Silverstein Silverstein have unveiled details about their upcoming seventh full-length, This Is How the Wind Shifts. The album is due out on February 5, 2013 via Hopeless Records. This will be the band's follow-up to their 2011 album Short Songs.

In addition, the band is streaming a song from the new record, titled "Stand Amid the Roar."

Silverstein - This Is How the Wind Shifts

  1. Stand Amid The Roar
  2. On Brave Mountains We Conquer
  3. Massachusetts
  4. This is How
  5. A Better Place
  6. Hide Your Secrets
  7. Arrivals
  8. In a Place of Solace
  9. In Silent Seas We Drown
  10. California
  11. The Wind Shifts
  12. To Live and To Lose
  13. With Second Chances
  14. Departures

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