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Sky Eats Airplane: Everything Perfect on the Wrong DayEverything Perfect on the Wrong Day (2007)

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Contributed by: Matt_WhelihanMatt Whelihan
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The appeal of the first two Reggie & the Full Effect albums was twofold for me. One part of the attraction was the juxtaposition of two genres otherwise outside of my typical tastes. Hearing synth-pop and electronic music suddenly interrupted by some crushing metalcore was an unexpected and delightf.
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The appeal of the first two Reggie & the Full Effect albums was twofold for me. One part of the attraction was the juxtaposition of two genres otherwise outside of my typical tastes. Hearing synth-pop and electronic music suddenly interrupted by some crushing metalcore was an unexpected and delightfully strange treat. Still, this bizarre genre mashup wouldn't have worked so well if it were not for that project's second draw: fun. James Dewees never took himself too seriously (at least not on those first two albums) and it was this sense of playfulness and ridicoulouness that held together otherwise disperate and, well, ridiculous songs.

So why all the talk about Reggie & the Full Effect's first two albums? Maybe it's because Sky Eats Airplane sound like they've listened to those albums more than most people you know, and yet they never figured out that it was a joke. Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day combines poppy electronics and whiny vocals with metalcore's crunchy attack and shouts that sound a hell of a lot like Sean Ingram from Coalesce. Yet, there are two major problems here. One is that this band is dead serious. They think combining something that sounds like it's from a Postal Service song with a breakdown from a Botch song is an artistically viable move. The second problem is that Sky Eats Airplane aren't very well-versed in electronic pop or metalcore. The programmed beats sound like they are from an 808 drum machine tutorial, while the blips and bleeps seem to ditch structure, melody and compliment in exchange for a mere "sounds cool" factor. At the other end of the spectrum the guitars are content with metalcore clichés, never branching out from chugga-chugga or dun dun screech, dun dun screech parts.

After starting with the completely pointless and hackneyed instrumental opening that sounds like it came from an electro song circa early `90s, Sky Eats Airplane go right for the throat with "Patterns," and miss horribly. The song starts with programmed metal drums that sound downright embarrassing compared to the programming of other metal artists such as Xasthur. After some screaming and chugging, that song suddenly shifts courses to produce a moment that could possibly have been stolen from the Atom & His Package archives. A peppy beat and smiling keyboards are met by the nasal clean tone singing, "Come on, come on / Get on the dance floor!"

This pattern continues throughout the album. Songs like "Opposite Viewed in Real Time" and "Giants in the Ocean" shove faux-brutality in the face of kitschy 8-bit dance sessions for hard-to-listen-to results. Sure, the band try and change things up with a track like the acoustic-laced ballad "She Is Just a Glitch," where screamer is put on hold while singer takes front stage, but with a boring beat, useless synth strings and clichéd lyrics like "And I am running out of words / And I am running out of time / To explain to you what we could have been," the band have merely found another way to produce a dud.

Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day shows a poor concept being poorly executed. Reggie & the Full Effect may have found a lighthearted way to combine metalcore and poppy electronics -- one that may not have been aesthetically brilliant, but was at least a fun trek -- while Sky Eats Airplane merely show that they are taking a poorly crafted album packed full of trite and uninspired songs way too seriously.


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xEVANx (May 22, 2008)

And thats why you don't base all of your facts from Wikipedia. The site is updated by tards daily.

Not that it really matters, but you can look up the facts yourself to see that its not just a re-release. Im sure there are credits for their discography somewhere.

And the fact that ive spent so much time arguing about this is very dissapointing. I am ashamed of myself. I regret giving the group this much undeserved attention.

Look it up, I proved my point.
Im done.
They will be too in no more than a year.

thisrunsthrough777 (May 19, 2008)

As fan of screamo, and hardcore; I actually listened to this album all the way through. I was horribly let down by the music composition. I agree it was poorly executed, and the lyrics are not the least moving or unique. I find it unbearable to think that this band could have had potential success, if they didn't fall so hard and play into the already over-done scene. Even their name seems to reveal lack of charisma and inspiration. What a waste of $$$ and time in the studio to produce an album so unflattering, even to the scream scene (which has taken some hard hits to the face in the past couple of years). I mean, if Trace Cyrus pull a [Hanna Montana], then this band, if they actually sought inspiration could have pulled a Sky Lit Drive??at least. Oh, and someone needs to tell the guys to just say No to overdone synths.

sceneupdates (May 19, 2008)

Erm, are you sure xEvanx? According to Wikipedia it was rereleased not rerecorded. I'm sure there's a difference.

VictorIkpeba24 (May 19, 2008)

Sun Eats Hours > Sky Eats Airplanes

therraunch (May 18, 2008)

Please break up.

jenningstheanesthetist (May 18, 2008)

sweet. More "Noun Verb Noun" bands is what we all crave.

xEVANx (May 18, 2008)

Actually sceneupdates, this release from tragic hero was recorded by the new and full five piece band.
And as you can tell, they still havent found a way to stop the suck.

Sucked as a two piece, sucks as a five piece.

Seriously, as if Texas didnt have a bad enough reputation as it is, these assholes release this shit.

holy_balls (May 18, 2008)

thanks for the scene update, sceneupdate!

Sliced-T (May 17, 2008)

Review Summery:

Sky Eats Airplane? More like record eats shit.

sceneupdates (May 17, 2008)

To be fair, you failed to mention, from what I know, the two guys in the band did EVERYTHING (no pun intended) on this album. Mixing, mastering and recording. This was also released at the beginning of their career where they probably had no idea what the fuck they were doing and still looking for 'their' sound. I don't know if it's important but you also failed to mention the band has since gone on to become a full band and dramatically changed their sound.

inagreendase (May 16, 2008)

o yeA??? ur jus jEaL0uz cuz ur n0t in AP. LOL!

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