Motion City Soundtrack / Tsunami Bomb

Motion City Soundtrack / Tsunami Bomb: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2004)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: jamespastepunkjamespastepunk
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I came late, so I missed Limbeck and The Academy isâ?¦, so those people reading, sorry. I can tell you that the show sold out when I got there, but then again, I got my tickets the week after I heard about this show.

Who were the kids? How were the kids dressed? All the indie clichĂ©s were in heavy effect: tight hoodies (doesn't that defy the purpose of a hoodie?), swing hair, faux â??fros, and tight jeans. But who gives a fuck about the crowd? If you're going to a show, you're there for the bands, not to talk shit about the kids. Now you know what the kids look like, how'd the bands do?

Tsunami Bomb came on, launching right into (I believe) "Take the Reins," and looked like the band was surprised by how much the majority was there for Motion City Soundtrack, but they recovered quickly.

Truth be told, Tsunami Bomb has always started out slow at concerts. Their openers never really get me, until "Roundabout" comes along, and then they go off from there. Their only big contingent was in the front middle, most of the kids just stood and watched as Tsunami Bomb did all they could to excite the crowd, but apparently enthusiasm isn't hip now.

Tsunami Bomb seemed to be doing a lot of starting and stopping, but it all fit the music. I'd say they were pretty tight. All the songs that stop suddenly stopped like they were supposed to. The new guitarist (Jay?) fit in reasonably well and was rocking Milo glasses. Now that he's had some time touring, Matt fits in perfectly. I'm missing some songs from their setlist, so if you were there, reply and tell us.

Now for the headliner: Motion City Soundtrack. Well, they had a sold out concert primarily for them of teenagers ready to see them go crazy. Indeed they did. Shit, just read Scott's review of them at the Bottom Lounge, and its pretty much the same thing. Oddly enough, its really close to the same day last year, too.

We got to roar the lyrics back in Justin's face; onstage the group seemed to exemplify the theory that a rock band should rock out, and Motion City Soundtrack did just that. They're a young band, filled with talent and energy. Do you really need more of a reason to check them out?

Everyone was jumping, moving, singing, and that was just the crowd. Motion City Soundtrack was jumping all around, rocking whatever instrument they played, though Jesse(the moog guy) stole the show, as always.

If you're a fan of Motion City Soundtrack, then you really should see them live, no matter what tour they're on, though this one's a great package.

Tim and Joe from Rise Against were backstage.
Motion City Soundtrack announced they'd have a new record in 2005.
Motion City Soundtrack's CD has sold 65,000 copies and has officially gone cardboard, according to Jesse.
Keasbey Nights 2 is out already, according to a Victory Records promo disk, which dates it as being released 11/2/04. (I'm making no judgments, I'm just letting you guys know.)

Setlist (partial):
Being Alright
My Machete
Dawn on a Funeral Day
Take the Reins (I think)

Limbeck split song
new song
When You're Around
Throwdown (closer)
Don't Call It A Comeback
Capital H
Future Freaks Me Out
Indoor Living
My Favorite Accident
Red Dress
(I missed the first one or two songs, [plus more, I'm certain, this was written in a bit of haste] so if you were there, please reply)


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Anonymous (December 12, 2004)

I own motion city soundtrack's old cd .. it's decent, haven't listened to it for a while ... anyways, if you're gonna review the show you should do a little research for the song's names and maybe write down the order on a pad while you watch it ... just a tip

Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

Also, I'd like to say that I'm more disillusioned than ever about crowds and music fans... Not only were my friend and I the only ones dancing to the Deadly Snakes monday, but during The Bronx, the pit stopped kinda half way through and everyone just kind of let me have a 7 foot radius of dancefloor to go crazy in for the last 4 or 5 songs... Pathetic. Especially because I'm less than 6 feet tall and skinny.

If it's not "hardcore dancing", the kids are just too afraid to do it. It's not "hip" to get into the music and let it move you.


Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

"I saw one girl dancing during TB, and then she suddenly stopped. Afterwards, I asked her why, and she said that the guy standing next to her told her to stop because it's "annoying as fuck" or something."

Seriously. I'm not down with the hole rave culture, or forcing people to dance, but it feels kind of funny when you and your friend are the only ones dancing in the entire crowd and the kid in front of you is text messaging people on her cell phone...


Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

i posted down below about tb stinking it up in detroit and motion city being boring. i was at the show because i've worked at the venue for 4 or 5 years and i've gotten to be friends with some of the motion city guys as well as a local opener whom i had missed but still thought i'd drop in to say hi. basically i was at the show to hang out, to people watch, see what kind of crowd the bands had grown into. i also run a street team here in detroit and it helps me out to see what sort of kids show up to what shows so i know what shows to flyer in the furute at these shows.
all that said i don't want to seem like i went into the show hating either band, even disliking them at all. i worked the door for a tb show in the shelter and they were amazing, i bought the ep which is all they had out at the time and still love it. however i bought the first album when it came out and traded it in less than a week later because i couldn't get into it at all. with motion city i love their cds and since i wasn't actually working that night i thought i'd check them out and give them my full attention. thats all

Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

I am the guy who has been doing the ranting.

Funny how this has become this kind of topic. I think Scott may be right about TB fans vs new MCS fans, but I think they have been getting hit pretty hard with some honest reviews about how lackluster their shows have been. Its pretty much my opinion of them as well when I have seen them recently and I was once a big fan. They have had so many member changes lately and I never thought that band was really the "agent m show", I think they are losing focus with all these changes. Its sad really. I wish them luck but it doesn't sound like they are on point anymore and I dunno bands don't tend to last long after so many member changes. Important members at that!

Man that bums me out. That with GJ breaking up. Bummer.

Anyway...there is no age limit on this. You can be 40 and hit the pit if thats your pleasure. I know people can be rude and annoying, seriously....Im not saying I haven't been bothered by some annoying kid or some girl SCREAMING her head off through the whole show, Im just saying that at shows we should be free to how we want to be. If you are getting pushed around by someone....move. Seriously. Its a concert hall, you can go to another spot. I know, no one wants to give up their spot and you are probably going to say that you should be able to be where you want at a show, but come on. Seriously.

I don't go in the front row anymore because I don't want to be covered in sweaty kids screaming over the music acting the fool. So I stand back a little. I admit it. I am older now, but now that I am a bit older I LOVE seeing the kids get into it. So I am not so far back that I can't see. I tend not to get fucked with and I watch the kids go wild.

I don't try and bully some kid. What pissed me off is that some girl would be told by someone else to stop expressing enjoyment of a band and their music because it was annoying. That type of attitude has no place in the real scene. Call me old fashioned, but if I saw that, I would probably come out of retirement and mosh that guy. Just to see them hit the floor.

evil? maybe. harsh? probably. I call it "Saving the Punk Scene....the final solution".


Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

I want to do something in Agent M's bum.


Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

Let kids rock out, but i have something else to discuss.
I'm 19, and i like to rock out and be in the pits that forms, but lately i'm finding myself older than anyone by atleast 3 years, until a few months ago it used to be atleast a few more in my age or even older, what's the age when you're not supposed to be doing the stupid pushing running around dancing at poppunk shows anymore?

Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

i understand what you're saying with letting kids enjoy themselves etc, but in the defense of the guy who told her to stop, some people are very, very annoying at shows and have no respect for the people around them. i'm all for having fun. jump, dance, whatever, as long as it's not getting in the way of someone else. for example, at the last show i went to, this girl in front of me wore a big back pack, with tons of keychains and things hangong off it. she was jumping up and down throughout the whole thing, and her backpack kept hitting me in the chin, and her keychains were digging into me. i couldn't really move because it was packed, so between songs i asked politely if she could be respectful of the fact that i was behind her and her large bag kept smashing into me. all i got was a rude look and she did it with even more vigor. it's the same thing with dancing... dancing is fun and all, but it's really rude if your arms are flailng in front of people's faces or you're hitting them or whatever.

i also have no respect for people who just screech during shows. i understand the between song yells of encouragement, but the girls who howl all throughout the set drive me nuts. how can i enjoy the music when all i hear are the two girls behind me screaming at the top of their lungs? it's just crazy.

