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Propagandhi: How To Clean EverythingHow To Clean Everything (1993)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: The_stickstickforbrains
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This album is gold. Well the actual disc is kinda mustard, but the music it makes is audio gold. My first taste of Propagandhi was probably like most, Anti-Manifesto, track one on Fat Music For Fat People. It was love at first listen. Anti-Manifesto in my mind is Propagandhi, it is what i thin.
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This album is gold. Well the actual disc is kinda mustard, but the music it makes is audio gold. My first taste of Propagandhi was probably like most, Anti-Manifesto, track one on Fat Music For Fat People. It was love at first listen.

Anti-Manifesto in my mind is Propagandhi, it is what i think about when the band is mentioned. It fucking kicks arse. It changes styles through out the song, from kinda ska at the beggining, through to juicey punk with the occasional sudden stop to say things like, "I don't even care any-fucking more".

Showdown is up there with Anti-manifesto, the split vocals make this song brilliant, and the riff is absolutely awsome.

Ska Sucks, good, funny ska song, a bit controversial, and the be all, end all of F.A.Q., 'Do you guys really hate ska?' well apparently they dont.

Most songs on this album are above average, if not really really good. All have their fair share of Politically agitated lyrics, which is what Propagandhi are all about. Oh yeah all songs have their fair share of "Fucking fuck fuckeddy fuckin' fucked" but i like that too. The lyrics are all in the booklet for your learning purposes, also in the booklet, the bands they stole thier riffs from, and the thank you list, or lack off.

This album fucking rocks.

You should own this by now, it's nearly 10 years old, and fuck, its kinda embarrasing being the first to review it. Lucky me.


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majorthreat (October 29, 2011)

They had to throw in the Cheap Trick cover didn't they? But apart from that, it's awesome

MrIndecisive (December 3, 2010)

From Anti-Manifesto, to the fucks at the end, this album is f.u.c.k.i.n.g. amazing. Top 5, all time. I love their new records, don't get me wrong, but I don't think they, or very many other albums will top this for me.

fatpunkguy (July 15, 2010)

I remember that comp and I agree that first track really hooked me (and all my friends) from about 15 seconds into the first listen, 17years later still love it.

DrBino (April 8, 2009)

PS the review sucks too.

DrBino (April 8, 2009)

Good album. Not their best, but still very good. The weakest part of this recording (and LTMR) is John Samson. His lyrics are piss weak compared to Chris', asd his vocal delivery is sub-par. He just doesn't fit this band.
All in all a good record though.

cannsaw (August 1, 2008)

Propagandhi In Drublic: A Tribute To NoFX

i-hate-winnipeg (October 14, 2007)

nocontrol, agreed.

HeroineBob (June 6, 2007)

I love this band... I love seeing them live as well... thye are totally fucking kick ass and everything they stand for (or against)

nocontrol (May 6, 2007)

perfect album.

bornagainstcrackhead (October 11, 2006)

Greatest propagandhi album to date. I've been addicted to this album for nearly ten years now ,and i still think its one of the greatest punk albums ever!!!oh yeah jordy boy has lost wieght!!haha

JmaFockinK (September 29, 2006)

I'm not gonna complain like half the little girls who posted before me..

So here it is, This IN MY OPINION is Propagandhi's best release to date. It has everything in my opinion, lyrically smarty, rythmically sound.. It's just a great record..

If you like this type of shit, this is a must buy.

Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (June 6, 2006)

Decent POP-PUNK album. And FuckYouOiOiOi is a fucking fucktard.

FuckYouOiOiOi (April 12, 2006)

just got this on vinyl. it has been one of my favorite albums for years. what the fuck happened to them?!? oh yeah, john left.

Anonymous (September 12, 2005)

Its one of the best albums ive ever heard!!!
And not only their musik sounds great, the lyrics are also very good!!

