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Whippersnapper: America's Favorite PastimeAmerica's Favorite Pastime (1998)
Lobster Records

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Contributed by: SideLinedForLifeSideLinedForLife
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To get to the point right away, if you have never heard this band then get ready for them to be one of your favorites. This CD rises above the mediocre pop-punk bands you've heard before to become the next best thing next to bands such as NOFX and Strung Out. Whippersnapper is pop-punk that .
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To get to the point right away, if you have never heard this band then get ready for them to be one of your favorites. This CD rises above the mediocre pop-punk bands you've heard before to become the next best thing next to bands such as NOFX and Strung Out.

Whippersnapper is pop-punk that is original as all hell, and definitely can be appreciated for its break neck speed. If thats not enough, at the same time it pleases the fans of "wuss" bands if you will, who need not mentioned. If you haven't given this a chance, put down everything, and listen to something new.

As said before this cd has speed, good vocals that aren't too whiny, but not to harsh, and its lyrics are amazingly crafted. The first song starts out with a bang. It is called "Two of a Kind," which will get you a customed to great drumming and guitar work. It is one of the standout tracks which sets the pace and quality for the rest of the CD. The best part about this record is the fact that there is an edge. The second song "Swing Shift," is a little slower, but is extremely catchy with some fast drumming. Not too complex which makes it one of the weaker songs on the album. The third song is where things start to get interesting, and also shows this bands is not the average boring pop-punk. Starting with a very good guitar riff breaking into some quick playing music which is almost Strung Out like. "This fight inside, this battle without end with strength and motivation you'll never run. Never run away, never run away, never run away, you've got to stand your ground, and see this through." Lyrics like this are the type that get you hooked, and make this song even better. The next song "Wrong or Right," has some good and bad in it. The good is the amazing guitar work. The bad is the lack of speed, but mostly the bore factor. It's one of those ones that you don't mind skipping. Song number five "Bottom Line" showcases the bands ability to put so much into a song. One of the best songs on the album allows listeners to realize how talented the band is. Very catch with the guitar riffs being great as usual. Not a fast song, but a very solid one lyrically and musically. The sixth song "Tragic Flaw," has an amazing edge to it. As with the rest of the songs on this album this one is very catchy, but also mixes it up throughout the song to keep it far from boring. Not a standout, but certainly not a skip worthy song. The seventh song is my personal favorite. "Alt.Guitar.Com," is simply amazing to me. Its the song that has your head bobbing. Through the first listen it even may be confusing because it goes from being slow to fast numerous times. It just plain shreds, and instead of going verse to chorus to verse to chorus, it hardly ever repeats the same words while creating a different sound for pretty much every sentence that is sung. Song eight called "Perfect World," starts out very slow then breaks into the relentless pace that this album is. This song is probably my second favorite because of again the variety put into one song. Different sounds around every corner, and some of the lines are yelled out with passion. Number nine "The System," is good. Very good. In fact with more listens it becomes flawless. I dunno I'm speachless. The tenth song "Silent Crime" is the type of song that other pop-punk bands wish they could play (with exceptions). All in all it is very fast paced with some awesome drumming that will make you want to mosh. "Tuesday Mourning" is by "The Pogues." It is very catchy and good, but for some reason I always skip over it. The final song "Perceptions" is a great way to end such an enlighting disc. Typical "Whippersnapper" here with a little less pop added into the song. Don't let that discourage you if your a weenie when it comes to music because its a song you will be singing in your head all day.

To sum up an album that puts alot of bands to shame its one that you probably won't be able to stop playing. This album has some very good qualities ranging from being non-generic to the ability of these five guys to play technical music and do it well. "Pop-punk is a fad," which is said by many. Although I agree with that I also believe that if there were more bands like this then there would be an argument worth arguing.


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disconnect (May 12, 2010)

Love this album. The best melodic punk band ever. Gutted they've split.

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

This cd is amazing. Pretty fucking hard to find too, at least where I'm from. This cd is pretty much straight up fast melodic punk music with catchy talented guitar riffs. I think any fan of any punk music should love this cd. Do yourself a favor and fucking buy it.

Anonymous (September 23, 2002)

wow i was the 666 reader. kinda scarrryyyyyyy FARRRTTTTTTTTTSSSSSPOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!!!

Anonymous (July 18, 2002)

Wow. A new pop-punk that is original. Whippersnapper rocks! -SaYnE GuY

Anonymous (May 19, 2002)

they cover a pogues song but you skip over it? your review just losts its credibility. another boring band.

Anonymous (May 13, 2002)

less soloing on the guitars on the new album too, the second album was like a non stop guitar solo - bigjerk

Anonymous (May 10, 2002)

Yea i see exactly what your saying to me the guitar playing and drumming is all along the same lines but the lead singer has a way deeper and more raspy voice. Its weird, but still a good record check this band out everyone.

Anonymous (May 9, 2002)

is it just me or does the new album sound like a different band? - bigjerk

kiwipunk (May 8, 2002)

Very Very good album and the 2 that follow this up are just as good.
Rock Out and Ride Low!

evildeadalive (May 7, 2002)

I have never heard these guys before, and your review doesn't really make me want to. Other than the fact you say they 'shred', why should I check these guys out? Because they are not generic pop punk... why aren't they? You didn't really tell me. I'm not trying to be an ass, I just didn't really get anything from your reviw.

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Whippersnapper is perfection.
--Big Letter Guy

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Great album, great band. - bigjerk

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