Anonymous (December 10, 2004)

"Come on, think about it, what do you think the kids older then you thought of your dumb ass when you started going to shows? They thought you were an annoying, misinformed, stupid kid, but they put up with you and let you have a good time and now you are more part of the scene then ever. All I am saying is that many of these kids will take over the scene after you are old and bitter and not going to shows anymore. Let them be silly and excited and annoying. ITS THEIR FUCKING TURN."

possibly one of the most intelligent and real comments i've read on this website.

maverick (December 10, 2004)

I think what it comes down to is that Tsunami Bomb fans can be (and are) Motion City fans, but Motion City, with their more mainsteam exposure, have attracted fans that aren't willing to check out "harder" and faster music, with more of a punk edge than MCS.


jamespastepunk (December 9, 2004)

I've tried not to dwell too much on the scenesters in my reviews, but Scott (and two other anonymous people) are right.

I'd rather have a show filled to the brim with 14-15 year old boys and girls ready to sing along, mosh and have fun opposed to a group of jaded, asshole scenesters who sit in the back and ruin everyone's show trying to look cool like they've seen it all before.

Anonymous (December 9, 2004)

Exactly! They are not a bad band but everyone who did look like they were having fun in that band is gone now. Its not the same.

Acutally, if you read up a bit you will see there was an incident that a girl was dancing to TB at a show and someone told her to knock it off because it was annoying. THAT is what I am talking about. That sort of shit. It does happen and you know it does.

As for the Teenybopper comment. Come on, think about it, what do you think the kids older then you thought of your dumb ass when you started going to shows? They thought you were an annoying, misinformed, stupid kid, but they put up with you and let you have a good time and now you are more part of the scene then ever. All I am saying is that many of these kids will take over the scene after you are old and bitter and not going to shows anymore. Let them be silly and excited and annoying. ITS THEIR FUCKING TURN.

So you see, they are the scene. If you have gone to shows and had some great experiences with your friends and people you know well then I SUPPOSE I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU THEN.

Seriously dude. You know exactly what type of person I am talking about. We all see them. They are even all over this site, talking trash on anything they see. Its LAME, its BORING, and its OLD. I am tired of the bitter "been there done that" shit. Either you are in and you are down (not that you have to be down with everything, just respect that SOME people may like the band you hate).

I am not a fan of Tsunami Bomb anymore, but I would NEVER try and fuck with some kid or teenybopper that loved them. Thats what I am talking about. If you don't do that....then I guess you aren't who I am talking about.

Anonymous (December 9, 2004)

im goin to this tour in a few days in baltimore. i never heard limbeck or academy so no comment...but ive seen tsunami bomb a few times (as supporters, big surprise) and im sorry but i just cant get into them. they seem to be good musicians and all, but they lack the very important element of having fun. whenever i see them, they seem to be simply going thru the motions, as if wed all payed to see them rehearse instead of playin a show. they completely ignore the crowd...im rambling a bit but let me just say that tsunami bomb is just plain BORING!
needless to say, i bought my ticket for one reason and one reason only...MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK. theres was the best debut of 2003, and im sure next years release will be one of the best of 2005. theyre exciting, vibrant, uber-talented, and a boatload of fun. theyve never let me down and i know they wont next week. anyone reading this, if this tour is coming to your city, go check out mcs. you wont be disappointed. (but do yourself a favor and hit the bar or the merch tables or somethin durin tsunami bomb)
--- Xis

Anonymous (December 9, 2004)

man lately i haven't had anyone to masterbate to. i think i'm gonna go think of agent m now. ;D

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

These comments make no sense. No one has mentioned anything about Tsunami Bomb (or anyone else) bullying them into liking or not liking music. Moreover, no one has said anything about teenyboppers other than they can be annoying... something which is completely true. Lastly, the person who said teenyboppers are the scene is dead wrong. I've been to plenty of shows (even in the post-Blink-182 world) that had great, passionate crowds who were clearly more interested in the music than the fashion statement. And every one of those concert experiences was better for it.

