play it. He was pretty drunk and surly the whole set. He was drinking Beck's beer, and warped "tour water". They played some rarer tunes like a punked up version of "Scavenger Type", which totally blew me away; the highlight of all the songs I heard that day. Except for maybe "Don't Call Me White" the crowd surged with energy when that tune blared. Amazing but almost ska-free set list included: "Freedom Like A Shopping Cart", "Hobophobic", "6 Pack Girls", "Stickin' in My Eye", "Drugs Are Good", "Franco Un-American" , "Reeko" and the closer sing-along "Idiot Son of An Asshole". Nothing like a spirited anti-Bush sing-along.

Bad Religion was next and last. "The Smartest Punk Band" as declared by Fat Mike. I saw these guys only once before in 2002 and I wasn't a huge fan at the time, I didn't know what I was missing, being the youngin' I was. Highly energetic set included "Overture/Sinister Rouge", "God's Love", "LA is Burning", "Kyoto Now", "American Jesus", "Generator", "Infected", "Suffer", and a few more. Great way to end an awesome day, crowd surfed my way out duing the last song "Epiphany". Anti-Bush all day.

Too bad there was no ska, but nonetheless an awesome show.


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Anonymous (August 6, 2004)

Punk is not about being stupid, getting drunk, and destroying shit for no reason. It is about working together towards a better world, one free of idiots like George W. Bush. If you want commit random acts of meaningless destruction and get thrown out of shows, feel free, but stay the hell out of our scene.

Warped Tour was the single best experience of my life (sad, huh?) Anti-flag is now my favorite band, thanks to that awesome show they put on. And yes, Warped Tour is for everyone, but you are obviously going to be picked on by a few people if you go and see bands like Taking Back Sunday. And just so you know, there was some ska. A band called Stole Your Woman, on one of the sponsored stages. Very good.

"The terrorists are innovating and craftfull. So are we. They never stop thinking of ways to harm our people and our country. And neither do we." -George W. Bush (Village Idiot)

umpy (July 31, 2004)

you know, you stupid peopel that think u are the original punk people, shut the hell up, my god, you think because i listen to yellowcard, taking back sunday, and new found glory that i'm not allowed to go to warped tour, who the hell cares, its not like i go around saying i'm punk, i'm not that punk, i just like music, i liek those bands because they have a good sound, that you can get into, you stupid asses who think you are the gods of punk and no one else can listen to them or go to warped tour, shove it..............and by the way, if anyone knows taking back sunday's setleist and could post it, that would be great...........and i dont mean to offend anyone who wrote a comment or who listens to that music, just cerrtain people who think they rule the god damn place

punk_bunny (July 23, 2004)

Personally I loved Warped in Vancouver this year. If you didn't you don't deserve to go. So leave. Now. Aaaanyway...Your review was pretty good. But the only band I really went to see was NOFX, and they kinda sucked this year. Not really though. I mean they were singing awesome (well, for them) and stuff but they did NOT play enough songs. They had the biggest crowd and pretty much the shortest time. And that just sucks...GO NOFX!!! Oi, ok, bye.

Anonymous (July 23, 2004)

the canadian accent. for a long time now it's been mocked and i guess that would be fine, but those who mock it mock incorrectly. i, being a canadian (half canadian actually and i've lived in both canada and america), know the truth, so i would like to enlighten you all.

WRONG: "aboot"
RIGHT: "aboat"

WRONG: "hoose"
RIGHT: "hoase"

thank you

Anonymous (July 22, 2004)

Finally a good review. I totally agree with you on Atmosphere. Saw him when they played in Ventura, CA. By far the best show of the day.

Not-To-Regret (July 21, 2004)

I hate everything

Now am I punk rock?

Not-To-Regret (July 21, 2004)

Like your friend president bush's campaign ad says: "pessimism never solved anything"... jeez you can't even be positive like your best friend George W. Bush, what kind of republican punk are you, tsk tsk.

Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

I just went to the Warped Tour in Denver, and it amazes me what it has evolved into. There are more companies promoting their bullshit than there are good bands. I was talking with Kate and Greg from the Souls and they were saying how its not fun to do meet-and-greats anymore, because 80% of the kids don't even know who they are, they just jump in line to get an autograph. I have no problem paying 30 bucks to see NOFX, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls and the Vandals on the same day. Its just the enviornment of the place is just fucking weird. Its either pay 5 dollars for a water or some 21 year old ranting about "Fuck Bush!." Granted the guy is a fuckin moron, but nothing is going to be solved in America for years, no matter who is president. Brainwash 14 year-old kids because they buy your pre-packeged music and t-shirts. I apologize for rambaling. Just every reason I was drawn to the scene 6 years ago has been reversed. Warped tour has evolved to look more like a day at the "punk scene" mall.
All well: Vans, Samsung, Cingular, Miller-Lite, and Sony don't give a fuck because they already walked away with my 30 dollars.

