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The Assistant

The Assistant: We'll Make the Roads By WalkingWe'll Make the Roads By Walking (2003)
Alone Records

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Contributed by: JesseJesse
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I have to say, as soon as I read the song titles of this band, I was expecting the worst. With such killers as "be nice to me, i had a ruff day," and "too bad spiderman doesn't exist becasue there really is a green goblin," I was sure this band was bound for suckdom. But as, this review might tell.
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I have to say, as soon as I read the song titles of this band, I was expecting the worst. With such killers as "be nice to me, i had a ruff day," and "too bad spiderman doesn't exist becasue there really is a green goblin," I was sure this band was bound for suckdom. But as, this review might tell you, I was duly impressed.

Aside from having crappy song titles, I noticed that the lyrics all had full page explanations for each one. I thought this silly, but Scott Punknews assured me that it was perfectly normal for a posicore band. Well I was shocked. I had never heard of posicore before! If you haven't figured it out, posi is short for positive, as in emo=emotional. What I also noticed as I was reading that lyrics, was that they weren't half bad. All songs had a positive image, and were decently written with a hopeful attitude.

Then came the test. Even if a band has decent lyrics, the music itself might be the shittiest thing ever written. But I was blown away. Not metaphorically as in them being the best I'd ever heard, but physically blown from the speakers. This is one of the hardest hitting bands I have heard in awhile, and I was amazed at how not suckey it was. But I wasn't sold until I heard track #3, of the spiderman title. It breaks down into a really good hardcore riff for the last 2 minutes of the song, not to mention the classic metal riff openers.

And now onto what could use some work for this album. Number one, the production. It seems a bit grainy at times and muddy at others. This CD would definately deserve a better score if the production was better. Next, I think that some times the songs get a bit repetitive, as they average about seven minutes long. This sometimes goes beyond the point of good song writing and hits levels of being mundane.

All in all, I think this is a solid album, especially for posicore fans. And altough I would never buy it for myself, I think it deserves some checking out just in case you might totally dig it.


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RichieDaggersCrime (April 19, 2008)

Complaining about the production on a punk rock album is like... well, I can't think of anything, but it's dumb.

Yellowtrash (September 23, 2003)

How about post-post hardcore? HAHA

Anonymous (September 22, 2003)

screamo does not equal sad or depressing you idiots, the assistant is a screamo band

Anonymous (September 22, 2003)

They're still not posicore. Listen to any of their songs and FEEL THAT SHIT, I mean seriously FEEL THAT SHIT, and you know what I mean. There IS such a thing as good sadness, nah mean

musical-monkey (September 21, 2003)

They just played their last show yesterday.

CallingLondon (September 21, 2003)

posicore? that's a joke, right?

Jesse (September 21, 2003)

Please, before you make an ass of yourself, pay attention to the lyrics and how the band categorizes ITSELF. None of the songs are sad or even remotely have a hint of depressing emo-ness to them.

Anonymous (September 21, 2003)

Bad review...posicore? This is a goddamn screamo band. SCREAMO BAND. And positive, maybe, but I'd say "hurt" or "sad" first.

Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

I've been a fan of the Assistant since the Forstella Ford split 7" and this, their final album, blew me away but I'm not sure if I enjoy it more than their last LP...check them out sometime.

Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

east coast time, they probably just finished playing their last show a couple hours ago.

Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

i really hope they didn't.

musical-monkey (September 20, 2003)

Didn't they just play their last show recently?

Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

Not a bad album, too bad my vinyl released by Scene Police is sort of messed up.

Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

i love this band. this album wasnt quite as good as their other releases but it was still amazing.

and it seems like this review was done by someone who really shouldn't have been given this record to review.

Anonymous (September 20, 2003)

this is a good band.

FortyMinutesWest (September 19, 2003)

Last Will Be First=amazing

Anonymous (September 19, 2003)

i love the assistant so much.
the last will be the first are great also. indeed.


inagreendase (September 19, 2003)

What are you talking about? Those song titles are awesome. Pretty good review tho...

Jesse (September 19, 2003)

The female vocals on this album are not as descript as they could be, and involve more female screaming, but sometimes they stand out quite well.

Anonymous (September 19, 2003)

is there a lot of screaming vocals and/or female vocals like their first cd? how about piano?

FortyMinutesWest (September 19, 2003)

It's only posicore in terms of lyrics, good band though.

Anonymous (September 19, 2003)

yeah, this isn't really posicore in the traditional sense of the term.

this is more like older converge with a more slick production and hopeful lyrics.

Anonymous (September 19, 2003)

never heard of the term posi core?wow.check out insted,gorilla biscuits,shutdown ect.

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