Atlanta, Georgia's Black Cougar Shock Unit have announced tentative US tour dates in support of their recent record, Godzilla Tripwire and EP Hello Black Cougar Shock Unit on Newest Industry.

The band will be joined in the UK with No Idea's Grabass Charlestones who will support their 2005 release, Ask Mark Twain.

BCSU will continue through Europe with Former Cell Mates.

March 23, 2006Newport, UKTJ‚??s Grabass Charlestons, Against Me!, Murder By Death
March 24, 2006Glasbury, UKVillage Hall Grabass Charlestons
March 25, 2006Guildford, UKTBC Grabass Charlestons
March 26, 2006Southampton, UKKing Alfred‚??s Grabass Charlestons, Circus Act and more
March 27, 2006Brighton, UKFree Butt Grabass Charlesons, Heroic Doses
March 28, 2006Kingston, UKFighting Cocks Grabass Charlestons, Heroic Doses
March 29, 2006High Wycombe, UKThe Roundabout Grabass Charlestons
March 30, 2006Exeter, UKThe Cavern Club Grabass Charlestons
March 31, 2006TBA, UKTBA Grabass Charlestons
April 1, 2006Stoke-On-Trent, UKThe Glebe Grabass Charlestons
April 2, 2006Derby, UKFirst Floor Club Grabass Charlestons, Former Cell Mates
April 3, 2006Manchester, UKThe Phoenix Grabass Charlestons
April 4, 2006Leamington Spa, UKRobin‚??s Well Grabass Charlestons
April 5, 2006Northampton, UKRace Horse Grabass Charlestons, Never So True
April 6, 2006Leeds, UKThe Fenton Grabass Charlestons
April 7, 2006Edinburgh, UKThe Subway Grabass Charlestons, I Stand Alone
April 8, 2006Kirkcaldy, UKThe Path Tavern Grabass Charlestons, I Stand Alone
April 9, 2006Sunderland, UKVoodoo Rooms Grabass Charlestons, Former Cell Mates, Mercury League
April 10, 2006Belfast, Northern IrelandLaverys Bunker Grabass Charlestons
April 11, 2006TBA, IrelandTBA Grabass Charlestons
April 12, 2006Galway, IrelandSally Long‚??s Bar Grabass Charlestons
April 13, 2006Dublin, IrelandThe Lower Deck Grabass Charlestons
April 14, 2006London, UKThe Garage (Upstairs) Grabass Charlestons
April 15, 2006Newport, UKLe Pub Grabass Charlestons, State Run
April 18, 2006Trier, GermanyExhaus Former Cell Mates
April 19, 2006Utrecht, The NetherlandsAcu Former Cell Mates
April 20, 2006Koln, GermanySonic Ballroom Former Cell Mates
April 21, 2006Berlin, GermanyTwff Former Cell Mates
April 22, 2006Cheb, Czech RepublicTBA Former Cell Mates
April 23, 2006Prague, Czech RepublicGuru Former Cell Mates
April 25, 2006N√ľnchritz, GermanyKombi Former Cell Mates
April 26, 2006Bingen, GermanyTBA Former Cell Mates
April 27, 2006TBA, SwitzerlandTBA Former Cell Mates
April 28, 2006TBA, SwitzerlandTBA Former Cell Mates
April 29, 2006TBA, SwitzerlandTBA Former Cell Mates
April 30, 2006TBA, GermanyTBA Former Cell Mates
May 1, 2006Lubeck, GermanyTBA Former Cell Mates
May 2, 2006Turku, FinlandDynamo Former Cell Mates, They Stole a Million
May 3, 2006Vastavirta, FinlandKlubi Former Cell Mates, They Stole a Million
May 4, 2006Helsinki, FinlandFactory Former Cell Mates, They Stole a Million