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Weezer: The Green AlbumThe Green Album (2001)
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Contributed by: maverickScott
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"Jimmy, come read this article in the paper." "What is it about, mom?" "Some sort of cult formed out of a following of rock music." "Aww, mom, you know I don't listen to that Marilyn Manson stuff. You already took my metal CDs and --" "Honey, this is different. Have you ever heard of this band.
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"Jimmy, come read this article in the paper."
"What is it about, mom?"
"Some sort of cult formed out of a following of rock music."
"Aww, mom, you know I don't listen to that Marilyn Manson stuff. You already took my metal CDs and --"
"Honey, this is different. Have you ever heard of this band, Wheezies or something?"
"You mean Weezer, mom?"
"Yes honey, that's it."
"Of course I have mom, remember that song about 7 years ago, the 'Oooo Weee Oooo Buddy Holly' one? That was Weezer. I bought their first CD, too, it's great! Each of the 10 songs is unique in it's own right. From the cymbal crashes in "My Name Is Jonas" to the plaintive cries of "Only In Dreams," the 'Blue Album' as some people called it was a veritable pop masterpiece of it's time. With enough hooks to reel in Moby Dick, coupled with enough balls to supply the Major Leagues for a year."
"Honey, please watch your language."
"Sorry, mom."
"Well read a little further. What is all that about people worshipping a ton of pink or something? I don't understand."
"That is Pinkerton, mom, Weezer's second album."
"I've never heard of it, Jimmy."
"I'm not surprised, mom. Not many people initially did hear of it. Pinkerton is a character from the opera Madame Butterfly, which the musical "Miss Saigon" is based off of. Rivers, Weezer's singer and songwriter, decided to write a "theme album" of sorts, with the bulk of the album revolving around sex, love, and heartbreak. The band decided to produce it themselves, coming out of the studio with a much rawer, much heavier Weezer than anyone could have expected. The hooks were still there, but you had to dig a little deeper to find them. Tracks like "Pink Triangle," "Getchoo," "No Other One," and "Falling For You" all dealt with Rivers' feelings towards the opposite sex, sometimes sugary sweet, sometimes incredibly bitter."
"Jimmy, for someone who claims to not be involved in this cult, you sure know an awful lot."
"Mom, please! I just like to learn more about my favorite bands. It's not like an *obsession* or anything."
"Well, ok. So what is all this 'Green Album' business? Are they trying to mock the Beatles or something, Jimmy?"
"No, mom, not at all. It's their way of poking fun at their rabid fanbase, I think. Anyways, I've heard the album already."
"What? How? The article here says it doesn't come out until May 15th!"
"Mom, have you never heard of Napster? Sheesh."
"Well call me old-fashioned, but -- Anyway, so what did you think of it, Jimmy?"
"Honestly, mom? I don't quite know. May I step out of this conversation now to elaborate further?"
"Go right ahead, Jimmy, just remember to be home for dinner."
* * *
Weezer's third album, affectionately titled "The Green Album," hits stores today and one has to wonder if the hype is all worth it. We all know how landmark their first two albums were is a majority of our lives; can they get a turkey with this one? Right away, one has to question the album's brevity. Only 10 songs, only 29 minutes? Fans waited for 5 years for new material and this is all we get? I feel sort of cheated. As for the songs themselves, let's take a look at them.
"Don't Let Go" - A peppy, upbeat opening number, with lots of catchy Oooos and Woahs. You don't think it's too memorable until you catch yourself singing it in the shower.
"Photograph" - This is one of my favorite songs off the CD. It barely cracks 2 minutes, but the hooks delivered in that time would knock out Mike Tyson. I'm always a sucker for handclaps and falsetto woahs.
"Hash Pipe" - Speaking of falsetto... The first single, and if you haven't heard it, you must never turn on your radio [which I don't blame you for]. Each time I listen to this song, I love it more and more. This is one of the best songs, if not the best song on the album. The crunchy guitar riffs, the nice breakdown between the chorus and the verse, the Woahs - starting to see a pattern, kids?
"Island In The Sun" - a melancholy song, with a bossa nova groove to it, plus distortion kicking into the choruses at just the right time. The backing vocals on this one are great, too.
"Crab" - I don't know, this song isn't bad, I guess, but it doesn't do much of anything for me. You wouldn't expect filler tracks on a 10 song album.
"Knock Down Drag Out" - It's uptempo, it's got great vocal harmonies, and that trademark Weezer guitar crunch. What a triple play. I didn't like this song at first, but like most of Weezer's songs, they grow on you [see: entire Pinkerton album].
"Smile" - One of the slower numbers on the disc, Rivers vocals really take precedence over the music, crying out the lines "Cause I don't want to break / Your fine face I can't take / The way you wanna wrap me up inside your smile." It's very touching, if a tad bit corny.
"Simple Pages" - Weird guitar intro leading into the generic Weezer sound that so many ripoff bands have used [you know who you are] doesn't make for a memorable track. If this were from another band, it would be great, but Weezer is better than this.
"Glorious Day" - I'm not sure exactly why I like this song, Rivers' vocals aren't the best they've ever been, the chorus is not incredibly catchy, and overall there is nothing spectacular about it, but there's still that Weezer edge on it. Go figure.
"O Girlfriend" - Clocking in at almost 4 minutes, this is the longest song on the album, and probably the most romantic out of any of them. I can just see geeky 15 year-olds putting this as the last song on that mix CD they've been agonizing for hours over for that girl in their Geometry class.
* * *
"Jimmy, it's dinner time. Jimmy.... JIMMY! Where is that boy?"
[mom walks to Jimmy's room, hears power chord after power chord echoing in her ears]
"JIMMY! What are you doing?"
"Hiiiiiii Mooommmmmm..... This new Weeeezer CD is grrrreat...."
"Jimmy! What have they done to you? You can only talk in harmony? Where did those horn-rimmed glasses come from? And why does it smell like marijuana in here???"
"Uh, I've got my hash pipe."
* * *
As I look back over the ten tracks, I notice a lot of similarities - the lyrics aren't that great [supposedly Rivers was quoted somewhere as saying the lyrics "suck"], the guitar solos are mere mimics of the melody in their songs, and there's almost an overabundance of backing harmonies and Ooos/Woahs. This CD sounds good going down, but leaves a bit of a bad aftertaste when it's done. Think of it as a Weezer-Lite, the Diet Coke of Weezer. There is no jawdropping opener here, no stunning closer either. Weezer seems to be trying desperately to win back those people who latched on for "Undone," stuck around for "Buddy Holly," and scampered away once they heard the opening feedback of "Tired of Sex." If that group of people is "the mainstream", then so be it. Weezer is still better than 95% of the music currently in heavy rotation across the country. Hopefully the followups to this will keep getting better and better.

