CKY - Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild (Cover Artwork)


CKY: Infiltrate Destroy RebuildInfiltrate Destroy Rebuild (2002)
Island Records

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Contributed by: owenOwen
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If you are not familiar with CKY, you most likely have unknowingly heard their music in the shock/stunt/skate videos Landspeed,CKY2K, CKY3, and on the television show "Jackass". Their involvement with the videos almost certainly happened due to the fact CKY's drummer Jess is the big brother of "Jac.
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If you are not familiar with CKY, you most likely have unknowingly heard their music in the shock/stunt/skate videos Landspeed,CKY2K, CKY3, and on the television show "Jackass". Their involvement with the videos almost certainly happened due to the fact CKY's drummer Jess is the big brother of "Jackass" prankster and professional skater Bam Margera. Other that having their music in the videos, the ties between the band and the show are virtually non-existant. For being associated with such goofy antics on film, this is a band who takes their music very seriously - and it shows.

CKY incorporate elements of several styles of music and blend it into their own unique mix. While genre-bouncing isn't something new for a band to try, most efforts end up sounding pieced together and unnatural. This is not the case with CKY, however. Combining the riffage of Black Sabbath, the spacey effects and Moogs of electronic music, the groove of funk, and the and layers of guitar (a la Billy Corgan) CKY has made a sound distinctly their own.

From the opening riff of the song "Welcome to Hellview" it becomes instantly apparent that the band has created a sound not found anywhere else. The guitar has a distinct distortion tone that I just cannot put my finger on when describing. The vocals vary from to clear and strong to breathy and emotional, often within the same song. Thankfully, the singing never falls into the annoying nu-metal trappings of bands like Korn or Godsmack.

I am curious how a four-piece band is going to pull off all the layered guitars and keyboards in a live setting. Whether they use additional musicians, backing tapes, or just eliminate the parts altogether is a mystery to me. Their tour is hitting my town soon so I will just have to find out for myself.

This album is a definite progression from their previous work, both in song quality and level of production. The material sounds much cleaner and tigher than anything they've done in the past. Every song has a hook and a really natual flow. While their earlier major-label album "CKY: Volume 1" had two or three gems buried within its track list, "Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild" is solid from start to finish.

Not to say this is a perfect album, however. The album has some brief moments that become almost too poppy for its own good (the song "Plastic Plan" comes to mind). Another shortcoming is the album's length. With only 10 songs clocking in at a little over half an hour, I was left feeling like there needed to be more to the disk. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, I would rather have 10 tracks of quality material than a dozen with a couple being fodder not even suitable for B-sides.

I purchased this disk for under 10 bucks and it undoubtedly is worth the money. If you are interested in trying something a little different than the current wave of screamo-emo clones, give CKY a listen.


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brookslikesmusics (June 19, 2012)

Really well written review, although I'm kinda confused by the rating given how much praise you had for it. Personally I give it a 4.5 out of 5 as it's really awesome music, but not quite my style.

Kaitlin (March 2, 2007)

I definantly agree with you! CKY rocks. I also had a few of my friends listen to their music and they love them now! one of my best friends said that this band has inspired her to start a band of her own and so she has! I cant wait till a concert rolls in to town here i will most definantly be one of the first ones to get a ticket!

Anonymous (April 4, 2006)

This is probably my favorite album, every song has its own unique sound. Deon Miller, is an amazing guitarist and a great vocalist. I've met the whole band and even though they're on a major label they still work their own merch booth and have never sold out. For some reason though, my brother hates them and I dragged him to one of their shows and he loved it...
This album is amazing, if you don't know what cd to buy sometime give this a shot. CKY has a very unique sound. Either you love 'em or hate 'em.

Anonymous (April 4, 2006)

This is probably my favorite album, every song has its own unique sound. Deon Miller, is an amazing guitarist and a great vocalist. I've met the whole band and even though they're on a major label they still work their own merch booth and have never sold out. For some reason though, my brother hates them and I dragged him to one of their shows and he loved it...
This album is amazing, if you don't know what cd to buy sometime give this a shot. CKY has a very unique sound. Either you love 'em or hate 'em.

thejoshbennett (January 11, 2006)

FUCK CKY! they used to be good until the fuckup bam sold them out!