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

"i was at the detroit show on sunday and tsunami bomb stunk it up. sorry guys but your singer should be able to carry a tune, not just bury it in the backyard and call it dead. i've seen them before and thought they were alright but holy hell were they bad this time. at leats motion city was good, or not pitifully horrib;e anyway. they are great for about 3 songs then become hopelessly boring"

Why did you go in the first place?

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

Thanks Scott.

I am not a fan of Tsunami Bomb anymore, I was once, but seriously NO ONE should be fucking bullied into not enjoying the music or the band they love. ESPECIALLY younger kids. I remember what that was like.

Its not cool. Everyone should grow some patience and enjoy a show the way they want to do so and let others do so too. Isn't that why we all got involved in this music scene in the first place?

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

i was at the detroit show on sunday and tsunami bomb stunk it up. sorry guys but your singer should be able to carry a tune, not just bury it in the backyard and call it dead. i've seen them before and thought they were alright but holy hell were they bad this time. at leats motion city was good, or not pitifully horrib;e anyway. they are great for about 3 songs then become hopelessly boring

TheNightProwler (December 8, 2004)

Anyway, I'm sure the crowd is be much better when Tsunami Bomb comes back to Chicago with Rise Against and Only Crime.

Although I'm not sure about what type of crowd Alexisonfire will draw, I never heard any of their stuff.

TheNightProwler (December 8, 2004)

It was at the Metro...

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

sorry.. what venue was this at?

maverick (December 8, 2004)

To the guy two comments down-

You make a good point. As much as teenyboppers drive me nuts, at least they have a good time watching the bands. I'd rather have a good time with them, then be forced to stand in the back with the chimneys.


joeg (December 8, 2004)

Tsunami Bomb does well on the west coast which is expected but i think they're hit or miss (more miss) out here on the east coast.

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

Tsunami Bomb needs to realize they are not as big as they think they are. They are not a huge successful band, they are a cult band at best. If they were actually realistic about what they are and what level they are at, they wouldn't be surprised that people don't know who they are.

More evidence that this band needs to wake up and get real.

Thats sad that people would actually bully others into not enjoying them. Thats just pathetic and sad. This is SUPPOSED to be an underground music scene where we all escape crap like that.

If any of you bitter assholes are reading this that pull this type of shit, do us all a favor and stay the fuck home. I am so sorry that the little happy teeny boppers are ruining your show experience but you know what.....

The scene belongs to them now and you are just an old stupid bitter fuck head that doesn't belong. So either stand in back and pull your fashion show bullshit in silence and let the real fans have the fun they are supposed to have without your oppressive bullshit.

Sorry to rant but thats just fucked. The scene is going to hell.

captaincrunch (December 8, 2004)

I was also at that Detroit show. I agree with Scott's assertions 100%.

The scene here does suck bigtime. Too many kids go to shows just to play dress-up. Another problem is that with the other shows that would be a tad towards the 'hip' crowd, the kids are waaaaayyyy too pretentious. There is no middle ground at all here. I actually prefer Toledo because you don't get the kids who are just there to look cute or spit on someone because they didn't hear about a certain band while they were still recording demos in their garage and playing house shows. I've noticed its a lot worse in Detroit than other cities I've seen shows in. Unfortunate.

MCS gets better and better each time. The new songs are very good. 2005 will be a great year for music.

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

mary without a sound is their best song.. they didn't play it?

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

I saw one girl dancing during TB, and then she suddenly stopped. Afterwards, I asked her why, and she said that the guy standing next to her told her to stop because it's "annoying as fuck" or something.

- Thats the saddest thing Ive ever read on this site.