[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]


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Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (October 13, 2004)

I agree that the green album is not at its full weezer potential, but it isn't as bad as some people would lead one to beleive. Pinkerton and the blue album were the best records not only because of their originality and catchy-ness, but because the music itself was just well done. Rivers, obviosly poured his heart out into pinkerton, and he did not get a very kind response... i would like to beleive that the green album was Rivers sorting out his anguish for the many things he could not control, one thing being the measley sales of his heartfelt music. Also, me being a Weezer fan, I realize how this album's song topics lowers their grade as a band, and its dissappointing as well as the short range of instrumentals. Just a comment about the emo/punk topic, all i can say about it is, that i would not consider weezer to be punk, only because of the image the band and its music portrays... you don't see them wearing spikes and leather, theyre caught wearing sweater vests, nerd glasses, and brightly coloured shoes. Their physical appearance just screams EMO. Emo is the word used for music that borderlines several types of music, but has the lyrics of a sappy nerd who never gets the hot chick in math class, or gets onto the football team. It also covers the garage band rock genre which is full of confused teenagers dealing with the many aspects of growing up. River's lyrics show this in great detail. I do not see how the band cannot be considered emo! that is just my opinion, but just consider my arguments at least!

~emily, the emoboyheartbreaker

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

what a joke, such a dissapointment.

CaptainCrunch (January 24, 2003)

I've recently been on an old-school Weezer kick, and that made me think.....

This has to be the most disappointing album of our generation, bar none. Honestly, I feel sorry for the Weezer die-hards that waited years and years for this.

With that being said, this is still an excellent album, compared to what is in the mainstream these days.

Anonymous (December 15, 2002)

wow,sorry im a big weezer fan but this album kinda sucked....a lot

bemused (October 18, 2002)


Anonymous (August 15, 2002)

why the fuck would you say fuck punk music on a punk website? what the fuck is wrong with you? It's not dead it's just changed. and btw green day was the closest thing to original punk there was in the 90's. Green Day=Sex Pistols. all of you=fucking morons. why don't you talk shit somewhere else. like where someone cares.

Anonymous (June 8, 2002)

rivers is a little crybaby and the green album is one of the worst records i have heard in years. i cant believe they release such shit.