Anonymous (July 16, 2005)

I love this album. They built on their sound from Volume 1 and have created their own style. Chad Ginsburg, Deron Miller, and Jess Margera have quite a future up ahead (they booted Vern out)

Anonymous (July 16, 2005)

I love this album. They built on their sound from Volume 1 and have created their own style. Chad Ginsburg, Deron Miller, and Jess Margera have quite a future up ahead (they booted Vern out)

Anonymous (July 4, 2005)

All their fans are complete assholes? Oh, so you've meet every one of their fans?

Some of the shit you guys say is seriously pathetic (see also WussEmoRock's idiot posts below). Are you this fucking stupid in real life? Just trying to get a rise out of people over the Internet? It's hard to tell.

Anyway, if you like this album, pick up the new one "An Answer Can Be Found."

Anonymous (June 27, 2005)

Too bad all their fans are complete assholes, it makes me never EVER want to listen to them.

An 8 out of respect that they might be good.

Anonymous (August 26, 2004)

i hate everyone who is going to say only people who skate listen to them.

i've been listening to them before i started skate boarding you jackass, and fuCKYou for dissing bam. so what if he wants his brothers band to have coverage. if it wasn't for him i wouldn't even know about CKY and neither would anyone else

Anonymous (August 26, 2004)

i'm not a big fan of hardcore, but this cd is my dirty pleasure. it's one of the best i own. attached at the hip is my favorite song by far. it's so fucking original that when i heard it blew me away. plus jess's brother bam is so hilarious! FuCKYou to any one who says otherwise

Anonymous (July 29, 2004)

Cky rocks! you fucking shitbricks who reckon they suck, fuck you n tell me face to face that cky suck n ill kick your fuckin asses personally. Dickshits

Anonymous (July 7, 2004)

aku budak skinhead aku nak

Anonymous (June 23, 2004)

to anyone who thinks linkin park is "hard-core" try listenin to malevolent creation... slayer... THATS hard-core

Anonymous (June 23, 2004)

u wanna know whats fuckin lame?? linkin park!

i DARE you to go up to chad and say CKY sucks. i doubt if you'l llive to tell the tale. even if you go up to one of the alliance members... you tell me to my face that CKY sucks and you'll be in the hospital and i'll probably end up in jail.

Anonymous (June 20, 2004)

I'm the Punk/Hard rocker guy, and by the fuckin' way,

96 Quite Bitter Beings was a fucking huge hit and ended up on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

"ESCAPE"(You fucking dumbnuts!) from Hellview is a sequel to 96 Quite Bitter Beings.


Anonymous (June 20, 2004)

I'm a PUNK/HARD rocker.

Are you CKY haters fucking retarded? With your hand you jackoff with always cured and on your chest?

CKY is the fucking shit, here to forever.

They are fucking anti-lame, and you should fuggin' drop dead if you have anything against them.. Wha's the sound of that? That's me flippin' the mother fuckin' bird at you CKY haters. So you can eat shit and die, mother fucking tourists.

The other bands you should listen to are- NoFX, Linkin Park, Hot Water Music, and AFI.


Anonymous (May 26, 2004)

All you little kids need to open your eyes and stop being close minded. And homophpoic at that. To not like music because of who endorses it or who else likes it is fucking stupid. If you dont like it for your own reasons than fine but jesus-fucking-christ stop the gaybashing.

Anonymous (April 8, 2004)

CKY is gay. its only popular because all the little skater kids like it because that one kid bam or whatever the fuck his name is exploits them. they suck.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

Wuss-Emo-Rock you can do us and all those that know you a favor and fucking kill yourself.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

WussEmoRock is the biggest fag on the planet. Wow

Anonymous (January 3, 2004)

plastic plan is supposed to sound poppy... its about the pop music industry.. its taking the piss.. *duh*

Anonymous (September 14, 2003)

If it's the last thing I will do I'll be the one that will escape from hellview...and I will

thats just teh most fucking best song in the world everybody who doesn't knows this in insane CKY rulezz

Analog_Boy (September 1, 2003)

"Every skater in the world has this labeled as their favorite band, believe it or not."

I didn't read on the comments to far past this but I noticed that this motherfucker had made another fucking retard post. "Every skater in the world...", you stupid shit fuck I skateboard and I have been for a long while. I have never heard cky off the cky videos, I could care less about them really. It's people like you who just come to your dumb fucking assumptions and reveal something so far from the truth. I have a bunch of people I skate with and none of us listen to cky. I would have to say i enjoy skating to Suicidal Tendencies the most... So just keep your fucking mouth shut about things you don't know.