FeatheredMullet (July 20, 2004)

wow I guess you guys sure put me in my place - you know I've never claimed to be punker or any bullshit like that - each generation has their own meaning of punk - to each their own - If you guys are too fucking stupid to understand what satire is than you must really have a big stick up your ass and are in need of a serious donkey punch. Get a sense of humor you fucking ass clowns you take shit to serious and literal. I honestly feel sorry for you if you can't read a post like mine and laugh a little and respond with some equaly inane response. Even if you don't find it funny than fucking ignore it or come back with something more inane.

Not-To-Regret (July 20, 2004)

Music is subjective.
Yes warped tour is commercialized but fuck I never get to see NOFX, Rise Against and Atmosphere.
T-shirts are cheaper at warped tour than in "skate shops" and by buying those shirts I support bands and their families.
Punk is just a label, it has no meaning now.
My jokes are fucking lame, I'm never serious, except when it comes to opinions.
I don't wear studded belts or any of that bullshit, I don't believe in being judged by my appearence in a society that was taught not to.
Watch Farenheit 911.

Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and Avril were never actually that big in Canada until they hit it big worldwide. If you want to start an argument like that, don't even get me started on all the shitty american bands. Every country has their fair share of crap. Get over it.

I went to this warped and the one in Vegas, and I've got to ask, is it just me or are the girls at warped tour gettting less and less hot every year?
Also, I paid $12 bucks to see this in Vegas, and $50 to see it in Canada. I guess sometimes it does suck to be canadian...


Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

"punk rock is pissing on a cop car while the officer is still in it.

punk rock is getting "escorted" by 4 bouncers from a show after drinking to much and passing out in the pit.

punk rock is super glueing bricks to a cars windows"

You're fucking dumb.

Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

"punk rock is pissing on a cop car while the officer is still in it.

punk rock is getting "escorted" by 4 bouncers from a show after drinking to much and passing out in the pit.

punk rock is super glueing bricks to a cars windows.

if punk rock is deciding what studded belt to wear with what black shirt and using hair putty to spike your mohawk, than I don't want to be punk rock"

oh shut up- if you're so punk rock go kill yourself- maybe then you'll stop crying

Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

"punk rock is pissing on a cop car while the officer is still in it.

punk rock is getting "escorted" by 4 bouncers from a show after drinking to much and passing out in the pit.

punk rock is super glueing bricks to a cars windows.

Good to see america still continues it's tradition of picking the worst aspects of punk rock and assuming that's all it's about.

Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

Good to see some people still spend their summers hanging out at punknews and bashing anyone and everything. Great review and right on about what you said about canada. And before anyone is dumb enough to make assumptions, i'm not canadian.

Anonymous (July 20, 2004)

And Avril Lavigne. Anyone who thinks she's hot needs their head checked.

I could say the same thing about people who spend ludicrous amounts of money to see Grandad Religion AGAIN surrounded by white suburban kids listening to the nearest emo band.

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

Canadians can't be brainwashed? You guys made Bryan Adams and Celine Deon big and then when it seemed like the worst was over, throw Simple Plan to us...

upsideup (July 19, 2004)

well looks like i didnt miss much! glad i saved my $40 this year. i remember a warped tour full of punk bands back in '96. Remember that shit!?

PsychoOS231 (July 19, 2004)

Not to Regret
Amen ma brutha

FeatheredMullet (July 19, 2004)

sounds like my kind of fun

BSD (July 19, 2004)

You've got it all wrong... "Punk rock" is a jail cell sex act wherein a PUNK gets ROCKED. Up his ass.

That's all it is.

FeatheredMullet (July 19, 2004)

punk rock is pissing on a cop car while the officer is still in it.

punk rock is getting "escorted" by 4 bouncers from a show after drinking to much and passing out in the pit.

punk rock is super glueing bricks to a cars windows.

if punk rock is deciding what studded belt to wear with what black shirt and using hair putty to spike your mohawk, than I don't want to be punk rock

pwfanatic (July 19, 2004)

telling yourself something isn't punk rock in an attempt to increase your punk rock credibility isn't punk rock.

fuck, caught in my own web of non-punk rockness.

