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The Honor System

The Honor System: Single FileSingle File (2000)
Asian Man Records

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Contributed by: whendovescrywhendovescry
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[insert clever anecdote depicting some circumstance that grabs your attention while revealing that the author is quite an intellectual that leads an ever so interesting life while throwing in self-depricating details that actually shine light on one's vanity] [insert information about ex-members .
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[insert clever anecdote depicting some circumstance that grabs your attention while revealing that the author is quite an intellectual that leads an ever so interesting life while throwing in self-depricating details that actually shine light on one's vanity]

[insert information about ex-members intended to impress the reader but is flawed in a small way therefore opening the author up to a floodgate of criticism and poor grammar by owners of SUM 41 t-shirts and plaid Chuck Taylors]

[insert general opinion of album using hyperboles and more high flatulent language while comparing said album to something said t-shirt and shoe owners are familiar with and ending up sticking in highly descriptive phrases like "emotionally charged punk rock" and JAWBREAKER refrences]

[insert particularly memorable lyrics although when stripped of music sound completely irrelevant and meaningless but nonetheless the author's expresses his/her's urgency in such a manner to dimminish any credibility or creativity left]


One may purchase this album, listen to it a few times and shelve it in favor of THURSDAY and SAVES THE DAY. Other than upsetting this particular reviewer with horrible judgement calls, this said consumer is of the majority. Unless the consumer made this purchase at an Honor System show. In which case, he/she would immediately log onto www.honorsystem.net and attempt to describe what he/she has just witnessed.

Like many bands of independent fame, The Honor System is best appreciated live. Comparable to SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY's intensity and Q AND NOT U's awkward dancing, The Honor System proclaims... well, not a whole lot.

Chicago-bred these legendary midwestern boys can be seen holding down jobs at the Fireside Bwl (not a typ-o) and local daycares to make enough money to release records and tour and converse upon socialism till the wee hours in the worst part of downtown St. Louis. They let the music speak for itself and while obviously fitting the Chicago emo sound (with a little DC thrown in for good measure) do not fall into any stereo types which is very refreshing. Solid color t-shirts and tricked out amps are so punk rock this year afterall.

The album is amazing. The two guitars compliment each other so well it is beyond the murmer of "oh-that's-neat." The vocals are straight-forward and neither rough nor ruff. Politically laced "emo"-stories oftening involving drinking, unkempt apartments and sitting on hills. Right... kind of like BROADWAYS' lyrics.

Rob steps up and throws it down on the skins. The entire record is a drum fill. He never misses a beat live and recorded he is pure genius.

Please don't miss this. Take what we know from under-appreciated Chicago Asian Man bands, they won't be around for much longer.

I am quite aware of this reviews meadering and self-mockery, but it's entertaining for me to write these things like I do.


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arejaypunx (August 9, 2012)

This album is brilliant.

sciulli (June 3, 2004)

this record grows on me every single time I listen to it. It is slowly becoming one of my favorite albums ever.

Anonymous (March 16, 2003)

hey plato! socrates told you about this. you're not a genius. you know nothing and only when you realize this will you be truly happy. you don't know me, but you do (yes! this is for the reveiwer). love,godler

Anonymous (February 26, 2003)

Honor System is Amazing to see live, not for the energy of the antics they perform, but to see that this four piece band can actually reproduce their music live. This band to me is like a more intelligent Lawrence Arms. Its a shame they will never get the attention they diserve.

P.S. I find the comment about Dan Hanaways vocals sounding flat and monotone quite strange. Dan's vocals are quite bright and powerful in my opinion(not to mention the lyrics themselves rock).

Anonymous (March 30, 2002)

The Honor System is pretty good. I think its Dan Hanaway who is the lead singer who was formerly in the broadways, well anyway he sure doesn't sing with much emotion he sounds pretty monotone throughout the album which sucks. The band is a huge step behind the broadways but then again, who isn't?

Vladimir Hubitcherkokov

Anonymous (March 30, 2002)

JIMI. you forgot to seperate your second "oh,..." in the fourth meandering thought! im disgraced.

Anonymous (March 29, 2002)

I thought the review was funny....

plus, he actually wrote a decent review, which is hard to find around here...no one knows how to write a complete sentance it seems...

oh, and this album is pretty good...they're not the best chicago band, but they still rock...

oh, and to the dork below who thinks there's only 3 good chicago bands (although you're right on with those three...) you can't forget the larry arms...they rock my world...oh, and don't forget the fucking Ghost either damnit...

oh, and i'm seeing both of them tomorrow night...tla at the fireside, and the ghost at some house party....it rocks to be me...

thanks for the intelligent review too...


Anonymous (March 29, 2002)

*sigh* where did all the good chicago punk bands go?
aside from Loraxx, Alkaline Trio, and Shellac there's not really much else of worth there.

Anonymous (March 29, 2002)

that review was pretentious and stupid. if you want good, witty reviews go to pitchforkmedia.

whendovescry (March 27, 2002)

buy it! amazing! like me!

Anonymous (March 27, 2002)

ur selfmockery is confusing, it seems like you are saying its mediocre and then saying its amazing which one?

whendovescry (March 27, 2002)

Hahaha! It's been awhile since I wrote this and man, am I funny! Seriously, someone give me a column slot in Punk Planet or something. I'm freaking hilarious.

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