Anonymous (August 4, 2003)

I'm a pirate! AAArrrggg!!!

Anonymous (July 6, 2003)

Oh yea, long live the fucking alliance!!

Anonymous (July 6, 2003)

Lets add another FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING RETARD, to the original reviewer. CKY fucking owns everything. They have the best music out now, if you listen to EMO your gay, you stupid fags. CKY ARE MUSICAL GODS, so get your shit straight, fag.

Anonymous (January 17, 2003)

Wow it is really pathetic that you say theat plastic plan, a song with one of the best guitar licks i've ever heard is poppy. This was the second best alblum of the year(next to process of belief) and they need some more respect(like getting the name of the songs right). Also the best band I've ever seen live.

Anonymous (December 19, 2002)

dude fuck you, it ain't "poppy" please you bought the cd and don't even know its 1st song name? and you bitching about it being only 33 minutes, who cares? i mean seriously if your a cky fan that shit doesn't matter

Anonymous (December 19, 2002)

Welcome to hellview?? are you fucking retarded or something, dude its escape from hellview. wow you write a review on it say its a good cd but can't even get the damn song title right? wow sucks for you. idr, vol. 1, vol. 2 all of them are sweet as shit, cKy kicks major ass

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

All the songs sound the same... lame, lame, lame.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

buy this CD or you are an idiot. rock.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)


he purchased this cd, yet thinks the main track is Welcome to Hellview? come on man, take some more reading classes. They dont even say WELCOME in the fucking song! why would you WELCOME to a place you are ESCAPING FROM?

Anonymous (November 25, 2002)

I'm soooooo stoked with this album, sounds much much better live though!

Anonymous (November 14, 2002)

CKY is that greatest band no band can even amount to them. CKY will change the music industry theres no questions to that, and for people who always say "CKY SUCKS" they honestly have to be brain dead. CKY is rock.

Anonymous (November 14, 2002)

This cd is the shit!!! cky man. Best band out now!!! cky are not sell outs. And hurley is cool to so stfu wuss-emo-fag!

Anonymous (November 10, 2002)

I thought the review was above average. I dont agree with all of it, but, its not bad.

This album is by far the best album ive ever bought. Every song is good. Every song is different. And it all goes together smoothly.

And to all the people yelling "poser poser!!!" all i have to say is quit spending your time an energy analyzing and paying attention to all these labels - punk, skater, etc etc - No one needs labels. labels are stupid and very shallow. Create your own "look." why try to be someone and something that has already be done? be an individual. be yourself. refuse to acknowlege STUPID labels that were created by the media in order to persuade you into buying certain products.

By calling someone a "poser" you too are playing into the media's definition of what a certain "label" is. its like saying "that is not the correct definition of what a skater is!!! skaters dont wear that - they wear this!" And the fact that there is a LABEL for "punk" is an irony in itself. isnt the idea of punk that you dont conform to labels? yet you are labeling yourself????????? i dont get it. basically is labeling yourself as being non-label.....??????

the moral of the story... who gives a shit about labels. ignore them. ignore the tendency to label things. its old. its no longer needed. we are smarter than that. who cares what someone wears??? and trying to label music is a thing of the past too..... music needs to be DIFFERENT. if we can label music that means its something that has been done. we dont need something that has been done. There is one mona lisa. If someone came and made a replication of the mona lisa, would it be as valuable as the first? no. cuz ITS BEEN DONE!!!! if the artist would have made a million mona lisas, would ANY of them been valuable??? no! we only need one. thats whats so great about it..theres just one!!!! if someone else were to copy it and said "look at me im so cool!!! look what i made!!! im so talented!!!!" well no you are not. you stole someones idea. do something YOURSELF. sheesh!

Anonymous (November 8, 2002)

I Love CKY, the alliance (whats up fellow members!), punk music, nazis, posers, slc-punk (which i think some of you should watch) oh & wtf is hurley?!?

IDR is a great album i love cky & punk so it is possible! oh & im a girl too (lmao)

I hate EVERYTHING but especially people that tell me what & who they hate


Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

hardly anybody who has made a comment says a single fucking word about the band. everything is about clothes and other stupid shit.

this album is the shit. theres not a single song that doesnt rock the fuck out. Camp motherfucking kill yourself.

