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Nirvana: NevermindNevermind (1991)
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Contributed by: sickboiChris
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I'm sure there will be a shitload of people criticizing my decision to write a review for this album. We can all certainly question the true "punk" merit of Nirvana's music. Grunge? Punk? Alternative....(god I hate that phrase) One undeniable fact is this...Nirvana's music had an impact on music .
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I'm sure there will be a shitload of people criticizing my decision to write a review for this album. We can all certainly question the true "punk" merit of Nirvana's music. Grunge? Punk? Alternative....(god I hate that phrase) One undeniable fact is this...Nirvana's music had an impact on music that most band's could never even fathom accomplishing.

I remember first hearing the raw, driven album "Bleach" back in 1990. Good music, which lead me to curiously anticipate the sophomore following "Nevermind" in 1991. Never would have imagined what would happen next.

Summer 1991- I hear "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for the first time on a college radio station. Much more polished than anything on "Bleach" but amazing bass lines, hooks and guitar solo. I soon became part of the masses that purchased "Nevermind". To this day it stands in the unique section of my collection that I can listen to from start to finish, singing along, screaming along, (and occasionally dancing along). A barrage of singles from the album were to come. "Lithium", with its incredible, melodic bass line, Kurt's trademark drug-influenced lyrics and Dave Grohl's amazing beats to keep the entire work flowing. "In Bloom", a slower yet, remarkable piece, with one of the best music videos I have ever seen. "Come As You Are", with the eerie guitar riff and the famous words that would come to mind whenever hearing about Kurt's death, "....I swear that I don't have a gun..."

The album pounces on with Dave Grohl's horrifically off-key intro to "Territorial Pissings". This track (along with "In Utero"'s 'Tourette's') truly captures the punk spirit in the group with its frantic drumbeat, repetitive power-chord slashing and scream along lyrics. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that almost everyone reading this review either owns or has at least heard this album. I don't see much need to give a complete description of every song. Looking at punk of yesteryear and now, its easy to see how Nirvana made their mark. For some, it was the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Clash that introduced punkrock into their lives. For others, including myself, it was Minor Threat, Black Flag and Bad Religion that brought forth the music I hold such a passion for. For many it was Nirvana, Green Day and Rancid. And even today we see a new breed, Blink 182, Sum 41 and Good Charlotte introducing the masses. While many of these bands hold credentials over others (you guys can argue that all you want below), its difficult to deny that any of them have not impacted punkrock in a serious manner one way or the other.


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DestroyaDoll (May 19, 2012)

My LEAST favorite album, by my all time favorite band.

devianter (November 10, 2010)

Lol foo fighters lol. Go shoot yourself.

Petrrex (August 7, 2010)

Grunge/Punk rock/Alternative rock/Metal...who cares about that?? :D..If the music has spirit it´s good, and grunge is nothing but pigeon-hole of punk rock and metal

ScottyDarke (May 18, 2009)

Amazing music, and i respect the shit outta Cobain, not too many people can really sing and play a decent solo with a chronic illness.

Their music also brings to mind my childhood and the gritty dirty of the early 90's. Smells like teen spirit is just too much fun to not listen too.

And it really shouldnt matter if somone thinks they're punk or grunge or whatever, they are still amazing, and they can never be replaced.

RIP Cobain

skibi (March 3, 2009)

aaw no he did not say punk spirit! booooooooo that takes punk away...he just made one of the BEST PUNK ROCK ALBUMS EVER into......eeew he should be fired... immediately .......there is a spirit of punk but he makes it sound all peppy and crap...he sickens me...

SCjames (July 2, 2008)

I thought this album was not their best, i always like In Utero best

LetTheDayBegin (September 24, 2007)

Guitar World readers voted not one, but TWO Nirvana songs on the "100 Greatest Solos"; "Smells Like Teen Spirit" making it in the top 20. Something is seriously wrong with that...

No doubt influential, but still really boring, album.
Foo Fighters > Nirvana.

Anonymous (February 28, 2007)

Well of course you don't like them, you listen to AFI ! I on the other hand do like Nirvana, and recongnize this as an album that changed music. If any album on this site is deserving of a 10, it's this one.

timmytheturtle1039 (May 3, 2006)

not to be a dick but they really sucked and i agree with everyone that said they sucked

Anonymous (May 3, 2006)

Honestly, I cant see the difference between Nirvana, Puddle Of Mudd and Seether. They all sound the same to me. All have raspy lead singers over nothing special alt-rock. Call me whatever you want, but thats just my opinion. Nirvana is WAY overrated.

