Pulley - Together Again for the First Time (Cover Artwork)


Pulley: Together Again for the First TimeTogether Again for the First Time (2001)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: coldjulycoldjuly
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Man, I have never anticipated going to work..other than yesterday. I ripped the box open full of new releases, but the others didn't seem to matter..no not that day...I was in search for one special CD. This is one album i've been waiting for all year. I've been an avid pulley fan for going on .
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Man, I have never anticipated going to work..other than yesterday. I ripped the box open full of new releases, but the others didn't seem to matter..no not that day...I was in search for one special CD.

This is one album i've been waiting for all year. I've been an avid pulley fan for going on 5 years now, so I was really anxious to hear their 4th masterpiece "together again for the first time".

With a new drummer, and minus a guitarist I was a little wary of how this would sound...but to hell with all that, the band pulls it off well in this case.

The sound is a little slowed down this time, (I use the term "slowed" loosely) but Pulley, even slowed down is still as fast and melodic as ever, if that makes sense.

"In Search", "Hooray for Me", "Lost Trip", "Leather Face", and "Same sick Feeling" all stand out as the best songs on the record...All of the songs are good though, Don't get me wrong...except for the song "Destiny" that one is a little weird.

Well, Pulley has pulled it off yet again..great production (Ryan Greene..need I say more?) Great songwriting, Good and funny as hell artwork, and one of the best voices in punk rock today.

Its obvious this band does what is true to them..just making the music they love while pleasing so many other fans at the same time. Its a great album 13, well 12 asskickers just 5 seconds shy of being 30 minutes. This disc also features the same enhanced features as the S/T album had...pretty cool too.

If you're a pulley fan and you kind of harbored a little doubt like I did..wipe it away, It's one hell of an record.


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Anonymous (April 17, 2002)

the first pulley album i bought, and the last probably. i got it 2nd hand and i know why, i wouldnt mind selling it aswel, and let the cycle continue. i think this album is shit

Anonymous (November 19, 2001)

just got this cd, and yep, you guessed it, IT RULES! Pulley is damn good. there are a couple of duds on here, but for the most part, it's awesome. fathead

Anonymous (October 23, 2001)

You can always tell an album is going to kick ass when it doesn't immediately sound familiar. That's TAFTFT in a nutshell

coldjuly (October 16, 2001)

Yeah I just don't know why...a lot of great bands put out new albums this year but a lot of them were dissapointing...thank you fathead for reminding me of the propagandhi album that was a fuckin rad record..keep on guys and I'll have a list going.

Anonymous (October 16, 2001)

I'm sorry, I had a momentary lapse of reason, and forgot that one of the greatest punk/hardcore albums of all time was released this year. PROPAGANDHI - Today's Empire, Tommorow's Ashes!!Incredible.- fathead again

Anonymous (October 16, 2001)

i haven't heard it yet, but i'd be willing to bet the new Nerve Agents album is killer. Good Riddance was alright, as was H2O, Deviates, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, and Pennywise. I thought Dropick Murphys new one sucked, except for Rocky Road to Dublin. Overall, it's been a pretty mediocre year in my opinion, but it's not over yet. plus I haven't got Pulley's new one, and it will probably blow everything else away.ROCK ON!- fathead

sickboi (October 16, 2001)

Yeah, I gotta agree with dude below. 2001 has been an incredible year for music. Strike Anywhere, Bouncing Souls, Good Riddance, Dropkicks....all put out some dope-ass shit this year. Pennywise's album was a bit of a letdown but all in all lots of other good shit I haven't mentioned.

Anonymous (October 16, 2001)

voice made out of gold and smoothness.
i have no idea about the album.
......but the cover is cool and that jimmy at the ocean mp3 thats getting around is cool.

yes i don't know what the song is called.

coldjuly (October 16, 2001)

To the jerk guy..sorry I was on the assumption that most everyone has heard at least one song by pulley..and kinda knew their sound, I noticed that too a little bit..I did describe the sound but not to the extent I guess I should have.

coldjuly (October 16, 2001)

Sorry I don't have quite the same musical taste as you...the souls record was good though I have to say. A lot of good bands put out dissapointing releases this year is all I'm saying.