Anonymous (May 29, 2002)

Oi! Weezer is punker than punk, dude! They may be on a major but they're still keepin' it real on the emo scene, dogg. The Green Album takes hardcore into unexplored territory, the likes only Bon Jovi have seen before. Keep rockin' out with yer cocks out, boys. America loves your honest song writing and forgives you for that tripe you released called Pinkerton. I hope you embrace ska next 'cause that would be sweet. Peace out.

Anonymous (May 25, 2002)

hahaha, no... this album... omg, if you ask me, Weezer has no business releasing garbage like this. When you know what the band is capable of, this is unimaginative trash. I'm only being so hard on it, because the band is much better than the Green album would like you to believe. There is ONE... ONE song i like. Actually, i love "Photograph". The rest of it can go to music hell for all i care. It's really a shame. :

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

You are insane.

Anonymous (February 11, 2002)

"weezer could have done something for the emo scene"

who the hell are you to say that? weezer does what they want to do, and they are under no obligation to revive any "scene." they don't even consider themselves "emo" (whatever the hell that is). and if rivers cuomo doesn't want to write that kind of material right now, then he damn well has the right not to do so, and to write whatever he pleases to. for you to make demands on the band as if they're your damn monkeys is, in a word, idiotic. not to mention selfish as all hell.
oh, and whoever said they "sold out."

ugh. i'm not even going to get into it. just please get a life. "sold out" is the worst phrase ever invented.

Anonymous (January 19, 2002)

you guys are all posers. think your hardcore cause you listen to punk like green day, fuck green day. fuck punk music, its dead (and i know that phrase is cliched, its the fuckin truth). GG Allen is fucking punk, joey ramone was punk. you arent.

Eddie (December 1, 2001)

I FINALLY got this CD (about freakin' time, I know), and I really love it. I can't compare it to their other two albums, but as itself, it's a fantastic CD.

Anonymous (November 26, 2001)

My 3 favorite bands: The Misfits, Minor Threat and... Weezer. I think that says something for their mass appeal. This is one band that truly everyone can like. Does anyone else know of a modern band more popular with more different people than these guys?

Blue Album was definately better. Pinkerton was as well. Still a good album though.


Anonymous (November 12, 2001)

You don't have to play hardcore music to be hardcore.Shit

-J. Lennon

Anonymous (November 12, 2001)

Sell outs sums it up.They could have done something for emo and put out this garbage.Go collect tour money and run off in the sun.you could have done something for emo.

Anonymous (November 11, 2001)

Hey Eddie, I think all of the lard from your thighs has gotten to your brain or something cause this is clearly hardcore. The only reason you're saying they're not is because they're on vh1. If Jurrasic Slapass was on vh1 storytellers would that make them ravers? Fuck no! They're hardcore as hell!!! Leave Weezer alone.


Anonymous (November 11, 2001)

dude, weezer is from wisconsin, not hollywood

OedipusWrecks (November 10, 2001)

Rory, you're a fucking idiot. Weezer is hardly hardcore. They used to be ok, I have the blue album from back when they were emo, but they sold out since then. They realized it "wasn't cool" for them to be emo and now they're just a bunch of ravers who wanna sing about drugs and stuff. See it's not about the music for them, it about fame and drugs...Weezer's the classic hollywood tragedy, like Marylin Monroe.

-Eddie W.

Anonymous (November 7, 2001)

this cd kinda sounds like the new good riddance, only heavy as fuck and with organs. perfect ten, yo. weezer is the new napalm death (with organs). - laslow

pat41 (November 6, 2001)

Weezer is not even close to hard ANYTHING. I didnt use to like this album and put it away for a while then i decided one day to listen to it. Its not as bad as I thought. The first 4 songs are pretty good and there are like 2 more decent songs thrown in there. Weezer is not the greatest band ever but I'm warming up to them slowly.

Anonymous (November 5, 2001)

they're hardcore?? what are you talking about? none of their CDs are hardcore punk, and i doubt the fact that they've suddenly started writing hardcore music now that they've established such a unique sound.

Larry_Lawrence (November 2, 2001)

I saw Weezer last year at the Metro in Chicago with Hatebreed and the Mad Caddies. That was fucking awesome! Not so much the Mad Caddies though. Weezer is hardcore as hell these days. I think they should tour with the Hope Conspiracy and Poison the Well and Hepcat. That would be a cool show.