FREAKGIRL (May 1, 2006)

The Best!!!!!!!!!!! Any disturbed teen knows what the music means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (November 25, 2005)

Whether you think this was a punk album or not, the people behind it definitly were, and that's what counts to me.

Anonymous (November 14, 2005)

"If it weren't for Nirvana, we wouldn't have _________."

I defy you to fill in that blank with something positive.


Anonymous (August 25, 2005)

this band was so heartfelt and unique, and this album is such a classic and influential staple in the rock food chain, that writing a review is absolutely pointless :p -- just get the album if for some reason you don't have it.

ryan34 (July 9, 2005)

First off let me say that it does not matter if this is punk or not it doesnt matter. It is a incredible piece of art that changed the world and music forever. Like the main reviewer at the very top, Nirvana was the band that introduced me into all the music that I listen to today.They just brought me actually in a state of "nirvana" everytime i listened to and i am not talkin about like a feeling of bein high of anything ( but if you wanna music like that i suggest u pickup a Radiohead cd ) the music just made me free of the world 's worrys and all the fucked up stuff that happens in it.....but anyways I will never forget the first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit, I just purchased the cd cause of all the hype i heard bout and i came home and put it into my cd player and listened to it in the dark and i just sat there and thought wow this is goin to change everything.....and it did. That song though as awesome as it is....... is not the only good song on the cd. EVERY song on the cd is amazing in its own way but if i had to name other stand out tracks they would have to be: Drain You, In Bloom, Lithium, Come As You Are, Polly, and of course Territorial Pissings. But anyway go buy this cd right now and let it change your life like it did mine. RIP Kurt. We Miss You

Anonymous (May 2, 2005)

the best album of all time. courtney killed kurt.

Anonymous (March 19, 2005)

Best album of all time.

Anonymous (August 9, 2004)

best album ever.

Anonymous (June 12, 2004)

Who gives a fuck about this piece of shit, their music had no affect on my life what-so-ever, even Weird Al couldnt make them good

musicrazy4evr (June 1, 2004)

i was always confused on how kurt cobain died. ppl kept on tellin me that he just commited suicide from depression... i wonder wut the real truth is...

Anonymous (April 5, 2004)

RIP kurt.

Anonymous (March 6, 2004)

Kurt Cobain didn't kill himself, he was murdered. Don't believe everything you hear, people with that much heroin in their bodies die before they have a chance to take the needle out of their bodies, they definitely can't live long enough to write an incoherent suicide note and shoot themselves. www.cobaincase.com

Anonymous (May 29, 2003)

If it weren't for this album, I would not be on this site, I would never have listened to Fugazi, The Clash, Jawbreaker, Velvet Underground, Weakerthans... nothing. This is the album that made me care about music.

Not the best album ever, or even Nirvana's (In Utero gets that), but the most important to my life, and a lot of people's. So just on that alone, I'd call it punk rock.

Anonymous (May 1, 2003)

if you don't like shit that's on the radio, then don't listen to it

Anonymous (May 1, 2003)

two words come to mind when i hear the word nirvana:


nirvana, was ok,maybe a whiny shitty version of punk rock, they weren't original in any sort and they certainly weren't amazing musicians (with the exception of dave grohl)

sure, they saved rock from hair bands, making it possible for bands like smashing pumpkings, bush, live, soundgarden, and pearl jam to become popular. . .do you really think those bands are better than hair bands?

oh yeah, and there's nothing like worshiping a heroin addict who killed himself and left behind a daugther and a wife, not to mention thousands of fans who looked up to him as inspiration

what a great guy

M4CH1N3 (January 31, 2003)

Say what you want, I miss the times when mainstream radio was playing this shit. I can't turn it on now without having fuckin rap and r&b bullshit forced thru my ears. What the fuck happened to music? Dinosaurs should die

M4CH1N3 (December 3, 2002)

Great music, catchy and all, but this band ruined it by being stupid

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Grunge is punk, it just combines the attitude of early hardcore with heavy metal sludge and garage rock.

