The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch - The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch (Cover Artwork)

The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch

The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch: The Discord of a Forgotten SketchThe Discord of a Forgotten Sketch (2004)
New Romance for Kids

Reviewer Rating: 4.5
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Contributed by: Chris Gramlich
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Hyperactive, frantic, spastic, awesome, Montreal's the Discord of a Forgotten Sketch are all that and more on their self-titled five-song EP. Overlooking "Agony 6.66," an ambient to noise to high-pitched headache-inducing squeal filler track, and the 17-second brevity of "A Satirical One for Aris.

Hyperactive, frantic, spastic, awesome, Montreal's the Discord of a Forgotten Sketch are all that and more on their self-titled five-song EP.

Overlooking "Agony 6.66," an ambient to noise to high-pitched headache-inducing squeal filler track, and the 17-second brevity of "A Satirical One for Aristote," the Discord offer three careening patchwork tracks that decimate at the speed of sound. Discarding grind flights of fury, minor chord leads rising above the cacophony, jazz noodles and fills, some crushing metallic charges and carnival-style runs at a moment's notice, the Discord never bore or even settle on a part more than fleetingly. It's a glorious riot of musical chaos that can be pigeonholed as much as avant-noise can, in vaguely the same sonic arena as the Daughters with more of a Melt Banana influence.

A remarkable offering that demonstrates extreme creativity and ability, the Discord of a Forgotten Sketch are worth remembering.


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Anonymous (October 1, 2005)

Wow this shit is hot!

GreenVandal (September 29, 2005)

Loftus is fucking great. I love that band.

Anonymous (September 29, 2005)

did you mean lotus?, yes they are great, and so is this band, discord of a fucking long name

SilentStorms (September 29, 2005)

I was gonna say, although they aren't (in my opinion) deserving of a 9, everyone should definately check out THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE and LOFTUS for this genre but more like...ummmm...fucking sweet.

GreenVandal (September 27, 2005)

I can express a opinion if I want to. It could also be said that there is no point in praising a band. Hell, forget criticism all together and just listen...OH YEAH! This is a review and we are supposed to chip our 2 cents in whether everyone else likes it or not.


Anonymous (September 27, 2005)

i think this band is great, and i for one will check them out. some people are mean in here, it's just DIY bands, if you don't like it, don't talk about it, what is the point? ... pointless

pierrebouvier (September 27, 2005)

not it's not that funny.. maybe a little

Anonymous (September 27, 2005)

it's funny that they have a canada flag on there...

Anonymous (September 26, 2005)

i want me some disco

GreenVandal (September 26, 2005)

I was pretty pissy last night so I went a wee bit overboard. But I still think that song really really sucks.

sallyjesse (September 26, 2005)

is it just me or are a million bands trying to do the grind/spazz core thing now and failing miserably? it wasn't THAT bad, but its nothing new. check out Iron Lung or 7000 Dying Rats for the real shit.

Anonymous (September 26, 2005)

yea he dosen't have a hand. he has a strap and a pick screwed in... that's pretty cool, and chalenging

takingchase (September 26, 2005)

is it just me or does the one guitarist like not have a hand

also that has to be the most annoying website ever

Anonymous (September 26, 2005)

BIg up for the MP3

Anonymous (September 26, 2005)

What are you talking about... the MP3 fucking rocks!

GreenVandal (September 26, 2005)

That mp3 is one of the most god awful pieces of garbage I have ever heard. It's insulting. There is NO thought, talent, or creativity involved anywhere in that horrible cliche patchwork of bullshit this band has called a song.

Wannabe jazz drum part, wannabe grind part, horrible forced screaming, guitar work my ass could outdo...I cant believe you actually gave this a 9.

This just strikes me as a bunch of "artists" attempting to play something vaguely like hardcore and grindcore but deciding that it would be more "creative" to just eschew putting any effort into the songs in favor of making vaguely spazzy, and incredibly predictable, noise. This is the musical equivalent of some dude in a beret smearing his own shit on the wall and pawning it off as a masterpiece.

I love dissonant, chaotic, heavy, and just all around spazzy music and I find it shocking that this could score any higher then a 6 at best. Look at it logically. Even the reviewer admits that 2 of the tracks on here are basically filler, plus that one AWFUL song posted in the link makes 3 songs. This is a EP isnt it? Doesnt that leave...like 2 songs left that could be good? I dont care how great those last 2 songs are, if almost 50 percent of the product is filler, then a 9 is automatically out of the question.

In hindsight.....I typed way too much. And I only heard one song. And look at that name! And the song titles! AHHHHHH!

These guys couldnt be the Blood Brothers fucking clown shoes.

darkstarm (September 26, 2005)

are you kidding me? it is pointless, it's five 25 second forays into self indulgence that this band pulls together to call a "song." it has no POINT. they scream, then they jerk off some notes in/off key on their guitars, then there's some silence then they yelp some more. i'm sure this shit is great if you're bored listening to a song with actual structure, i'd rather listen to the postal service than this garbage.

in other news, bearvsshark is a great band.

stevejonestherealbones (September 26, 2005)

" that decimate at the speed of sound"

no way, the music on this cd will come at me at the speed of sound ?

- jones the bones

- stevejones8770@yahoo.com

- granted most music doesnt decimate stuff. hope your room/stereo/car is ok

Anonymous (September 25, 2005)

pointless if you are into alkaline trio and fall out boy

darkstarm (September 25, 2005)

this pretty much is ridiculous pointless music.

Anonymous (September 25, 2005)

fuckin a'

Anonymous (September 25, 2005)

Just saw them in Ottawa, they rocked my socks

Anonymous (September 25, 2005)

This record Fucking Kills ! ! ! 3 times

tristan (September 25, 2005)

Hey, you wrote the biographical introduction in the new Converge reissues...

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