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Funeral Diner on indefinite hiatus
Alone Records act Funeral Diner have gone on an indefinite hiatus. The band made the announcement in a myspace bulletin, saying: "Funeral Diner will not be playing any shows or writing any new music in the foreseeable future. Thank you all for the tremendous love and support The band is planning one final release, a split with Ampere which includes former members of Orchid. The band's final full length release was 2005's…
2007-07-27 11:00:03

Bravo Fucking Bravo (2003-2006)
Alone Records rock/hardcore/screamo hybrid Bravo Fucking Bravo have announced that they played their final show on November 24th. Member John McCarthy left the band, and the others did not want to continue the band name without him. Last year the band released their acclaimed Alone Records debut,…
2006-12-11 20:30:02

Alone Records CMJ Showcase
Alone Records has announce their lineup for the annual CMJ Music Marathon. It'll take place on October 31, 2006 at the Lit Lounge in New York City. The lineup will include Racebannon, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Mass Movement of the Moth, and Daniel Stripe Tiger. Doors open at 9pm.…
2006-10-20 09:00:09

Alone Updates
Alone Records have announced their initial 2005 schedule, with a complete 2 CD discography of Jeromes Dream expected out on January 25th. The compilation will include everything previously issued by the band as well as some unreleased tracks. They are also planning to release a Fork & Knife/Electric Mayhem split 7" on the same day. The Saddest Landscape, who recently released…
2004-11-13 18:19:06

Want to get Alone? Pick up some of these...
Alone Records have quite a line up of releases for 2002. With already having released two splits with The One AM Radio and the popular screamo band Joshua Fit For Battle, Alone will grow even bigger with the upcoming releases which include a You and I discography, an Assistant LP/CD, and a CDep by Transistor/Transistor. For more info, please visit the label's…
2002-05-19 01:59:38

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