Planes Mistaken for Stars - Spearheading the Sin Movement (Cover Artwork)

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Spearheading the Sin MovementSpearheading the Sin Movement (2002)
No Idea Records

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Contributed by: MorphineSandwichMorphineSandwich
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I went into the record store to pick up a couple albums, and I walked away with Rites of Spring's album and this little Planes Mistaken for Stars EP. I listened to Rites first, and got another taste of DC proto-emo. Next, I listened to this. There's no doubt to me that indeed, Planes Mistaken for St.
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I went into the record store to pick up a couple albums, and I walked away with Rites of Spring's album and this little Planes Mistaken for Stars EP. I listened to Rites first, and got another taste of DC proto-emo. Next, I listened to this. There's no doubt to me that indeed, Planes Mistaken for Stars is an emo band. It may be the angriest, most powerful emo I've ever heard, but it is emo.

It's easy to find the influence of DC bands like Q and not U, Rites of Spring, Embrace, etc., on Planes, and the Gainesville touch that made Hot Water Music (one of Planes Mistaken's labelmates) one of my favorite bands, but Planes is far more intense and furious, darker and angrier. You often hear the word 'cathartic' thrown around when reviewers talk about emo, but it fits here. There's only three tracks, but by the end of 'Bastards', the closer, you could swear that an album had blown by.

Deep Elm refers to Planes as 'Screamo-Core', so whatever the hell that is, I like it. I know people here already love Planes, but this is just another reason to love them more.

Planes Mistaken for Stars will kick your ass.


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Anonymous (May 17, 2004)


Anonymous (November 30, 2003)

excellent band. hardworkers who've been doing this for years and put out consitantly amazing records that prove to be ahead of their time.

-tom b.

Anonymous (April 26, 2003)

Oh, and I think their name is kinda neat, it has a nice ring to it, but its only a fuckin name.

Seeing these guys back in the day was always funny. You could look around the room and see all the kids that were there because they thought pmfs were some cute kiddie emo band. And then when planes got on stage and they were all scruffy long hair rockers, they were like "what the fuck!"

Good times. good times.

Anonymous (April 26, 2003)

I have been a fan of PMFS for years now, and each record is different and absolutely amazing.

Their most recent releases, spearheading the sin movement and fuck with fire are pretty raw, and their self titled ep and knife in the marathon are more produced and a little slower.

I do not know if I would like this band as much as I do if my first exposure to them was fwf or spear, that is why I usually reccommend their earlier stuff first to people who never heard them before (unless I know that person will like really heavy, dirty punk).

These guys are the real deal, and if you are some little teenager fan of drive-thru music, you need to stop listening to that shit and pick up a planes record.

Their website www.pmfs.net is ok i guess, but look at their pictures, do they really look like a bunch of guys that would sit around on a fucking computer?

Anonymous (April 11, 2003)

Planes (as far as I know) only has this ep and the "Fucking Fight" ep. I guess "knifeinthemarathon.." is a 10". And they have a split with Race Car Riot and the Appleseed Cast. so there you go; 2 7"s and a 10",2 full lengths, and a split. Is that too many eps? Besides, it's fucking Planes Mistaken For Stars, they could release a new ep every day and they'd still kick everybody else's ass.

Anonymous (April 10, 2003)

what the hell are punk points?

Anonymous (April 9, 2003)

These guys are fucking amazing, but seriously, how many fucking eps can a band have.

Anonymous (April 8, 2003)

I got like 50 just for reviewing it. I fuckin rule.


Anonymous (April 8, 2003)

Yes! I got 15 punk points, how many do you bitches have?

Anonymous (April 8, 2003)

really it's not that cool of a story but the drummer was all drunk and depressed one night and wished upon a star and it turned out to be a plane.. like I said it isn't that cool of a story... sorry

CaraK (April 8, 2003)

What is a true story? The members of the band mistook planes for stars? I am not being sarcastic or anything, I just wanted to know because I never heard that story before.