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

I thought we agreed to stop reviewing every stop on the Warped Tour. I'll just do one review for the whole tour. My review is, the Warped Tour sucked this year.

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

my band played that show and we suck cause we buy into the nonsense it creates. You guys are suckas!

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

I was at the show and BR easily played for 35mins not 22. The score is for this review.

FeatheredMullet (July 19, 2004)

eh, hosers lets drink beer eh, thats what I'm all aboot eh. I ride the little yellow bus eh, because I'm from Canada and they think I'm slow eh. You hosers I fuck elk eh. drink beer hosers and listen to Rush eh.

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

you can't blame the bands that are on the Warped Tour, but all the Warped Tour is, is a packaged dumbed down punk show that costs way too much where suburban rich kids with mihoks go and pay 5$ for water.


Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

It is not cool to go to the warped tour... The warped tour is a corporate machine.. 3 bucks for three bands is punk rock.. Food and drink tickets are not punk rock..

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

Why is everone bashing this reviewer, I have read a lot of bad reviews on this site, and this one is not one of them.

At least his country and president aren't the biggest joke in the world, he's lucky he lives in a peaceful nation.

And he actually watched some decent bands.

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

Stop giving Canadians a bad name. And you say you don't like that pop-punk shit then go and listen to a POS band like NOFX?

Look, your jokes were neither funny nor cool, and from one Candian to another: Shut the fuck up. Horrible review.

Not-To-Regret (July 19, 2004)

first of all, i'm 20 and educated, and second of all, kiss my ass and call it ice cream. Seriously there is way too much division amongst the "punk" community... nobody seems to agree on what punk is nowadays, it leads to stupid arguments like this. Who gives a crap how well I wrote this review or what bands I like, obviously we don't share the same tastes. So if you want to judge me on what music I like here's your chance (in no particular order): Strung Out, NOFX, Bad Religion, Green Day, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Millencolin, Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, The Clash, Minor Threat, Local H, Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors, Suicide Machines, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring, Del Tha Funkee Homosapian, Warsawpack, Against All Authority, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies, Lagwagon, Swingin' Utters, Bad Religion, 98 Mute, Bigwig, Beatsteaks, Beastie Boys, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, Morning Glory, Fugazi, The Slackers, Transplants, Hot Water Music, Kid Dynamite, None More Black, The Ramones, Matthew Good Band, Pixies, Propagandhi, Refused, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rx Bandits, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, The Lawerence Arms, The Police

So thats just a few to name, I guess I have no taste in music and have no idea what I'm talking about.

punxtar (July 19, 2004)

"Don't worry, you can have simplistic views because the U.S. protects Canada."

Yeah budday, we also get dragged into petty power trips by your "government"...

On another note, I was also in Vancouver, livin it up groupie style!!! YEah, the souls weren't drunk, but bryan was ripped as shit, courtesy of yours truly...

And I think some shit happened during the bad religion show cuz i was back stage and greg (graffin) just booked it to his trailer before the band even stopped playing, and fat mike spazed (typically) and made everyone get off stage. Also, their set in Calgary was longer... HOwever, I must also mention that I was totally fried while all of this was going on.

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

i give a 1/2 star for my review of this review....

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

16 and stupid, that reveiw sucks... there no point to mention bad religion, im sure we all know what they are about. and calling Co & Ca pop emo is ridiculous. their writing and the structure and arrangement of their songs makes them less poppy then rise against...

and fat mike being a goofball, ooo thats amazing, yeah i remeber the 1sdt time i saw them he was a goof ball then and that was 11 years ago, come up with a more interesting review mister hardcore.....

Anonymous (July 18, 2004)

This score is for the idiots who dissed me just because of my review, and for hating me just cuz i'm canadian. Who gives a fuck about correct grammar and spelling on a punk review site? Some of you people attack anyone who goes to a punk show, you attack us for doing anything... I might as well just lock myself in my room and never do anything, thus avoiding criticism for living my life the way i want and listening to the bands I do. FUCK YOU ALL. I hate you too.

Anonymous (July 18, 2004)

this review is awful. please go back to school

thriceequalsgod (July 17, 2004)

why can't people stop bitching about warped tour.

i got news for you: no one cares.

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

i like to think of america as canada's ass.

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

Havent heard anyone mention white kaps in a looong time.