Anonymous (October 31, 2001)

Weezer RULES!!!! They are the band that is keeping punk alive today and this album shows. They have always been one of the best punk bands around and this album is no exception. While they aren't as good as greenday, they are still one of the best punk bands ever.



Anonymous (October 22, 2001)

this is plainly my opinion here but read it anyway.i saw that one person put down that the CD is hit after hit.and that is true.But does that make a bad album or a reely good album.i'd say if there were more songs with differnt varyations of good songs it would be great.but on this it was almost the same hit over and over.if evry song hadent sounded exactly alike exept for "hash pipe" and "island in the sun" the new Weezer would of been fucking GREAT.but it turned out to be OK

Rock (October 20, 2001)

I have to agree with you on that one Sr.

Anonymous (September 10, 2001)

Weezer's good, they put on a good live show. As for this album... meh.

-Senor Potpourri

Anonymous (August 29, 2001)

plain old fucking terrible music. give me a break. now emo's big, so here comes weezer with a half-assed album of utter shittiness. i loved the blue album, pinkerton was pretty good, but what in good fucking christ is this.


Anonymous (August 24, 2001)

Weazer is a jem in the rock of music out there today. But i have to say, Weazer should have sticked with the blue album, it was inflable, something you could listen to from the 90's to today, every song cetchy yet deep and insturmental. The green album, on the other hand, is one hit song after another, one popy bubble gum hit again and agian. Spread 5 of those songs out in each album and it's good. But one hit song after another is not good contrast listening. I love Weazer, and i am so happy they have made a come back, and with such a bright style. But i just hope their next album, if one, is better and put out without the presure of making a come back, but what we know weazer is capable of.

punk_kid (August 3, 2001)

haha kick ass review. Weezer kicks ass but this album doesnt. i can still listen to it since i waited so long for it but its nothing compared to Pinkerton and "the blue album"

CultureBurn (August 3, 2001)

They completely went south over here. It's so blatently terrible compared to Pinkerton that it's almost laughable. I think Weezer is playing a big joke on us all with this one. I know they are capabable of so much more.


Anonymous (July 10, 2001)

genius review. this kid should write from something big.

ncg1 (June 17, 2001)

good review. i love the little story with jimmy and his mother. weezer is good. i don't care if they're punk or not.

Anonymous (June 17, 2001)

You know, i just don't like this album. Don't get me wrong, I love Weezer but the more I listen to this the more i begin to dislike it. It lacks everthing that is Weezer, the guitar solos are absolutly horrible compared to earlier work, the emotion of either of the first two albums seems to be missing as well. I tried really, really hard to like this album but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hope Rivers can just write some more music that we all know he is capable of. Cus lets face it, this album is mediocre at best.

Anonymous (June 12, 2001)

weezer is cool. people who use the word "posuers" are posuers. wait, i just used it, guess i'm one too.

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

People who label music are posers? Why is that? I think you're being defensive because you like Weezer and hate to hear them being bashed. The bottom line is this: Weezer isn't punk (yes, i'm labeling, and no, i'm not a poser), and the viewers of this site are punk listeners. Therefore there will be a considerable amount of those who don't like Weezer on this site. Don't get your panties in a ruffle if Weezer gets put down here. Go read Rolling Stone if you're offended.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

This is a decent album. But who cares whether or not weezer is "punk"? Not me. Labeling music is lame. Music is music. You either like the way it sounds or you don't. Period. There's no point in trying to define everything. People who label music are posers.

Anonymous (May 27, 2001)

I thought this album was great. Although Rivers vocals matured on Pinkerton, I always liked the blue album more, because i'm a pop fiend.
I thought this album was great music, only AFTER listening to it for a while. I think the trouble most of us have, nicluding reading all this incredibly deep emotion into the blue album is that its been over FIVE years since Weezer put something out. By doing so, their legend has been exaggerated to almost god-like stature, and nothing they could've put out would measure up to that. If Rivers did say that he really had no emotion because he was locked away, then isnt that really the truest expression of him he could give? Rivers has always been eclectic, and he's really offered no apology for doing what he does.
Instead of a straight ahead progression, i believe Rivers goes in circles, really leaving us wondering what in the world the next weezer will sound like.
i didn't expect the new weezer to change the world, and i dont think they did either. They just put out music. and while it might not measure up to what we've all attributed to weezer's past works, it definitely measures up to the current emo/alternative/indie scene. weezer is back, and thats all i really care about.