Anonymous (October 16, 2001)

What the fuck are you guys talking about? 2001 a lame year for music? Just think about some of the band's who have released their best material ever and some of the best albums in a long time: Bouncing Souls- How I Spend My Summer Vacation, River City Rebels- Playing to Live and Living to Play, Strike Anywhere- Change is a Sound, Stretch Armstrong- A Revolution Transmission. Yeah this year has sucked? Fuck that.

imabigjerk (October 15, 2001)

pulley is good, this review is ok...but i'd have no idea what kinda sound to expect if I went out and bought this disc...that is, if i hadn't heard pulley before.

coldjuly (October 15, 2001)

Man 2001 has been a lame year for "good" music. a lot of releases this year dissapointed me...Errortype: 11 probably hits the #1 spot for bands I've just discovered This year.

ETx310 (October 15, 2001)

The only albums that I can think of that I actually liked this year are Land of The Free and the deviates. This one would be up there too I guess. What else was there this year? Kind of sad that's all I can think of. The only time really that I get good new music is in the FAT 7" club.

coldjuly (October 14, 2001)

Yeah, the Homegrown review was lame I will not argue there. It was like 3 in the morning. I should have put more though into it.

coldjuly (October 14, 2001)

Ummm wait a minute, You don't talk about my reviews...HA! look at the bigwig review...You had the first comment (Pretty smartassed I must say)..If your going to post a comment, comment on the REVIEW!!! not how one is better than th other, which I think Sickboi's review was better I'll admit.

Don't bitch about how someones review is better if you can't even write your own.

I'm done.

Josip (October 14, 2001)

ColdJuly you suck so hard! I don't talk about your reviews, some like it, some not, that's ok, but you little piece of shit can't handle criticism, if somebody writes something bad about it you should ignore it or try to improve your writing and not offend these people with stupid comments, just look at your bigwig, homegrown reviews...get a life

and btw: the new pulley is really good, but i still prefer the old stuff

Anonymous (October 14, 2001)

pulley fuckin rocks

coldjuly (October 12, 2001)

It's not at the top of my best of 2001 list, but it's damn close.

Anonymous (October 12, 2001)

This band is great. Unbelievable talent. Not one of the best of the year but very damn enjoyable. Put down the vaseline away for 10 minutes, pick this up, go back home, put this is the disc player, and this will be the subsititute for that vaseline; pure sensation. haha

coldjuly (October 10, 2001)

Thanks sickboi, Thanks fathead..Man the reviews section has hit like 599 hell, maybe 600 now. In the last few months it has shot up tremendously. I think it's cool to have a site that fans can be a part of....I have a feeling it will be one of the premier punk sites that people get their news, reviews or just share opinions on. That is if it's not already.

Anonymous (October 10, 2001)

yes, glad to see this outstanding review section getting some recognition from the big boys. good job coldjuly. PULLEY RULES.- fathead

sickboi (October 10, 2001)

Congats on the epitaph.com referral man...

coldjuly (October 10, 2001)

That comment was completley unecessary and stupid.

Anonymous (October 10, 2001)

This review sucks, pulley doesn't though.

coldjuly (October 10, 2001)

Whoa..my review got recognized on the epitaph homepage..No wonder it had 430 hits in one day. That explains it.

ETx310 (October 9, 2001)

Pulley rips, and don't think this album is slower than the rest. Better than their last one. Hooray for Me and the last song are my fav. Mostly killer, some filler.

sXe_nick (October 9, 2001)

man... i wish pully could suck my ass too!

coldjuly (October 9, 2001)

I watched the video of the "no use for a name biscuit challenge" on this CD and its goddamn hilarious.

Anonymous (October 9, 2001)

pulley sucks my ass

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