I'm still debating whether to go or not tomorrow. If I can get in free, then yes! I will be able to spend all saved money on beer. If not ,then...grrrr, I still might end up purchasing a ticket and beer.... dammit.


Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

i like to think of canada as americas hat

fistchode (July 17, 2004)

Since you missed all those hurting emo bands, I'll give a once over..

Taking Back Sunday played a decent set, however it seemed that they made their songs more "jammish" or "artsy" or something, and I could only really break it down to their last song (cute from the team or whatever).

Alkaline Trio played good. The two times I say them before they kind of.. sucked.. and I'm a big fan.. the only two asian man songs they played where maybe I'll catch fire, and my friend peter, but since I never heard my friend peter live before, that fucking ruled.

Thursday had an energetic set, but I could really not get into it knowing that NOFX was next. I'm not a giant fan, so I couldn't recognize all of their songs, but they mentioned they played old shit, and talking to the crowd about the good stuff (free downloading, anti-sexism and whatnot).

Bad Religion was a disappointment. Their set was 22 minutes long and they were the last band. The Vandals took atleast 45 minutes, and Bad Religion stops at fucking 905. They also didn't play Do What You Want, or Fuck Armageddon (my favourite BR songs in a pit). The ended with Sorrow which I hate as an ending song, they should've played something so everyone could just fuckign explode with all the energy they play in the pit.. like No Control or something.

NOFX's set was slightly reminescient of their Seattle show at the end of March. Those "rare" songs they played were the same "rare" songs they played there.

I'm not sure if this was at all places, but there was Warped Tour "funny bucks" that you needed to buy anything. Basically, they made it so you had to wait in a giant line up to be able to buy shit, so you'd buy more than you need to not have to go in it again. The food was ridiculously priced, and they took away your bottle cap when they gave you bottled Dasani, or Coca-Cola. I never felt more like a corporate whore than at Warped Tour.

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

Hey Not-To-Regret, what is your e-mail address cause I would like to see if you would mind posting your review on www.punkcanada.net, we're trying to get reviews off all the Canadian Warped Tour shows. Mind sending me an e-mail at mattdell@punkcanada.net??

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

"After all, we are in Canada, we lack brainwashing."

take a joke, u stupid yanks.

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

I'm Canadian "so I'm not brainwashed by George Bush."
That's a real simple take on politics. Don't worry, you can have simplistic views because the U.S. protects Canada. You fucking Ingrates!

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

i ate a big red candle

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

you didn't check out the asskicking stage?!?!?

man, you really were drunk.

that shit was AMAZING.

Anonymous (July 17, 2004)

"Nardwuar fighting in Iraq."

Anonymous (July 16, 2004)

The only NOFX CD I have is their Mystic Years comp.


sethcohen (July 16, 2004)

Along with brainwashing, it seems that some Canadians don't have the ability to write good reviews either

gladimnotemo (July 16, 2004)

NOFX plays "Six Pack Girls" still? Interesting.

Anonymous (July 16, 2004)

Fuck Atmosphere and the Rhymesayers.

Wu-Tang is for the children.

Anonymous (July 16, 2004)

do the white kaps still play at all?

- jones the bones? or am i

- stevejones8770@yahoo.com yes i am

FeatheredMullet (July 16, 2004)

Naked Agression would eat half these bands, shit them out force the other bands to eat that shit and would take the shit they made and throw it at them. Than White Kaps would kick them repeatedly in the spleen until they keeled over so D.I. could shit on them.

Anonymous (July 16, 2004)

CĂ©line Dion doesn't even live in Canada anymore and she's not from Vancouver. And what's up with all that Canadian bashing?

Anonymous (July 16, 2004)

"Alot of the bands talked Anti-Bush and without a doubt most of the punks were in agreement. After all, we are in Canada, we lack brainwashing."

Haha. You are a douche bag. Just because you're brainwashed by Fat Mike instead of King George doesn't mean you're not brainwashed. Go fuck a caribou.

FeatheredMullet (July 16, 2004)

what stage did celine dion play? I bet she fucking tore it up, did she do a duet with that pedophile Joel from Good Charlotte? Was he with his honey Hilary Duff? Was fat Mike fat with a ph or just FAT.Did you buy some vans and shit. That shit's extreme dog.

Anchors (July 16, 2004)

I've never met you, but after reading that review, it's a safe bet that I hate you.

Being Canadian doesn't help your case, either.

Anonymous (July 16, 2004)

the fact that you were at a warped tour shows that you were brain washed

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