Anonymous (April 8, 2003)

This band has an awesome name, because it is a true story, besides these guys will eat your heart if you don't shut the fuck up, ASSFUCK!

Strewtho (April 7, 2003)

Nice quote below, here here.

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

dude, it's been like fifteen posts since anybody mentioned that thread. you seem to be the only person who hasn't given it up.

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

as a side note to the unbelievably and played out "what is emo" debate, here is a snipet from an interview with guy picciotto (fugazi/happy go lucky/one last wish/rites of spring):

"Okay so, whether you like it or not, you‚??re basically considered to be the creator of ‚??emo.‚?Ě And I was just wondering ‚?? why have you always thrown yourself so emotionally into your music?

Well, first of all, I don‚??t recognize that attribution. I‚??ve never recognized ‚??emo‚?Ě as a genre of music. I always thought it was the most retarded term ever. I know there is this generic commonplace that every band that gets labeled with that term hates it. They feel scandalized by it. But honestly, I just thought that all the bands I played in were punk rock bands. The reason I think it‚??s so stupid is that ‚?? what, like the Bad Brains weren‚??t emotional? What ‚?? they were robots or something? It just doesn‚??t make any sense to me. "

pmfs is good music. forget the whole goodamn "this is emo"/"this isn't emo" thing. jesus fucking christ, that debate (and people referencing that goddamn fourfa website, why does everybody accept everything that guy says?) is lame and played out. give it up.

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

Yea bro! Isnt NOFX a sweet name? Get it, NO...

-Regardless of the name, this band is amazing. Enough said.


Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

Just 'cause I said its a stupid name does not mean its a dumb comment. its my opinion, assfuck!! And I still think its a really, really STUPID name. Its just a lame atempt to be clever. They failed miserably. I don't even know why i'm wasting my time typing this shit...

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

haven't heard this album but will prolly check it screamo is like angry violent emo.

sadam (April 7, 2003)

Awesome name for a band!

Probably one of the best I've ever heard, but then again this is one of the best bands I've ever heard too.

Sorry but I couldn't let dumb comments go on un-opposed.

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

Okay sure, but I could have sworn Trombino was playing with Finch when they played Conan.

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

piece of shit.

Anonymous (April 7, 2003)

What a stupid name for a band...

GreenVandal (April 6, 2003)

oh, and i ment to type ".net" at the end rather then ".com". Meaning that i stand by my previous statement. That is one shitty ass website.

Anonymous (April 6, 2003)

wow... dickhead and dumbfuck... you guys are my heroes.

GreenVandal (April 6, 2003)

Sorry dickhead. But after seeing Atreyu's offical website, I realized there really is no limit as to how crappy a website can b. And also considering the search said it was Planes Mistaken For Stars "oficial website" i was fooled. Thanks for being such a cool scenester and blowing my error out of proportion. Here are your 15 punk points dick.

Anonymous (April 6, 2003)

dumbfuck, couldn't you even realize by going to pmfs.com that it WASN'T a bands page? Jesus, i'm losing faith in the intelligence of people. Try going to www.pmfs.net

lieutenant (April 6, 2003)

This band tears the shit up live. Surreal.

evildeadalive (April 6, 2003)

Hey guy that's a little too cool for punk rock, uhhh, why are you here exactly?

Anonymous (April 5, 2003)

trombino has done a lot more with his talent than most people ever will. so, i don't mind that he produces shitty bands now.

Anonymous (April 5, 2003)

'punk' is just as over used as 'emo' and most people can't figure out what punk is either


Anonymous (April 5, 2003)

Yeah, by classic definitions, pmfs is as close to emo as it gets. Emo's not really a term, it's more of a contraction of 'Emotional hardcore' which pretty fucking well describes Planes. Whether Rites of Spring (which was Guy Picciotto's best vocal work, way better than the stuff he did with Fugazi, and both bands are some of my very favorites) liked to be called emo or not is a non-issue. They defined it, them and Embrace. Does Dag Nasty sound like the Get Up Kids? No. Did they define the original emotional hardcore sound? They sure as hell did.

