The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids: live in Philadelphialive in Philadelphia (2005)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: benzbenz
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Shows like this one reveal the futility of trying to review a show. Every time I check on this site, someone is reviewing a show they just went to and giving it a 5-star rating. And every single time I look at one of those reviews, I think to myself that it's just some kid being hyperbolic about jus.

Shows like this one reveal the futility of trying to review a show. Every time I check on this site, someone is reviewing a show they just went to and giving it a 5-star rating. And every single time I look at one of those reviews, I think to myself that it's just some kid being hyperbolic about just another show. Maybe my cynicism comes from attending a lot of shows in the past year that were sub par. Maybe I was shooting for quantity, not quality.

I'm going to give this show a 10/10. And already I know that this will bring a slew of haters into the comments section. Actually, I almost didn't write this review because I felt it would be so poorly recieved by most of the people on this site.

Well, fuck 'em.

I realize now: Whenever I'm seeing a 5-star review and ludicrous amounts of praise for a band, it's because that band means something to that reviewer, which brings me back to the point that reviewing this stuff is near pointless, because people generally will have their own opinions about this stuff. So right now, this review is only for fans of the Get Up Kids, which saves it from being pointless I suppose.

If the Get Up Kids over the past 10 years have ever meant anything to you -- you've rocked out to your old Woodson 7" in high school, you've laid in your dorm room late at night listening to "I'll Catch You," or you've heard "Martyr Me" at your wedding reception. At least for me, the Get Up Kids have meant so much to me for much of my formative years, from adolescence to becoming a young adult.

We'll just cut straight to the Get Up Kids taking the stage, because that's when the show really began for me. Some unsigned band played first (they were okay), and then the French Kicks played (they were also okay, but eventually got really Coldplay-style boring). Some friend of the band came out and started telling some jokes, who was eventually tackled offstage by the band themselves. Immediately they picked up their instruments, all of them with big smiles. They exploded right into "Coming Clean" and seemed to be loving it.

One of the things that was very apparent during the entire show is that the Get Up Kids were loving it. Each stop on this tour for them was a momentous occasion, as it would be the last time they would ever be playing in each of those cities. Philadelphia was loving the Get Up Kids and they were loving right back.

After "Coming Clean," they played "Holiday," followed by "Action & Action." The set ran the whole gamut of their entire catalogue, even their early EPs and 7 inches. They had little improvisations on a lot of the songs, like a slowed down, bouncy ending to "Woodson" and an extended intro to a lot of songs, especially "Red Letter Day." The band was in high spirits the whole night, joking around about a fake set list their friend made for them with codenames representing songs. Guitarist Jim Suptic started having trouble with remembering what the codenames meant, so he just gave his fake set list to a fan in the crowd. Keyboardist James Dewees was another comedic highlight of the night, cracking jokes about the fact that Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba was at the show. James kept provoking him to come out and eventually he did come out to do back-up vocals on "Don't Hate Me" (direct all Dashboard hatred here please). And while Dashboard isn't exactly my cup of tea, if he's singing backup for Get Up Kids, I can't complain about it.

Sometimes the band would open a beer and talk to each other as the audience settled down between songs, prompting Jim to turn to Matt Pryor, Rob Pope, and Ryan Pope and say "Uh, guys, there's a show goin' on over here." Before heading into a rendition of "Never Be Alone," Pryor came to the mic and said, "This song is about..." and paused, to which Rob replied, "You can say it." Pryor finished "This is about Rob's ex-wife." "Psycho," Rob added.

Suptic brought out an acoustic guitar to sing solo on "Campfire Kansas," as the band danced around him, drinking and laughing. Drummer Ryan Pope came out hitting a tambourine behind Suptic as he called out, "The driver he seemed to be [insert crowd yelling and holding up faux-dismembered digits] missing a finger!" Eventually, Ryan just put the tambourine around Suptic's neck and danced away.

This really was more of a celebration, not only for the Get Up Kids, but a celebration of the Get Up Kids -- it was not just for them, it was for the fans too. And we were all in in the party. Mid-set they stopped and told tales of their adventures in Philly. Pryor asked, "Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a circle pit I see in the back?" A cheer from the back section. "Well, it just wouldn't be Philly without a circle pit." Sure, we're in a city known for having violent fans (Eagles/Phillies fans are the reason stadiums now sell plastic beer bottles instead of glass). They asked who was at one of their earlier shows at the First Unitarian Church (arguably Philly's best venue) where there was a huge fight. "Someone got stabbed with a bottle or something," Dewees added, also continuing to call us "Killadelphia" from that point forward.