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

"apparently enthusiasm isnâ??t hip now"

seriously. at shows lately, a lot of kids don't even clap. fucking lazy ass kids.

and what the hell is a faux fro? a fro on a white person? because it's still their hair and all. oh and hoodies are still plenty warm when they're not falling off your body because they are so big.

tsunami bomb...their live shows have never been that great. it's alright, but not some great unforgettable experience. i do enjoy the invasion from within ep though.

TheNightProwler (December 7, 2004)

I went to this show, it sucked that there weren't a lot of people there who knew Tsunami Bomb was since that was the main reason I went to the show along with checking out MCS.

The Academy Is was horrible and only 15 year old preppy girls were there to hear that garbage, that's all I got to say about that.

maverick (December 7, 2004)

I drove up to Detroit for this show on Sunday.

The crowd was terrible. The majority didn't care about any of the bands outside of Motion City. Most kids were mad when a (small) mosh pit broke out during Tsunami Bomb's set. I saw one girl dancing during TB, and then she suddenly stopped. Afterwards, I asked her why, and she said that the guy standing next to her told her to stop because it's "annoying as fuck" or something.

Detroit sucks.

The Academy Is were awful.

Limbeck was a total party, they always had at least 1-2 extra guys on stage the whole time, playing tambourine, harmonica, sleigh bells, you name it.

Tsunami Bomb was super energetic, with a set that was Ultimate Escape-heavy.

Motion City pretty much killed it. They played every song off I Am The Movie - including "1000 Paper Cranes" - except "Cambridge, as well as their Limbeck cover, "Throwdown," "Back To The Beat" and 2 new songs. They sounded awesome.


Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

I missed Limbeck and that sucked. I really wanted to see them again.

The acdemy is a fucking joke and needs to go away. They only reason they have a record deal is because they sound exaclty like TBS.

Tusnami Bomb does not belong on this tour. If they thought people that were going to come to see the other bands would like their music as well then theyre fucking dumb.

I've seen MCS countless times now, and each time they get progressively better. They are the only band worth having to deal with shithead kids because they are the real deal. THey have the talent and the chops to be as huge as they are. I cant really think of another band still aroudn that does.

shraps (December 7, 2004)

I was at the show as well, and unfortunately I was there in time hear Limbeck and The Academy Is...

My Take:
I have to admit I was disappointed by Limbeck... I love their album, but they are a drag to watch live. There was very little emotion, and the songs really weren't that interesting. The fact that their cover version of "Perfect Teeth" got the most reaction from the crowd gave large indications that none of the kids were there to see Limbeck.

After Limbeck, The Academy Is... came on, and the average height of the crowd shrank by at least 10%. This band is absolutely horrible, and I cannot stand their music. The lead singer looked like a female version of Adam Lazzara (with a shirt so tight and short that it exposed at least three inches of his stomach). However, the band seemed pretty happy to be playing in front of their home crowd. All the little kids ate this stuff right up.

I won't say much about the rest, since it has already been written on. Tsunami Bomb put on a decent show, but I have definately seen them do better. I agree that they seemed suprised that most of the audience really had no clue who they were. The crowd was really disappointing during the Tsunami Bomb set. This was my first time seeing MCS, and they blew me away. The crowd was definately here for MCS, and they seemed to know every lyric to every song (except for "When You're Around").

Overall, I wish I had come late as the original reviewer did.

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

how was the new song?

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

Score is for unending usage of the word "pretentious."

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

Grunge. At least indie kids and ska kids won't knock you over with their B.O.

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

which is worse people:
A. grunge fashion of the early 90's
B. ska fashion with the porkpie hats
C. scensters of today with guys in girl jeans/hear/belt

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

I really enjoy MCS and Tsunami Bomb (although I get tired of wading through teeny-boppers at shows). Too bad a bunch of pretentious types will no doubt fill this thread with pointless flamebait.

Anonymous (December 7, 2004)

don't put a set list if you don't fucking know what they played. score is for the review.

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