Emo is way more than Saves The Day and Get Up Kids. Look into it, there's some fucking great emo music out there. Planes Mistaken for Stars is where it's at too.

-MorphineSandwich (can't figure out how to submit a post with that name)

GreenVandal (April 5, 2003)

Oh my god...they are a good band...but they hav the absolute most retarted steak head website i have ever seen. http://www.pmfs.com i would have mistaken them for a metal band if i hadnt heard them before hand...hehehe

Anonymous (April 5, 2003)

you're correct, PMFS is originally from Peoria, Illinois but were not there for very long before the relocated to the fine state of Colorado. In all honostly, this ep is probably my least favorite of all their discs excluding the first song which is amazing. Go pick up Fuck With Fire or s/t. You will be blow away, guarenteed.

Anonymous (April 5, 2003)

worst band name ever

abileneINlove (April 5, 2003)

Speaking of seminal bands, does anyone else think Trombino is tripping?

sadam (April 5, 2003)

great songs: leaning the room, end me in richmond, and copper and stars

Anonymous (April 5, 2003)

Rites of Spring hated being called emo. So out of respect, stop calling them that!

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

I believe theyre from Peoria, Ill. but they relocated to Denver. d-town represent!

and yea, the term 'emo' is overused and it really doesnt have a definite meaning. these guys are pretty hardcore though

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

I just downloaded some of there stuff...this band is awesome!

gutterhippo (April 4, 2003)

are these guys from Colorado?

Bryne (April 4, 2003)

I have this 7", it's okay.

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

the comment below brought to you by your pal,

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

no, no it's not. emo is a non-term, it means nothing. it was a mocking slur to describe a few groups in d.c. in the 80's and any person or band that latches on the the term should be shot. and hanged. and made to listen to rufio over and over...'cause they're 'emo' right?

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

you should learn some of the history behind the word emo people. go to fourfa.com that should explain some stuff. and yea emo is a form of hardcore but now has evolved into something else.

abileneINlove (April 4, 2003)

This ep is more alternative electroclash.

FortyMinutesWest (April 4, 2003)

So has anyone here heard any emo before 1999? Christ, listen to Rites of Spring or something. Bands like the Get Up Kids aren't what emo was supposed to be.

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

"you are an idiot"

You know it!


Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

I agree.....this is a hardcore band.

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

I still fail to see how you kids can call Planes emo? These guys do not sound like the fucking get up kids or piebald. Just because there is emotion in their music doesn't mean they are emo. If anything these guys are a hardcore band but really, why fucking label them because they are beyond that. And I pity all of you who have not seen them live, it's incredible... i'm spoiled because I live in Colorado and get to see them all the time

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

PMFS eats all your childrens souls but they don't abuse them like Paula Poundstone did.

(doesn't she look like The Joker?)

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

"Everything about them makes me orgasm a hundred times.


you are an idiot

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

please stop using the term 'emo.' please. seriously.


sweetsugarpezz (April 4, 2003)

i can't get enough of this band. pmfs is proof that there is some damn good "emo" out there, these guys definatly put raw emotion into every song and it kicks ass everytime. this ep is damn good, but i'd have to take "fuck with fire" as my personal favorite...
i love everything these dudes release, but i still have not seen them live (insert sad face here). whenever they pass through atlanta, ill be there and ill be square.


Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

This band is more "metal" than any metal band ive seen. Fucking awesome live. Everything about them makes me orgasm a hundred times.


Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

yea, these guys rock pretty hard, especially live. when i saw them last year, they were playing with a few pop-punk bands and i think all the kids there were a little scared of them..

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

This band rocks like nothing i've ever witnessed. Seeing them live was an unreal experience.

Anonymous (April 4, 2003)

Yeah, good thing I've already heard 'em on the Emo Diaries.

Great band, though.

turdcorn (April 4, 2003)

That review told me................nothing! Thank god I own this already, or I would be in the dark.

abileneINlove (April 4, 2003)

This is my favorite band.

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