They ended with "Is There A Way Out," a song that I never really liked that much until I saw smokey white lights pouring down on the band as they played it. They left the stage to an incredible applause. When they came back for the encore, Pryor said, "Give it up for our drummer, Ryan Pope," who then started the kick-snare, kick-snare intro to "Ten Minutes." The crowd probably went crazier than ever before at that point. They followed that with "Out Of Reach," the Cure cover "Close To Me," and the Replacements cover "Beer For Breakfast." The final song of the night was "I'll Catch You," and it was hard to not be sentimental at a moment like that.

I will always remember the Get Up Kids as one of my favorite bands of my youth. Even when other bands have faded out of my liking, Get Up Kids have remained a constant presence. Somewhere in between all the goofy pop-punk bands I listened to when I was younger and all of the pretentious art rock bands I listen to these days, the Get Up Kids will always be a shining gem -- not too childish, but not overly serious. The Get Up Kids were and always will be in the memories of thousands, a group of five normal guys from Kansas that anyone can relate to.

Thank you Get Up Kids for those 10 years.

What they played (not near the correct order, also I may forget some songs):

  • CLOSE TO ME (Cure cover)
  • BEER FOR BREAKFAST (Replacements cover)


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benz (July 1, 2005)

"OMG did i tell yall how rad this show was, it was the bombers -BSD"

BSD, you were at the show? Man, given all the other bands you seem to like, I never would've taken you as a Get Up Kids fan! What was your favorite part, man?


cdogg (June 30, 2005)

My favorite venues are The Troc and the Electric Factory. Maybe because I'm so old (26=266 in punk years), but I like places where I can sit and get drunk peacefully. Every other Philly venue but these two where a band from this website would play has very limited seating available, if any. The upstairs at the Troc does get too hot in the summer though.

Icapped2pac (June 30, 2005)

Great review, dude. I feel the same way as you do about these guys, since their music was the soundtrack to my formative years into adulthood. I REALLY wish I could've made it to the Detroit show, god damn friends and their stupid weddings. Score's for the review.

Anchors (June 30, 2005)

Campfire Kansas was, and still is one of my all time favorite songs.

SkolarX (June 30, 2005)

oops rob's wife, not ryan, got confused there

SkolarX (June 30, 2005)

"what's up with that guy's ex? something having to do with the Anniversary, right?"

if i remember my gossip correctly she was the keyboard player for the anniversary, got married to ryan and then it eventually came out that she was banging the singer from her band. then there was huge drama ending with the anniversary getting kicked off their record label, which was probably fairly nice for vagrant because they had changed music styles and started to stink massively. well even more massively, never liked that band...

Anonymous (June 30, 2005)

what's up with that guy's ex? something having to do with the Anniversary, right?

andburntherest (June 29, 2005)

The stage at the electric factory is too high off the ground. The Troc is cool, but I think I like the TLA a little bit more, even though they are very similar. I did just see ALk3 at the TLA though, so maybe I'm biased. I've never been to the first unitarian. Northstar Bar is ok too.

Anonymous (June 29, 2005)

the troc rocks. i love it. it was an old burlesque house back in the day. i saw many a great show there. i saw lifetime's 2nd to last show there, and they played with the bouncing souls. great time.

Anonymous (June 29, 2005)

Great fucking review. I'm flying up to Kansas City for the final show, and am convinced from this review it wil probably be one of the best shows I ever see. I'm betting the last line I'll ever here from the Kids wil be "your still all that matters to me."

Anonymous (June 29, 2005)

OMG did i tell yall how rad this show was, it was the bombers


colossalbandit (June 29, 2005)

This is a really good review, sincere, heartfelt, and I agreed and enjoyed what was said. thanks.

benz (June 29, 2005)

Yeah, its true that most bands would sell out the first unitarian, but its still my favorite venue.

I just don't like how the Troc is set up, I guess.


Anonymous (June 29, 2005)

Who is the guy who did the little jokes before TGUk went on? I couldn't figure it out...