Anonymous (August 19, 2004)


Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

Thsi album is by far the best album ever.I got into propagandhi around 1998 and have been a fan since.They are my favoruite shows and i have seen them live alot because I live in there hometown winnipeg.I also have met these guys and they are great people.Why does everybody say propagandhi suck??I dont fucking know they actully can write smarter lyrics then pennywise,anti-flag,etc etc.If you dont own a propagandhi album defintly buy this one.You will cry,laugh,rock out,and shit your pants listening to this album.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

"my favorite punk album of all times eras and centurys ....
this is a true art

and fuck everyone who things different"

Dude that's a really bad attitude to take, especially when you're talking about Propagandhi. They would probably get real pissed if they saw that. That's not the kind of message they're trying to send at all. Look... they wrote that song "Homophobes are just mad cause they can't get laid," which is a hilarious title, but which also has a good message, the message being that tolerance is important. Dude, be tolerant of people who have different opinions. If you're not, then you can't distinguish yourself from those morons who stand there shouting "homosexuality is evil! All fags burn in hell!" And if you do that, you've missed the message of this album.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

After that album I could safely say that Propagandhi sucks.

But then the two others came out...

Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

This album is one of the best albums ever. It's so fucking good it's hard for me to describe it in words. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SONG IS 100% KICKASS-UP YOUR A-HOLE-punk-ska-melodi-core euphoria.

If you don't own this album your really missing something.

Hesmorepunkthanme (May 2, 2002)

This album is a great piece of work. and their newest album Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes is even harder hitting than their prevesious records.I like to add their stage shows are just amazing!! It kinda has a storey tellers feel but on many types of drugs.

Anonymous (May 1, 2002)

my favorite punk album of all times eras and centurys ....
this is a true art

and fuck everyone who things different

Anonymous (May 1, 2002)

mi favorite punk album of all times eras century ....
this is a true art

and fuck everyone who things different

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

ok, i reviewed it. and i gave it 5stars. and because i said that all songs were good, im a kid (even though i know i am one in the mind, and i will never grow up.)

i thought before i wrote this comment,

poo face

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

chimerical burst = cheesy doodle

stickforbrains review = rad

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

ok, whilst wowed by your inestimable intelligence, i couldn't help but comment that u could assume based all the content of all the previous comments that a 10 stars are easily associated with their intention. on a side note, these three stars are for your mom. in the past, she has been much better, especially considering price, but last nite, she just didn't cut it. better luck next time, hun.

-chimerical burst

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

An album comprised of songs that are "above average, if not really really good" does not deserve ten stars. Think before you write these things, kids.

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

I do think it is great to hear such a poppy punk band that is pollitical.(although their new album is not poppy at all.) The majority of the bands on this site sing about chicks and high school and are hitting their 30's, thats not really punk to me. although some of these bands are great, i just feel like it needed to be said. Their not all that punk.

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

Awesome album and I agree with what you said, but it seems like forgot to post the middle section of your review. You start going through the first couple of songs and then you sum up the whole album. What's up with that?

And HATE, MYTH, MUSCLE, ETIQUETTE deserves to be mentioned too.

Anonymous (April 21, 2002)

Absolute perfect political melodicore.

Anonymous (April 20, 2002)

this is not pop-punk. This amazing album is staight ahead rock with tinge of butt-rock added into it. Don't forget about John K. Sampson's contibutions to early Prop work.

Anonymous (April 20, 2002)

well, although i wholly agree with this review, it might be appropriate to talk about more than three songs. especially when overlooking classics like "stick the fucking flag up your goddamn ass, you sonofabitch," "haillie sellasse, up your ass" and the amazing cover of "i want you to want me." moreover, this album (as with all propagandhi albums) contains the most humorous politically incisive lyrics since the famed/infamed Jello Biafra band, oh, wait, i mean the Dead Kenndys. (i kid cos i love)

-chimerical burst

Anonymous (April 20, 2002)


But for real man this record is great. Nice to hear pop-punk that's not about a fucking chick for once.

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