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The Suicide Machines

The Suicide Machines: Destruction By DefinitionDestruction By Definition (1996)

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Contributed by: KenKen
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I remember the first time I heard this album, I was blown away. The entire summer of 97 I spent rocking out to this cd on a daily basis, it's one of those albums that is so good that you can listen to it over and over again and just not get sick of it. Destruction By Definition was the album that.
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I remember the first time I heard this album, I was blown away. The entire summer of 97 I spent rocking out to this cd on a daily basis, it's one of those albums that is so good that you can listen to it over and over again and just not get sick of it.

Destruction By Definition was the album that put the Suicide Machines on many peoples list of favorite bands, it's their first full length and in my opinion one of the finest "punk" records ever released. Every single time I listen to this cd it brings back so many memories and makes me feel young again.

One of my favorite things about this band is their diversity with music, everyone from ska fans to old school punkers can get into their sound because it covers so many aspects of punk music. This album has alot more ska than their other releases but there are still some straight up punk songs like "Islands" and "Zero" that rock quite hard. I would have to say that without a doubt my favorite track on this cd is "Hey!" just because it has great lyrics and I love the way it goes from being real hard and angry sounding and then it jumps right into a catchy ska beat complete with horns provided by the amazing Vinnie Noble (of Bim Skala Bim and Pilfers fame). Another highlight is the secret track which is a cover of Minor Threat's "I Don't Wanna Hear It".

This is just a straight up feel good album, it's a perfect cd to listen to while driving around on a nice summer day. So if for some reason you like ska-punk and you're not a fan of the Suicide Machines, check this out and you'll probably end up a huge fan.


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AngryLobster (December 19, 2011)

One of my top records!! So good!

nedsammy (August 23, 2011)

Do I score it twice now? eh, never mind

nedsammy (August 23, 2011)

score is for it getting me into punk and ska, and dominating my life for ages when I was 13 with it's catchiness, energy and humour. I don't listen to it much these days but this is a stone cold classic

devianter (November 2, 2010)

Ken, 4 stars turned to be an epic fail.

Sneakers (August 27, 2009)

Great fuckin album!

3pidemiC (June 10, 2009)

One of the all-time greatest ska/punk albums...and I'm from where they are from! Woop!

ak3punk (April 24, 2008)

One of the best albums of the '90s, or from punk in general...

ak3punk (April 24, 2008)

One of the best albums of the '90s, or from punk in general...

gnarlybarley (March 1, 2008)

first album i ever bought and i still love it

PanasonicYouth519 (April 3, 2007)

This album is probably one of the best punk albums ever made. Its up there with NoFX's "Punk In Drublic" and Rancid's "...And Out Come The Wolves." And not one person here disagrees that this album rules, fucking awesome!

clamum (January 13, 2007)

Absofuckinlutely awesome CD. The energy and catchiness is just oozing out of this motherfucker.

BisonChris (November 19, 2006)

i grew up on this cd, fucking amazing

notfeelingcreative (September 2, 2006)

As far as ska/punk goes this album is near flawless!

kill_fftl (May 24, 2006)

best fucking cd

WhatHappenedToMusic (August 29, 2005)

One of the best skapunk cds of all time hands down. This cd was on rotation in my car at least once a day in high school and I still love it years later. Fans of this particular cd should check out a newer band from Canada called the Flatliners, who have put out one of the best ska punk cds since this one in my oppinion.

someone-yeah (July 19, 2005)

holy jesus god lord this is a good album. But maybe i'm biased.

joeg (January 12, 2005)

this ain't no 4 star album. its a classic in the anals of ska punk and its a 5 star no question.

Anonymous (November 21, 2004)

cult record!

future_matt (July 26, 2004)

I'm not big on ska, but damn!!! I absolutely love this record!

Anonymous (June 22, 2004)

one of the best ska-punk record ever! buy it or die! :)

Anonymous (October 14, 2003)

DBD is by far Suicide Machine's best album. it's another one of my ten best ablums of all time. check it out if you haven't already.


how the hell did steal this record get a rating of 10?!?

Analog_Boy (July 2, 2003)

I'd say this is one of the few alblums i'd easily give a 10. It's an awsome alblum. Of course, I sure am biased and its just totally my type of music. Jay's voice and lyrics are pretty strong and Royce sure has some great bass lines. (Royce was awsome) If your into the whole punk/ska thing this alblum is sure one to check out. Kind of old, but very good.

Anonymous (March 8, 2003)


Hvad laver du?

cawknocker (July 23, 2002)

top 10 best punk albums of the 90's definatelyh. amazing amazing energy. sooooooo fucking good.

Anonymous (November 27, 2001)

I can only say: Take a fucking look on the drummer! He is the one who is holding the music up and of course the lead singer! I can't explain how great they are!


Anonymous (October 22, 2001)

to that guy who mentioned choking victim's 'no gods/no managers' cd, i totally agree with u, that is one of the best albums ive ever heard.

pat41 (September 17, 2001)

The Suicide machines kick ass period... of course then they sucked when the self titled cd came out.

Anonymous (July 7, 2001)

Jesus fucking christ! you just can't comment on how great this album is without cursing!

Anonymous (July 7, 2001)

This album deserves 5 stars, not more than 10 albums that have been reviewed here deserve perfect scores, this one does as: Strung Out- Twisted by Design, Dead Kennedys- FFFRV, NOFX-PID, Bad Religion- Suffer, Ramones- Loco Live, Rancid- Let's Go, Choking Victim- No Gods/No Managers and NOFX- The Decline, Strung Out, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, and maybe even Lag Wagon- Trashed but it is a shame that albums like Dude Ranch from Blink182, Let's Talk about feelings from Lag Wagon, Guitarded by Limp or The ever passing moment from MXPX get perfect scores

Anonymous (July 6, 2001)

"Destruction By Definition" was definitely one of the best albums I've ever come across. However, their last album, their 'self-titled' one was a pile of crap.

Daegan (July 6, 2001)

This cd is just so wonderful. Battle Hymns was also awesome, but in a very different way... the third cd was straight downhill, but Ryan tells me that the new cd will be good. I hope so.

Anonymous (July 5, 2001)

Great CD, Battle Hymns was better though. The new one is a little hard to swallow some times, Im hoping the next album is a return to form.

ILikeYourMom (July 5, 2001)

This CD was and still is amazing. Excellent ska/punk. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn close. It's a shame their last CD had to go and suck (Although "Sometimes I Don't Mind" does get stuck in your head).

Anonymous (July 5, 2001)

Destruction by Definition is definitely one of my favourite punk/ska CD's. Although I do like Battle Hyms more (most people disagree with me on that), this CD still deserves a five.

sickboi (July 5, 2001)

This album is damn good, daaamn good. Its one of my favorite top 10 of all time. Its like the new school version of Operation Ivy. Too bad the newest release was trash.

Anonymous (July 5, 2001)

This album was pretty damn good, I liked Battle Hymns better, though.

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