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Rufio: Perhaps, I SupposePerhaps, I Suppose (2001)
Militia Group

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Contributed by: RockRock
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Rufio! Rufio! Ru-fi-oooooooo! When you hear this you will most likely think of the movie "Hook." Well thats not the case here, as you may have heard this band is the shit, plain and simple. They pull this record off nicely, sounding a lot like "New Found Glory." In fact I thought they were N.
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Rufio! Rufio! Ru-fi-oooooooo! When you hear this you will most likely think of the movie "Hook." Well thats not the case here, as you may have heard this band is the shit, plain and simple. They pull this record off nicely, sounding a lot like "New Found Glory." In fact I thought they were NFG when I first listened to this band. To sum it up, Rufio hands NFGs ass to them.

In my opinion the weak point of this album lies in the first song. The first song which is called "Above Me," is a very fast paced song that should honestly be dismissed off this album, because this song sounds nothing like the rest of the cd. The second song, "Still," is easily one of the catchiest songs on the album. The chores will be stuck in your head for a long time: "Although I can see, time is not running out,
I still run behind everything.
I don't understand, I embrace every thought,
Song 3 on this release is my personal favorite which is called, "One Slowdance." It starts of with a melody that is so mezmorizing, and will make you hum along with it. Pretty much songs 4-13 are really good. Then it comes to song 14 which is, "Save The World," and this song is also fast paced, similar to "Above Me." The only difference is this song is much better (lyrics, music). Then finally the last song is an instrumental piece, which has some bad ass guitar solos. Wow!

Finally it seems like there is no more creative bands out there anymore, and believe me this band is very creative when it comes to song writing, and the fact they can rock the house. If you don't own this cd, then the best thing to do would be to buy it now, and add one of the best cds of 2001 to your collection.


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thatswack (January 7, 2005)

Damn good. The guitarist can shred.

Anonymous (May 5, 2003)

Rufio rocks!
this album is my personal nr. 1

user13 (April 12, 2003)

Rufio is fucking amazing live. The asians guys name is clarke by the way. And yeah hes way more talented than the rest of them but hey- who gives a shit?

Anonymous (February 13, 2003)

Every hardcore fan is a closet fan of some pop-punk which they believe could revive the failing genre. Rufio, I Suppose is mine.

Rufio blends the speed of early Ataris, the tearjerking honesty of NFG and some of the best guitar work around. I think when they Rufio was recording this, they made a concious decision that each track must have at least one guitar break down, and every quick song must go pretty fucking fast.

(Note: Pretty fucking fast is a technical term)

I just can't say anything about these guys that hasn't already been said. Just get the CD.

Anonymous (December 9, 2002)

This band rawks gawd dammit!!!those who thinks that they can pull off some shitsz like rufio,fuck off!!!u suck!rufio rulsz!!!and btw,they kicksz ass!!!!but no more good than the*ataris,the*ataris is better.. Way better!!!

Anonymous (August 30, 2002)

first of all dont listen to that guy...everysone on this cd rocks!!!the first track is one of the best!!!

Anonymous (July 8, 2002)

It sounds like someone is squeezing the singer's scrotum. The little Asian guitarist and the drummer need to ditch the other two guys and start another band. Their talent is wasted on this crap.

Anonymous (June 20, 2002)

yo, i dont give a shit what everyone thinks. this cd kicks ass. and i hate all who say that they are "hardcore" because isnt punk music about listening to music that you like and enjoy? and those who say that " all of this pop- punk shit is for 13 year old girls", screw you. this music is awesome. and i dont care if you think it sucks. its good, so pull your head out of your ass and listen to it.

their lyrics are good, and their sound is better. they know how to play, and good for them.

Anonymous (May 15, 2002)


Anonymous (May 15, 2002)

fjklajkl kajlskd

Anonymous (May 14, 2002)


Anonymous (May 14, 2002)

man this is cool

Anonymous (May 14, 2002)

You guys Rock

Anonymous (April 20, 2002)

Rufio is incredibly talented. Their lead gutarist and bass especially amazed me. They also rule in concert.

