Planes Mistaken For Stars - Knife In The Marathon (Cover Artwork)

Planes Mistaken For Stars

Planes Mistaken For Stars: Knife In The MarathonKnife In The Marathon (2000)
Deep Elm Records

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Contributed by: exhaustraexhaustra
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When I listen to this band, i want to fuck shit up. This is the only band that the dueling vocals actually seem to be trying to kill each other. Over-take, crush, destroy. Sometimes, I think that one of them might have succeeded. Heavy, frantic guitars that don't always fit. Just pound 'em har.

When I listen to this band, i want to fuck shit up.

This is the only band that the dueling vocals actually seem to be trying to kill each other. Over-take, crush, destroy. Sometimes, I think that one of them might have succeeded.

Heavy, frantic guitars that don't always fit. Just pound 'em harder, man, they'll even out eventually. It's like they don't mean to use melody, but they exude it, it comes out anyway. It oozes, like it's always been there, and the heaviness of this fucking record is them trying to hide it from you.

What kind of distortion pedal does the bass player use? Or does he just slit his speaker cones with a razor?

Every song on this record is completely amazing and renews my faith in hardcore everytime I let it invade my life.

So listen to your Stretch Armstrong CD's and keep pretending. When you're ready, when you're sick of the slick production, the fashion, and the 'cool' jump-kicks, listen to this.

Hey, no one ever said hardcore's nice...


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Anonymous (April 4, 2005)

PMFS is one of the best hardcore bands...yeah this comment is kinda late but i was searchin through review of bands I like so hehehe... hmmmwe ll one thing i gotta say is I love both hardcore and Emo and i agree with the guy that said NFG is not emo, he is right thats pop punk straight up and not to bash on Pop punk but im notta fan of it.

Anonymous (May 17, 2004)


FortyMinutesWest (March 7, 2003)

PMFS do borrow from early emo. Emo isn't New Found Glory.

Anonymous (January 15, 2003)

Planes Mistaken For Stars are quite possibly the greatest indie band to ever walk the face of the earth. It is weird that when you see people comment on reviews , or people talk about them on message boards, or even in real life, you rarely ever see "pmfs suck" like you do with COUNTLESS other bands, even though you may think they are good. I see a lot of my favorite bands dissed on here, but it is like planes are untouchable. (Maybe the next person can be really funny and post "planes suck".)

It blows me away on how all these new bands who totally rip planes off are getting way bigger than planes ever got. Maybe it is because they always kept it "underground".

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

Quite possibly the best review I have ever read on punknews.org.... and please, for the love of god NEVER EVER refer to Planes as an emo fucking band. That is degrading and pathetic to call a band as incredible as PMFS emo. You have to realize that not ever fucking band that has a hint of melody in their songs are emo...

Anonymous (May 29, 2002)

You fucking idiot!!!!! this is hardcore to the bone!! not much has been this hardcore since rollins was in black flag you idiot!!

Anonymous (May 19, 2002)

This EMO, not HXC, kid!
STRETCH ARM STRONG rock because they are melodic hxc
PLANES... rock because they are emo
and BREATHE IN rock because they are friends! ;-)

Anonymous (May 13, 2002)

This is a good record. Don't knock off Stretch Armstrong. Both bands have equal emotional power in their music. If you're gonna knock on a band, try dissing all the grit/emo -metalcore hybrids out there.

-green run brad

lou-s (May 8, 2002)

...you mean that's not the new black flag album... uhhhh


Anonymous (May 8, 2002)

to quote myself...

Hey, no one ever said hardcore's nice...


Anonymous (May 8, 2002)

I thoroughy enjoy the music of both PMFS and Stretch Armstrong, sir. You can like different genres, you know. Don't be rude.

Anonymous (May 8, 2002)

Funny that this person complains that this album is three years old, yet makes no such comment on the Black Flag review. You DO know who Black Flag is, right?

whendovescry (May 7, 2002)

This makes me want to run through my streets at 2 am screaming wordless verse while bleeding of some sort.

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

hey guy 3 comments down...fuck off. who else thinks that guy should fuck off?

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Good CD. I like their full length, Fuck With Fire better. But good CD nonetheless.

skaman (May 7, 2002)

i checked out this band and they sound really good. you had me sold on the review.

good job

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Hey, as long as we're reviewing records from 3 yrs. ago, what do you think about the Appleseed Cast / Planes Mistaken For Stars / Race Car Riot split ep? Way to keep up with the times. Try reviewing the NEW P.M.F.S. "Fucking Fight" 7" Repress. It was a good review, but it's a little too late.

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

That was a fucking great review and covered everything that makes Planes one of the best bands today....well fucking done man...


Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

yup, listening to these guys make me want go out and kill little babies and elderly ladies.

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Fuckin yeah.

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