Anonymous (November 4, 2002)

Whoever the fuck wrote that review was a dumb shit, cky will be taking voer and you will be listening just like everyone else fuckhead........

Anonymous (November 3, 2002)

I love this band and think IDR is a fucking great cd. I also think that no one here gives a fuck what anyone thinks about clothes. and one more thing i think its kind of funny that the same person that said "Keep up the good comments, but I will stick with mine and say that CKY is a fucking lame band with the "cool kids" listening to it" and "shitty band shitty album" still rated cky at five stars for every post.

Anonymous (November 2, 2002)

cky is the greatest band on this planet....the opening song to the cd "escape from hellview" not "welcome to hellview"...dumbasses..and no cky song is poppy none of them...everybody should buy this album cause it will change your life just like it changed mine

Anonymous (November 2, 2002)

alright dude if your going to write a fucking article about a band do some research and get it the fuck right! CKY the band came before the videos that bam made and if you ever seen any of them you would know that the band members appear throughout it and the first song is "Escape from Hellview" not "Welcome to Hellview" fucking dumbass, anyways i dont care if your a so called "poser" it doesnt matter what kind of gear you have or if your a sk8er,all that matters is if you listen to CKY,fuck i am girl and i listen to CKY, they are a great band and have a sound like no other! i wouldn't say that I.D.R. is the best album of our life time because CKYs next album i am sure will be just as great or even better! dont get me wrong I.D.R. truley is a masterpiece! and i am very proud of Deron, Chad, Jess,and Vern they have made it so far! And for all you scumfucks who claim to hate CKY or CKY is lame then why did you take time out of your precious life to read the article and make a post about how much you hate it? Grow the fuck up! nobody cares what you have to say! maybe you just wanted to get some attention,well here you go,or maybe you think its fucking funny pissing people off it doesn't matter what your intentions were i could give a fuck what little 12 years have to say!

CKY JOIN THE REVOLUTION or get crushed when we Infiltrate~Destroy~Rebuild

a shout out to all the alliance members!!!!~diehardckyfan~

Anonymous (November 1, 2002)

Its "escape from hellview" god if your gonna review the album get it right dumbass! cky rocks yeahhhhhhhhh

Anonymous (November 1, 2002)

CKY is the best band out there right now and that just pisses all you haters off. So fuck off. And this band was around way before Jackass, fyi.

Anonymous (November 1, 2002)

this band is "BIG" because of Jackass and all the 12 year olds that adore it.

too bad because they actually have some talent.

Anonymous (November 1, 2002)

as a member of the alliance i have to say, it makes me sad to see people take so much energy to argue back and forth over the validity of CKY. who cares who thinks what, if the only reason you listen to CKY is because of jackass or you saw them on mtv2 or something who cares? your listening to good music weather you knew them before mtv or not. im sure chad, deron, vern, and jess dont mind or even care that you think they are sell outs, they got your money. there the ones who won. if you hate CKY or you love CKY, dont let it be the reason you decide you "hate" these people... or your annoyed by these people. just listen to it because you love it. long live CKY and the alliance. and in case the band reads this, thanks for an excellent show, i'll remember it when im 90 and am wearing depends and married to some 24 year old.

Anonymous (November 1, 2002)

you kiddos are being naive. i had sometime off from talking to my girlfriend so i read all the comments, and wow... waste_elite and wussemorock are actually on the same ground. me too. i call people fucking posers, so what? i call people posers to those who think blink 182 is the punkest shit out there. i frankly don't really give two flying shit if i'm a punk or not, but come on... labeling is the easiest thing to do out there, and we all label shit one way or the other. the difference is, there's some people who admit they label and have their own standard of what's "poser" and what's "4 reah", and there's this other people who pretend they don't label, but they're actually the "elit force" of punk. oh well, i hope you get the moral of the story friends. if you don't, feel free to blow your dad.

and errr, cky's music is weird. there are some songs i like, but that's about it.

- n'deso

Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

oops *fat city mag loves IDR don't they? *


Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

haha those garage nyc bands w/ those new shitty faded jeans and an extra small t-shirt. fat city mag loves IDR doesn't it?

fat_city_magazine (October 31, 2002)

I thought this review was about a CD, not everybody's fashion sense. If you can't get into IDR I may never understand you ... but that's your choice.

Since this shitstorm has evolved into a clothing critique, what's worse: an Atticus T-shirt or a jean tuxedo. If you're scratching your head over the jean tux, look no further than your average garage rocker/male model bands from NYC by way of a suburban art school. Feel free to discuss ...

Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

The first track is ESCAPE from Hellview you idiot reviewer... and I hate punk and shit like that... Im only here to support CKY. And if you dont like that then I guess Im too punk for you.


Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

and this review is haggard

Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

I hate this whos punk whos not bullshit i always thought punk was about being yourself and questioning the answers and having a good time while you can but who am i to say maybe it is all about the cloths (Fucking idiots) oh yea this album is one i'd take to island with no chance of returning it's that fucking good

waste_elite (October 30, 2002)

"Some of you "punk" idiots not to judge you by your apperance yet you judge someone automatically because they're wearing a "hurley" shirt or whatever."

ok, so if i see someone walking around with a big fucking swastika on their shirt i shouldn't think they are a nazi because judging by appearances is soooo not punk. shut up. what you wear usually indicates something a little deeper.

i don't understand why people wear brands like hurley and atticus or anything else of the sort. you are paying money to be a walking billboard for them. you're a fucking tool and you don't even realize it.

that's what cracks me up about skaters these days. yeah, they are so rebellious and so anti-corporate yet they sport a million different corporate logos. and they pay out the ass for it too (have you seen a ccs a catalog lately?).

so punk

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

The progress knows what he's talking about. He understands the mission. Just because CKY is on a major label doesn't mean their chords suck. Oh wait, this is "punknews.org". Guess major labels are too punk for most of you. Keep up your unrealistic & pathetically stupid way of thinking. Some of you "punk" idiots not to judge you by your apperance yet you judge someone automatically because they're wearing a "hurley" shirt or whatever. Hypocrites ar their very best. Die slowly.


Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

Who the hell cares about what "preps" and "jocks" wear. How old are you, 13?

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

i can't wait til the day you all read back to this and realize what a bunch of morons you people are. you'd probably hate frosted flakes cereal if britney spears was in their new campaing ads. i'd nut all over the box (twice), and go to work happy. cky is good music...if you don't like it shut the fuck up and worry about your nasty fucking zits growing on your ass. i'd speak more like a human being but it seems everyone only responds to negative posts...i'd like to meet you all...i'd smack you all with my cock of destruction...and have you begging for more. once again...shut the fuck up...listen to your music...spark a goddammn bowl.smoke ~ theprocess...

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

IDR is the best album of our lifetime

Whoa there boy. I was behind you up until then.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

id love to see what bands the morons who hate CKY like...they cant possibly be better. excuse CKY for doing something different...sorry they're not emo or nu-metal. sorry they dont sound like every other band. fuck you...hating them because they're getting bigger just makes you a poser, you loser! IDR is the best album of our lifetime.

Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

Watching a movie and wearing a trendy style/brand of cloths are in 2 different ballparks. I guess if you watched jackass a few days a month and did it because it's popular, then it'd be the same.

Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

Yeah I agree with you on both points, but not EVERYONE who wears it is that way. But the majority does so I can see that arguement. Hurley is the new A&F for the stupid. America's consumer culture just eats it up, and that's a problem on a whole different level.

waste_elite (October 28, 2002)

hurley is pretty damn poserish. yeah, calling people posers is childish, i realize that but come on. that's what preppy kids/jocks wear in attempt to be punk. lame.

Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

No, not a poser. But still a tool.

Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

I wear Hurley, I like CKY, I never skateboarded in my life (sans sitting on one and riding it down a hill). I guess life no longer has a meanie for me...Sigh...

That Jackass movie is damn funny. So does that make me a poser too cause I went to see something MTV made?

- Scott
(You don't have to be so shallow)

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

thanks! but, seriously everyone. this music is a joke, and the only people who listen to it are the moto x bikers and skatboarders. I'm not sayint that is bad, wait, yes I am. fuck this band.


Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

fucking brilliant

seek (October 27, 2002)

WussEmoRock, every gathering needs its favorite person to hate. Unfortunately, this person also has to be mildly amusing. Therefore, I'll just designate you the title of "Village Idiot", which all gatherings also need.

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

This is to the guy a few posts back who said I like Zebrahead because I don't like CKY on the Tony Hawk 3 soundtrack. Don't talk, because that is 5th grader logic. Got it poopie pants?

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

I think people who call everyone either a sellout or a poser are dickheads. I also think that people who tell others that being elitest is lame when they make a comment about the obviously retarded nature of their fans. Hmmm, does that make sense.