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

"Electric Factory -- better than the Troc, worse than the First Unitarian"

Dude, you can not compare these 3 venue's, they are all vastly different. The Electric has a cool bar and the biggest stage of the 3. The Troc, my favorite place, is much smaller then the E-factory. and the First Unitarian is the smallest of the 3, is great but most bigger punk rock bands would sell out the place in a minute. but this place lets you be a foot from the band,

anyway, i wish i could of went to this show.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Does anyone know the name of the first band/performer? I liked him but I didn't catch the name.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Almost an identical setlist as their live album.

theevilmonkey (June 28, 2005)

The NY show was absolutely phenomenal- but I, as well, was really dissapointed about the absence of Up On The Roof and Close To Home, especially in light of a few strange song choices and covers (Let The Reigns Go Loose, and Close to Me and Beer For Breakfast- don't get me wrong, I like both of those covers a lot, but I'd rather hear classics like My Apology or the aforementioned songs)

The show had so much energy, though, and was everything I could have hoped to see on a final show for the Get Up Kids.

Highlight of the show was Action & Action, which gets everybody going crazy.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

reading this review gave me chills.

maybe its because i was at the DC date, and i know exactly what he was talking about.

maybe it's because i have stayed up late listening to my old GUK material, and laid in my dorm room listening to "i'll catch you."

maybe it's because in 3 days, i'll embarking on a 22 hour journey to kansas city to see the band that change my life one more time.

or maybe it's just because this band made me appreciate good music.

fucking solid review.

amazing band. if you can't at least recognize and respect what this band did for the emo genre and this scene in general, then i really don't know what to say to you.


benz (June 28, 2005)

This show was at the Electric Factory -- better than the Troc, worse than the First Unitarian, in my opinion.

If you can catch this tour before its over, and you like the Get Up Kids, than check this out.


Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

i went to the NY and NJ dates.. great shows.. i wish woodson was faster, though. and no "up on the roof" is a terrible shame!!

on a wire and four minute mile are the band's best work. :X

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

"(Eagles/Phillies fans are the reason stadiums now sell plastic beer bottles instead of glass)"

Nice review, but slow down here buddy. I can respect your Philly pride, but that plastic bottle change was in the works for a while. And Eagles fans aren't violent, they're just idiots.

Kenjamin (June 28, 2005)

They probably broke up because the songs off the last two albums get such a mediocre response.

Archangel (June 28, 2005)

Score is for the review, and for the Get Up Kids.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Good review buddy.

sleepwalk (June 28, 2005)

Great review. Great band.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

I am pretty sure this was at the Electric Factory

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

I thought the Hold Steady were supporting on these dates. That would have been awesome.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

the detroit show was excellent. and i saw them before and was totally bored. not this time. 5 stars, indeed.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Anyone else have a flaming hatred for BSD?

theundergroundscene (June 28, 2005)

this has nothing to do with the score

this has to do with the stupid intro to this review

man you're BADASS!!

aka shut up

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Agreed. I was at the Chicago show (the Metro one), one of the best shows I've ever been to. Some of the comments between the members seemed pretty harsh to me, and you could sense a little bit of friction among them. Nonetheless, it was great to be there.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

when i saw this in california they really were enjoying themselves that made me so happy. reunion tour in five years hopefully.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

yeah, i drove from washington state to be at the SF show and it was fucking worth every penny and minute of my time. I can't believe they are gone, but at the same time they played the perfect set and i can't imagine a better way for them to leave.

GUK, you will seriously fucking missed. You are the band that got me into music and i will never forget you :(

threechordsandthetruth (June 28, 2005)

Their Cure cover is way better than the original. Robert Smith scares me.

I wish I could have seen one of these shows.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

This show was the hardest shit i've ever witnessed. I'm glad my mom drove me to this show.


Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

I missed the show in SF and at the time I didn't really mind, but after reading that article in Alternative Press about them, I really wished I had gone.

ElJey (June 28, 2005)

Great review. I saw them in SF, that was awesome. I will never forget that show.

Kenjamin (June 28, 2005)

I appreciated their sincerity.

cdogg (June 28, 2005)

Hey benz - what venue was this at?

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Really just "thanks for 6 years."

The Get Up Kids stopped being awesome in 2001.

Anonymous (June 28, 2005)

Solid review.
I went to the Toronto show and enjoyed the shit out of it. They seemed to be having such a good time up there. I can't wait for the reunion tour...

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