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Raised Fist: Veil of IgnoranceVeil of Ignorance (2009)
Burning Heart

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Contributed by: xcarlupanddiexxcarlupanddiex
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Raised Fist's fifth album comes out after three years of silence, but Veil of Ignorance picks up right where 2006's Sound of the Republic left off. It's no wonder this band takes its time to release music, and after following the evolution of their work, you can hear it also on the band's new album,.
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Raised Fist's fifth album comes out after three years of silence, but Veil of Ignorance picks up right where 2006's Sound of the Republic left off. It's no wonder this band takes its time to release music, and after following the evolution of their work, you can hear it also on the band's new album, but this time things get complicated.

I am totally aware that making it in today's music industry is nearly impossible, and this is not exactly the band you'd expect a brand new, innovative or groundbreaking, taking-down-the-border record; but this is what Veil of Ignorance wants to achieve. How? With the passion of the band's members. Not a lot of bands can say they broke their elbows playing for up to 18 hours a day for days at a time, and just a few bands still show passion in what they do.

But just like the four previous records, Veil was produced by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah), and quite differently from the two previous releases, which were very-metal influenced, on Veil of Ignorance Raised Fist try to go back to their old-school roots, bringing super-fast guitar riffs and hardcore beakdowns into the mosh pit, along with their classic metallic-fused sound. Some new songs sound a lot like they were taken from 2000's Ignoring the Guidlines, like "Volcano Is Me" and the super trashy "City of Cold" with its heart-attack intro.

A new element brought into Veil of Ignorance is the presence of slow, melodic-packed songs, like the apathy-baiting "Slipping Into Coma" or the super slow "Wounds," which sounds like screaming from your very dead end. Even though this is displayed on a few tunes, as on the instrumental closing track "Out," the average speed of the record is still fast. That much is evident on track like "Keeping It to Yourself" and opener "Friends and Traitors," which well represent the intensity and the urge of taking a heavy weight our of your chest, with violence indeed.

Lyrically, Raised Fist are still angry and mad with the cool kids infesting music today: "Does it make a difference if we play punk rock, and unlock the mysteries of hardcore and walk around the block, in trendy clothes, pretending to be superstars, or younger than we are? We just want to play drums, bass and guitar. No make-up, nothing bizarre, vocals but no stories from afar." That is quite possibly the best way to summarize this album and this band: no jokes, no bullshit, no waste of time. Just songs that go straight to the point: "Never Negotiate" sounds quite peculiar, as the band deals with the Middle East disaster.

In the end, I must say it takes more than one listen to get into this new record: the slow parts are really surprising, and the melodies do not impact on the listener as fast as on Dedication; they're more aggressive, more difficult and less catchy, but Veil of Ignorance is one of my most played records of 2009.

Friends and Traitors


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Alien (December 10, 2009)

This album is heavy. it rules

xcarlupanddiex (October 2, 2009)

donorale, I ALSO write on Truepunk.com



xtommybahamax (October 1, 2009)

They are touring the U.S. early 2010 according to their myspace page.

"After Canada we hit a couple of dates in the states (Los Angeles and New York with more cities to follow). Yeah, you read it right!"

david_arquette (September 25, 2009)

The single from this record sounds like a Korn b-side. How do you people listen to this?

jeffernator (September 24, 2009)

Hey HB Dad, I don't think there's any plans for a physical US release, but I know the digital's on iTunes right now.

miniblindbandit (September 23, 2009)


donorale (September 23, 2009)

The record kicks ass. The reviewer sucks ass for copy/pasting this from trupunk.com

Oh, and they will never tour the US, unless a lot of changes happens in the US foreign policy.

PUNXFORLIFE (September 23, 2009)

This Album raises hell. The mosh-part in "Wounds" is gonna smash the crowd on the upcoming tour. Gonna see them in Germany. I probably I won't survive

Misanthropee (September 22, 2009)

I kind of liked this band before the conspicuous nu-metal on the last album. Swedish hardcore is great, but these guys are neither/nor. Definitely should have stopped at 'Dedication.'

blip (September 22, 2009)

so did they ever make it to canada?

HB_Dad (September 22, 2009)

Great band and the songs I've heard are some of their best. However, there still seems to be no US release mentioned. Does anyone know when you can get it in the US without paying super-high import prices?

xtommybahamax (September 22, 2009)

This record is awesome. All their records are amazing. Hopefully they play in FL on their world tour.

Jeffernator (September 22, 2009)

I fell in love with this band with their song off Punk O Rama vol 6. Still love'em.

Alien (September 22, 2009)

So good.

skeetopunk01 (September 22, 2009)

One of the best hardcore bands around! Wish more people were familiar with these guys... buy this people and support good music.

sexualsunshine (September 22, 2009)

Loved the early records. Didn't like the last one. Excited to hear this.

brandonsideleau (September 22, 2009)

Great band releases another great album. 'Nuff said.

LeightonESmith (September 22, 2009)

Oh fuck yes! I totally agree with this review, its the sort of album that takes a couple of listens to get your head around but so far, my album of the year. Fav songs for me: Afraid, City of cold (brilliant), I have to pretend.
I may be slightly biased given that Raised Fist is my favourite hardcore punk band of all time (since Fuel in 99). Its a cracker of an album and a very good progression than some other bands lately (read Thrice and AFI).
I flew to Brisbane 2 weeks ago and saw them for the first time (supported by Carpathian). Everyone went fucking nuts and the members of RF were fucking flying everywhere across the the stage - it was inspiring to watch - vindication definitely. The guy with the gushing head wound in the crowd wasn't stoked.
They internationally debuted about 4 or 5 songs off the new album including: Friends and traitors, They can't keep us down, Wounds, Slipping into coma, Disbelief.
Set also included:
Off Sound of Republic: You ignore them all, Perfectly broken, Hertz Island, Killing it.
Off Dedication: Get this right, Message beneath contempt, Disable me, Killing revenues
Off Ignoring the guidelines: Running man, Breaking me up, Different but the same
Off Fuel: Pretext, Tribute.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 22, 2009)

such a good band

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