Bryne (October 27, 2002)

I haven't called anyone a poser since the 7th grade. Memories...

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

i barely post on hear anymore cuz u guys are all a bunch of whiney bitches save a few. posers? wussemorock, shut the fuck up. give it up. i am so fuckin jaded over the years of elitests going around , preaching how open they are to ideas and music, yet they go around trashing anyone who doesnt conform to what they, the elitest, deem as proper dress and attire. also what bands are truly underground, and bitching on what labels suck, etc. shut your fucking mouths and concentrate on what this site used to exist for....music. not the fashion poser police.

waste_elite (October 27, 2002)

mmm yeah, your name had nothing to do with my post

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

He's not talking about the name, Wuss.

WussEmoRock (October 27, 2002)

my name on here is a joke waste, get a clue. I am definetely not who you think I am, and that is fine with me. Keep up the good comments, but I will stick with mine and say that CKY is a fucking lame band with the "cool kids" listening to it. Every skater in the world has this labeled as their favorite band, believe it or not.


waste_elite (October 27, 2002)

i can't help but laugh at the fact that "wusee-emo-rock" is bitching about posers...

Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

duh duh du duh duh duh duh duer duer duer deur...

Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

hey everyone can have a bad show now and then. THere not the first and they won't be the last. I saw them in last week they played for an hour 15 so you just got a bad show

Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

i've lost all respect for this band. they rocked hard when i saw them at the small stage at the warped tour a few years ago before cky2k came out, but i just saw them a few weeks ago and they were COMPLETE SHIT. WORST SHOW IVE EVER BEEN TO. $15 fucking dollars with 2 local bands on the bill, and they played a grand whopping total of 45 minutes.. 15 of which were devoted to making lame jackass style jokes. sloppy as fuck playing too. this band is the epitome of sellout now, they think they're rock stars and shit and are ridin jackass' nuts all the way to the top. oh and dont get me started on the """"pit"""" full of 12 year olds.
fuck cky.

Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

hey wuss emo rock theres nothing wrong with wearing hurley.anyone who jusmps to the conclusion that people who wear hurley are posers is very closed-minded.

Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

this cd is perfection. cKy never claimed to be "underground". how underground can you be on a major label? oh well, if you are smart you will buy this.

WussEmoRock (October 26, 2002)

shitty band, shitty album. this is for the fucking skater ass poser mother fuckers who wear their hurley and billabong shirts. I really hate this band! posers call this the "underground music"


Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

I love the way they combine metal, electronic, and funk into one amazing orgy of sound. While "Volume 1" had a few standouts, I-D-R has almost every song there a standout. "Flesh Into Gear" is a fuckin amazing song.


Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

this cd is a wok of art. if you like good music, there is no reseon why you wouldn't like this band/cd. originality is pretty much the basis of this band. might not be punk but this definently rocks. i honestly have never heard a cKy song that was not kick ass. yeah, about the videos, they are named after the band. Word up alliance!!!

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

i like em, and the guy down there who said their song on tony hawk 3 is the most annoying band on there must like zebrahead....he must be an idiot

borntolose (October 25, 2002)


Anonymous (October 25, 2002)


Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

Don't they have a song on the Tony Hawk 3 soundtrack? It's the most annoying song on there and it fucking sucks.

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

I don't care about this band anymore. I have their first album on volcom entertainment signed by the entire band. Anyone think I could make any decent money on ebay for it?

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

"Other that having their music in the videos, the ties between the band and the show are virtually non-existant. For being associated with such goofy antics on film, this is a band who takes their music very seriously - and it shows."

Thats not true, not only is Jess on every cKy video there is also a cKy documentary included in the box set that has a huge part about the history of the band, all the memebers, and how they got big. Also, the lead singer of cKy appears in random skits throughout the films. Also the video for "Sinking Fast" includes your favorite cKy stars mingling with the band showing that that they are all actualy close friends who hang out and dick off together, not just the band that plays the soundtrack. Any way....cKy is the shit

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

The first song is called "Escape from Hellview", which is kind of like a sequel to "96 quite bitter beings" from their first record (which, by the way, wasn't a major label release, it was released by Volcom, and later distro'd by island/defjam).

Other than that, good review. CKY are one of the most original and exciting bands out there right now, and I'd like to see 'em go far.

"Allience, what??"

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

I really enjoy this ablum escape from hellview is a fuckun great song

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