This album good, Smells Like Teen Spirit is an ok song, I've heard it too much and so I really don't like listening to it. A lot of the other songs are great, but the production is to clean. I like the sludge of Bleach.

degenerate (January 19, 2002)

who cares if its punk, its the holy grail. enough said

Anonymous (January 11, 2002)

yes kids, nirvana is in fact "punk". they might not have the typical punk rock sound but the attitude and ethics of the band are all the punk you need. kurt grew up a punk rocker and died a punk rocker and if you'd ever read any interviews or biographies on the guy, you can tell. this is a great album but it is a little to clean and polished for my tastes. the songs are amazing but the producing is just too... polished. i prefer "in utero". it's rawer and punker.

punk_kid (January 7, 2002)

Nirvana is my favourite band of all time. thought this is not their best album its still fucking AMAZING. kurt cobain was a musical genius.

Anonymous (November 1, 2001)

a big fuck you goes out to those who think nirvana isn't punk. they're about as punk as you can get. but they don't have mohawks and combat boots and some of their songs are too slow. so they must not be punk, right? get a fucking clue people. and even if you don't think they're punk, you still can't deny that they're just flat out a kick ass band.

NegitiveCreep (September 23, 2001)

Nirvana was the best fucking band of the 90's and are still the best fucking band to ever hit the fucking air waves. Nirvana changed my life so much if it wasnt for nirvana i would probaly be dead. Nirvana is as punk as fuck. there punker then Fuck. Fuck there PunK
Nirvana never had one bad song all there songs were so good on every album that you could just listen to every album all the way through without getting bored of them and you could even put the album on repeat and still rock out to it. So i think this review rocks my socks .

pennywisdom (September 21, 2001)

Jesus christ.. the fact that any of you would even attempt to argue over Nirvana being punk or not frightens me. Kurt & co. were as punk as they come nad they were unfairly dumped and marketed as a "grunge" band just because of where they hailed from.

Grunge was never a particular sound, it was a look. The difference between Nirvana and Pearl Jam, both considered "grunge" is staggering. If anyone took the time to listen to the music and not look at their raggy clothing they would have certainly noticed this.

"Nevermind" changed the music industry and gave it a swift kick in the ass. It was a wakeup call to all the kids who thought MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice were the hottest things at the time. It made music mean something again and gave the ordinary folk an active voice in the mainstream.

Simply put, Nirvana saved the world.

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

I wouldn't call Nirvana punk, even though they are more punk than blink-182 and sum 41 and other shit like that. But great music is great music, punk or not.

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

first of all,did i say i liked all music that is fast?...um no.josie is a good song on dude ranch, but that's about it.second of all, it was a fucking joke!!ya know like the one about the 12 inch pianist..- fathead

booker_pee (September 19, 2001)

Soundgarden usually wasn't all that fast either, but who cares? he's got rather good taste...

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

wait... fathead doesn't like anything that's not fast, yet in the review for dude ranch, quote: "just because its fast doesnt mean its good." fuckin liberal

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

oh yeah, and just so all of you know, incesticide isn't technically a regular album. its a compilation of songs they cut from bleach and nevermind and other stuff in between. hence the reason why like 8 people are shown inside even though not more than 3 play at the same time ever. also, that explains the varying production and generally off sound to the whole album. they did remix it and change something in the studio to make it slightly off key when you have your guitar in standard tuning.

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

first of all, whoever said nirvana sold out is a fucking idiot. so many people sling that word around. selling out isn't joining up with a major label, if you don't change anything about who you are or what you play. selling out is when you call yourselves punk and play backstreet boy cover songs called "the rock show" and have a dozen endorsements so you can be as rich as can be. Selling out is accepting money for something you wouldn't otherwise do. there's nothing wrong with being rich or having success.. its how you got their that counts. did you compromise your values to get rich? well, anyway, you're dumb and you need to figure out what selling out means.

as for fathead, you say that kurt sang and screamed of key. wrong. he could scream like a fucking maniac right in key, but other than.... game on.

oh yeah, and um i forgot, if you don't think nirvana is punk, then you have no idea what punk is. all you wannabe punks all think it has to always sound like the newschool crap thats out today. punk is about being original and different. if nirvana just played the same generic crap you call punk, then they wouldn't be anywhere near as great as they were. they played punk rock they way they felt it should be played. the biggest problem in punk rock is that all the bands sound the same and you love it that way.. i can't even discern saves the day from a million other bands and its all crap and most of the people on this site can't recognize true punk. it doesn't all come from so cal and sound like NOFX. every great punk band sounds nothing like any other punk band. thats the way it is. deal with it

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

If Nevermind was never released, Major lables wouldn't sign a green day. Or MTV wouldn't play Rancid. While Nirvana's punk inlfuences were more from the early 80s- flipper, replacements,husker du, wiperes, black flag than what bands that are considered punk are influenced by now, they were still without a doubt a punk band. I don't think its a coincidence Never mind the Bullocks went gold in 1992.

