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Nerf Herder: IVIV (2008)

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Contributed by: I-type-poorlyI-type-poorly
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Yes, these guys are still around. So many bands today promise a "return to form" album, with lo-fi production and writing songs like they once used to. They never deliver. Well, Nerf Herder, ironically, told no one (or maybe no one was listening), and managed to pull off a true roots album. The a.
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Yes, these guys are still around.

So many bands today promise a "return to form" album, with lo-fi production and writing songs like they once used to. They never deliver. Well, Nerf Herder, ironically, told no one (or maybe no one was listening), and managed to pull off a true roots album. The album is titled IV, but might as well be II, as it is a true sequel to their 12-year-old self-titled debut.

Nerf Herder's last two albums seemed to wander a bit too far into the "joke punk" category. While there were still a few gems, like "Cashmere" and "Vivian," the albums tended to go for easy nerd/pervert humor, and lacked that original Johnathan Richman "I'm just gonna sing about how awesome my entirely uneventful and pointless life is" songwriting that the original LP had.

IV kicks off with the stupid hilarious "Oh Me, Oh My," with its chorus of old granny substitute cursing. In "Garage Sale," Parry drags out a seemingly endless story of no consequence about junk at a garage sale. It's very reminiscent of MTX's "A Story About a Girl Who Went Shopping" or the Modern Lovers' "I'm Straight." Parry Gripp stresses every last detail before driving the punchline home and turning it into a clever, epicly mundane song. "Crocodile" makes no sense at all, but is performed with such conviction, you have to love it. This is classic Nerf Herder songwriting. Either you get it or you don't.

Aside from similar songwriting, the album itself has plenty of homages to the original self-titled album. "Golfshirt (Part 2)" speaks for itself. "Dianalee" is a callback to the girls that were name dropped in the first album, and "The Backpack Song" closes out the album just as confidently frivolous as "I Only Eat Candy" had.

A few things carried over from the last two albums, though: most noticeably, the tendency to have three or four songs that just don't work at all. "Dance" is a worthless track. "High School Reunion" is the kind of song where you look at the title and already know what it will be about and what kind of jokes will be in it, so it's kinda boring. "WTC #7" disappointed me big time, because I was hoping it was to be a song that rips on 9/11 truthers. Turns out, it's just another song about a girl and the chorus is literally just saying "World Trade Center #7" over and over. This album could have been stronger as only nine tracks instead of 12, and still break a half-hour, justifying its...LPness.

If you have fond memories of rocking out to Nerf Herder's self-titled, this is the perfect summer album. No way will it stand out to anyone by the end of the year, but this is classic nerd rock that nobody does anymore, so I for one am just plain happy that someone out there is still representing this insanely niche genre.


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MN_punkmaster-skaman (June 10, 2008)

Solid effort from an underrated band.

maverick (May 6, 2008)

Never been a fan of this band, but I love Parry Gripp's solo album of all potential commercial jingles. There's some serious jams on there!


i-type-poorly (May 5, 2008)

I think there is a difference between Sorry and I've Got A Boner For Christmas or Jenna Bush Army.

Scruffy (May 5, 2008)

To continue the sentiment in the previous post, isn't "Sorry," off their first album, about as joke punk as you can get?

pleasekillyourself (May 5, 2008)

as a whole, this album is pretty average. definitely the least impressive nerf herder album out of the bunch. most of the songs are truly forgettable with lyrics that sound like they were ad-libbed while perry was cutting vocal tracks.

what confuses me is the reviewer's assessment of the band's previous two releases wandering too much in to "joke punk" territory...

nearly every song on this album is "funnier", "wackier" or more juvenile than any ditty on any previous release.

AlmostPunkEnough (May 5, 2008)

definitley VERy good. i'm pretty impressed... just wish it was a bit faster overall.

and i could see this makin my year end list, if i make a top 30 it could definitley be in the bottom 3rd.

android (May 4, 2008)

mildly dissapointet.

baseball (May 3, 2008)

Classic Nerf Herder.

pricey123 (May 3, 2008)

how to meet girls is one of my favourite pop punk albums; 5000 ways to die is legendary. I'm gonna pick this album up, i almost forgot about it

ickefes (May 3, 2008)

Man I am glad they are still around. I thought they had quit so this news/record made me very glad!

damnitsderek (May 3, 2008)

These guys will always be remembered for having done the theme song of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and to that, I drink.

softcoreseizure (May 2, 2008)

If Astroboy and The Question had a kid it would look like the thing on the cover of this record.

shamrock13 (May 2, 2008)

not their best but a good effort and worth picking up (does not hold a candle to the self titled disc)

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