Anonymous (May 23, 2001)

if you're so open minded, you need to realize that people like creed and brittany spears(drool). I'm not one of them, but bashing artists for what they play in one sentence then bashing people for being closed minded in the next is just as dumb as being closed minded. I am personally glad brittany spears is around. all you have to do is mute the tv, turn on some screeching weasel (or weezer), and wham, you have the sexiest chick in the world dancing to punk rock (or geek rock) .This rating is for her body

Anonymous (May 23, 2001)

Who cares if it's punk or not... not all punk is good, and everything not punk isnt bad. Weezer is a great band. I admit the lenght of the cd is disapointing. I still adore the cd but i have to admit it's really not as good as the first two. But you have to understand, these are different times and when the other cds came out, it was when grunge ruled the world. Now it's britney and fucking creed. Altough not as good as the other 2 cds, it beats the hell out of creed and britney. And all you little punk bitches, stop being so fucking closed minded.

Anonymous (May 22, 2001)

i agree, yet about half of the the top ten reviews are as pop as they get. at least propaghandi's still up there. I dunno, weezer is just so damn catchy some times. this score os for their preformance on saturday night live. not great, not bad.

Anonymous (May 21, 2001)

You may like weezer. And im fine with that.
But if your going to bitch about New Blink. Bitch about weezer.
There pop.
And dont say who cares if there not punk because this a punk site and is to review punk albums not pop rock.

Anonymous (May 21, 2001)

its nice to know Weezer can put out a great pop album but it would have been nicer of them to put out a new Weezer album

AdamB0MB (May 20, 2001)

I've been listening to this album quite extensivelly lately, and I must say that it is pretty good. This album is sort of a let down though. After the unbelievable goodness known as Pinkerton, I though this would at least match that. But this falls very short of the bar set by Pinkerton. To be fair, I think Pinkerton may be an unattainable bar for any band to pass though. Even though Weezer isn't "Punk", I will defend them to the death. Weezer is better than punk.
This album's highlights are: Hash Pipe, and Island in the Sky

Anonymous (May 17, 2001)

I think the first half is incredible. Then the second half... is... bleh

Anonymous (May 17, 2001)

"I could fill an entire paragraph right now simply repeating the name Weezer. Oh, Weezer, Weezer, Weezer. Oh, Weezer. How sad I am for Weezer. Let's backtrack. This requires a lot of personal history to be revealed, totally stream-of-consciousness memory recall. We'll start in 1994. In 1994, I was ten years old. Rock music was a new and relatively unknown concept to me. By rock music, I mean rock music: distorted guitars, hard-hitting drums, the harshness of grunge and rock. It had already broken onto mainstream radio, but I was too young to pay attention. I was a weird child, busying myself with Talking Heads and Laurie Anderson records.

The girl who lived next door (and who also happened to take care of me on occasion, when my parents were gone) was probably around 12 or 13 at the time. I thought she was beautiful. It resembled a crush, although it probably wasn't. And occasionally, we would listen to CDs. She brought over her very small collection, and mine was already three times as large. There was a blue disc in her collection. She pulled it out and pressed play. My world was blasted apart. She clearly loved this, and I had no idea what to think. "Undone (The Sweater Song)" was her favorite. It was one of those "brand new" experiences I'm lucky enough to be able to remember. Within a year I had obtained a copy. It was my favorite album for a very long time. I ordered lyrics from the fan club through the mail. I memorized the handwritten words while listening to the album on repeat. "My Name is Jonas" was pure beauty, and "Only in Dreams" was pure power. It still is.

Somehow, I didn't manage to pick up Pinkerton until 1999. I'd kind of forgotten about Weezer for a year or two, and suddenly I remembered them. At first, I wasn't terribly impressed, clearly being more familiar with the sound of grunge and angst. And then I listened to it a second time and was knocked all over again. I went back to "the blue album," this time understanding the intricacies of the sound-- what makes the songs so warm, magical, effective. Its simple brilliance slapped me; it sounded as fresh as it did the first time I ever heard it. So naturally, as news of Weezer recording began to circulate late last year, I was overjoyed. How would they follow-up the blistering, angry Pinkerton?

And then, months later, Weezer released "Hash Pipe." It was on the radio one day a few weeks ago. I listened to it. I listened to the whole song, from beginning to end. And when it ended, I said no. I said no no no no no. No! Weezer! NO!! Where has Rivers Cuomo gone? What has he done? What has happened to Weezer?! WHERE ARE THE REAL WEEZER?!! My heart was broken. Really. This is going to sound like hyperbole, but I hated music at that moment. For just a moment, I lost faith completely. It was an overblown reaction, granted, but even after I realized how ridiculous I was being, I still felt a hatred. The song was abysmal, no two ways about it. It wasn't awkward. It wasn't charming. It didn't have dueling guitar solos with soaring and intricate harmonies. And what it wasn't made it what it was. It was stale. It was too polished. It was emotionless. It was radio. It was MTV.