coldjuly (September 19, 2001)

Jesus christ steve...who pissed in your wheaties this morning??? Why dont you write us one of your ever stellar reviews, and quit your fucking whining about something that trivial in a review.

and its people like you who anger me and amuse me at the same time...ha

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

A: Nirvana is about as punk as they come. Punk isn't about being all mad and pissy and "down with the goverment". that's for 15 year olds who don't anything about life yet. Punk is about presenting something new that appeals to people who are looking for something new. B: This is one of the best album I've ever bought. I've grown with my musical taste and I still pop this album in on a monthly basis and rock out. How bad ass is the song "Drain You"? I mean jesus, if songwriting is suppose to progress into something better after something great has come out......Nirvana has pretty much stopped most bands dead in their tracks.

Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

Best album ever.


Anonymous (September 19, 2001)

that steve guy is a wanker

how far stuck up your self do you want to be?

punk_kid (September 18, 2001)

FINALLY someone did a Nirvana review

punk_kid (September 18, 2001)

i dont care what u call it, its amazing

sickboi (September 18, 2001)

Ok Steve, let me explain a little in detail, you see I was unaware that Krist does they vocal intro to "Territorial Pissings", when I saw them live Dave did it, hence forth I assumed he did it on the album. The "off-key" I referred to was the vocals at the begining, not the drums.
Why don't you show the rest of us how to write. I don't claim to be a "true writer", I do this as a hobby for the music I love. Its ignorant fucks like you that make this scene shitty sometimes.

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

shit review

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

geez steve, maybe you should submit one of your reviews, explaining all the logistics of every beat and note. that way, all us wannabe writers will know how its done. since you like to be so goddamn technical about things, i suggest you start with a review of Choke, or maybe Phish, or how about Dream Theatre? Fucking know-it-all, get a life.this score is for you.- fathead

icK-x-Strife (September 18, 2001)

It's ok ...

- icK-x-Strife

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

sickboi...youre not too smart. i know you will erase this because its criticism, not even constructive criticism, im just stating that youre an idiot. there are such things called off beats, they are beats meant to sound off time but in actuality they are still very much on time, you must not be familiar with the logistics of playing music.dave grohl was not off time for territorial pissings, why dont you write an ass kissing review of rancid or something...wannabe writers like yourself make me angry and amuse me at the same time.-steve mc call

coldjuly (September 18, 2001)

I dont consider nirvana punk...however they were really influential to a lot of punk bands. I didnt really like this album..bleach and incesticide were much better.

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

i dont care what kind of music they played, they sucked

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

you should have reviewed 'incestiside'. it's punker and better. 'son of a gun' and 'molly's lips' are two of their best. while kurt's infinite off-key whining/screaming gets on my nerves, they were still pretty decent. although i will say this. their simple music was bound to be brought to light by somebody. people had had enough of the crap rock like van halen and bon jovi, and wanted something simple and offensive. nirvana were just the first to catch fire. if it wasn't them, it most definitely would have been someone else. personally, i think soundgarden was a better band, talent-wise and songwriting-wise.then again, i hate all music that isn't fast.- fathead

AtomicGarden (September 18, 2001)

Punk or not, one of the best albums of all time.

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

Good album, but I prefer In Utero.

sickboi (September 18, 2001)

Really? It wasn't Dave? The one time I saw them live Dave sang it so I naturally assumed. Dumbass me, I guess.

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

Nirvana came from the punk scene. They lived the life, played the music, supported the scene. Of course they had other influences. They listened to a lot of other bands that most punk fans and bands don't, therefore thats most likely why there music and look is so different from other bands you'd call punk.

And yeah, they sold out....They had to, they knew they someone had to open the floodgates, why not them. (And if it wasn't for them most of us probally would've never heard Green Day, and without them, not many people would be on this site.)

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

great album, i must say, but it was bassist krist novoselic who sang the intro to "territorial pissings," not dave grohl.

Anonymous (September 18, 2001)

Great album, great, influential band. I think they are punk as fuck. And people, dont start in with that "blah blah, Nirvana isn't punk blah blah Over rated blah blah listen to some Propaghandi blah blah" Nirvana was one of the most important bands ever in punk rock, and if people cant see that, then they dont understand punk anyway.

sickboi (September 18, 2001)

I gotta stop writing these reviews after drinking, my grammatical errors are really starting to add up...

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