Anonymous (March 29, 2002)

I think the guitar work is awesome, really technical and fast but the guys voice sounds like any other band in their genre and it gets annoying after awhile. I know he cant really help the way his voice sounds but it sounds like a lot of bands. oh well, this score is for the guitar playing

Anonymous (March 27, 2002)

best guitar ever better than those mohock bands who only talk about politics dam they look like nazi

Anonymous (March 27, 2002)

the person who reveiwed suck, they just listen to one song once

Anonymous (March 27, 2002)

these lyrics are awsome

Anonymous (March 27, 2002)

Rufio has a unique sound people say they sound like other bands but they dont because they havent heard long enogh

sorry about the grammar and spelling

Anonymous (March 27, 2002)

This band is the best band i herd the only thing that i dont like is the voice other than that the guitarist is awsome

Anonymous (February 10, 2002)

the person under me is an idiot

Anonymous (October 21, 2001)

i only heard one rufio song ever and they were ok. but saves the day are awesome. the best emo band out there.

myboxersarepunkerthanu (October 21, 2001)

i don't like rufio much.
hook is good though.

Rock (October 19, 2001)

uh huh.... riggghhhhttt

Anonymous (October 19, 2001)

no no no the comments below that aren't "inteligent" enough for you crazy kids are what this music is all about and what kids really need right now. it is not a serious statement wishing prison rape on anyone but it is a fact that "punk" music has become overly PC and too hyper sensitive for it's own good.

These bands are just ripping each other off and getting mass appeal because of a couple hot guys that jump in synch with each other on stage. There is nothing easier than writing a song about girls (especially when it is just dumbed down and as musically original as the rest of that ilk)

Look past the words that people actually are using, don't always think of yourselves as superior because someone isn't writing it to appeal to your senses, the easiest way to get a point across is to use vulgarities (just accept it) and just get over yourselves.

Is this not Punk Rock? This shit is supposed to be offensive! Live with it or get out of it!

Rock (October 19, 2001)

This is to the person below me:
Thats cool man i respect your opinion its just when these people come in here and say they want this band to die or dumb shit like that. Grow Up.

Anonymous (October 19, 2001)

I won't be a dumbass like the last guys, but i would rather hear someone have their own sound. I borrowed this CD from my friend and thank God I wasn't the poor sucker that bought it....Rufio is recycled garbage (pardon the pun)

Rock (October 18, 2001)

I like the intelligence level of this comment below me. Dumbass.

Anonymous (October 18, 2001)

everyone loves these guys... so i should too

little kid pretty boy punk rock will die one day and i will be there standing over it giving it nice solid kicks to the face...

these guys as well as NFG, Saves the day, and all that other vagrant/drive thru CRAP need to be bashed on the cranium with large metal objects while being prison raped by large groups of albino elephants

Rock (October 18, 2001)

Yes i know right after i wrote This is in fact rufio in fact i relized that it sounded wrong sorry for the mistake.

myboxersarepunkerthanu (October 17, 2001)

"this is in fact rufio in fact"

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

ack. this band is fucking shit. i saw them at the fucked cobalt cafe in bright and shiny canoga park. oy... i tried to make my head shrink back into my body. it's so fucking generic. i think i'd rather take a shit over the stove than see or hear them again. now the first sort, there's a fucking band.


Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

Are you going to give everything 5 stars?

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

Rufio is pretty damn good. I agree though, you really did turn off a lot of people by comparing them to NFG. I picked up the last of 2 copies at my record store last night after asking them to order it for almost 2 months and was just about to write a review until i saw yours. It's good, but I was expceting a bit better. By the way Rock, if you live in Newmarket, you almost stole my copy! haha

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

this cd is alright

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

Review isnt bad, Rock, compared to your dogwood but the album is trash.

Rock (October 17, 2001)

No actually dude i believe its Rufio. Just so i can actually clear this up for dumbass people, this review is not NFG it is infact Rufio in fact. And second i dont think its physically possible for a cd to eat your ass but alright dude sweet! -Rock

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

This band IS New Found Glory...your little sister or girlfriend might like it...

it can eat my ass though...


Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

I dont understand why every review that i read about this damn cd it always says "this cd is great" blah! its boring generic crap. sure the guitar playing is good but there has to be more than that, and there isnt. It sucks!

booker_pee (October 17, 2001)

This album is more or less poo, but it's okay every now and then. They've got some badass bass intros too.

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

ok, you're gonna turn a good majority of the readers on thins site completely off to this band by comparing them to New Found Glory in the first paragraph.granted, I haven't heard it yet, but I don't want to now.- fathead

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

This album is shit. They can play guitar, I'll give them that, but I'll take a band like The*Ataris or New Found Glory over this anyday. The lyrics are pretty weak and the guy has the a very annoying voice.

coldjuly (October 17, 2001)

Ok I heard this and immeadatley took it to the used CD store...It's still on the shelf if that says anything.

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