The new self-titled Weezer album, as it turns out, is average from beginning to end. There are maybe one or two decent melodies out of the ten songs here. The only change in tone comes with "Island in the Sun," the album's only truly enjoyable song and its catchiest hook; Cuomo sings "hip-hip" as a mellow groove overtakes the group. It's the first and only moment of even moderate pleasure in the record's brief yet far too long 28-minute length. But even with this singular change in volume and mood, Weezer lacks the sense of dynamics and intricacy that Pinkerton-- and especially their debut-- held in spades. There's no power to these songs, and no emotion.

It's a de-evolution back through Pinkerton, through the blue album, and beyond. Like "Hash Pipe," it doesn't seem genuine anymore. It seems like a Record Company album. But Weezer doesn't generally sound like the canned, artificial angst of "Hash Pipe"; it has a sunny disposition, with songs like "O Girlfriend" and "Glorious Day." An actual line from the song "Smile," for instance: "Open up your heart and let the good stuff come out." It's unoriginal, moronic and tacky, and that's all there is to it. Nothing under the surface. Disappointment.

I was bitter. At Rivers, at Weezer, at Geffen and Interscope. This was one of my favorite bands. They were the only band whose fan club I have ever joined. They had significance. They opened musical doors for me. This album is not that Weezer. But I had to write a review, so I did a little research. And I read that, after the complete failure of the angst and emotional extremes of Pinkerton in the music world, Cuomo felt as if his goal to be a rockstar was completely obliterated. So he locked himself in his room for a year, with no outside contact, and when he came out, his work suddenly had no emotional content.

He's now afraid that fans of the band will hate the new album and lose touch with him and the group. He genuinely realizes that all of the feeling in his vocals and lyrics are gone, and he realizes that it's probably a phase. And I suddenly share his fear. So maybe the real Weezer-- the Weezer I know and love-- can come back now. After this phase ends and the album goes platinum, maybe they'll feel better about themselves. I'm going to go upstairs now, listen to the album that is 1994 to me, the album that is still new and marvelous to me after seven years, and fall asleep content." - pitchforkmedia.com

Booker_Pee (May 17, 2001)

I must say, this has been one of the few reviews of Scott's i got into (nothing personal). Very well done, and quite refreshing to see some length for once...the records not bad either...

Anonymous (May 16, 2001)

that was a great review. makes me feel much better after i read an e-mail a friend sent me. i thought it was a joke review so i laughed a bit. but then i realized that it was real and it was from one of cd-now's resident reviewers.
you kids should go check it out. it's utter bullshit. he says pinkerton was a compleat failure and that he's glad weezer learned their lesson from it.
yeah whatever.

Anonymous (May 16, 2001)

I heard about 4 of the new songs on Yahoo tour, and they all bored me to death. Maybe I need to listen to them again, but the Weezer I saw on tour makes me NOT want to run out and buy the new album.

Anonymous (May 16, 2001)

to the man who posted the comment with 1 star and said that weezer is about as punk as the new Blink:
what does being punk have to do with this? who said weezer was punk? i dont see anyone on this thing that said that weezer was punk so shut up...face it people like weezer and they dont have to be punk for a punk to listen to them!

Anonymous (May 16, 2001)

ha. weezer isn't punk at all. they're kind of geek rock. mayeb the vocals sound emo and maybe i see some punk style structuring. but what weezer is is great. i hated the single, but when i heard the rest of the cd, i was quite pleased. might not be the blue album but there's enough good stuff on here to pull money from my pocket.

Anonymous (May 16, 2001)

weezer is quite a bit more punk than blink 182. if you have comments, send them to mfort2@hotmail.com

PorkPie (May 16, 2001)

That was a great review. Fuck, I actually had fun reading it. What's the cd like?

AZNR (May 16, 2001)

I don't know jack about the CD, but that was a GREAT review.

Anonymous (May 15, 2001)

sorry guys weezer is as much punk as new Blink

Anonymous (May 15, 2001)

Good Cd, kind of boring me, but netter then most anything else I have heard for a while. Refreshing compared to all the rap-metal crap thats been crammed down my throat.

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