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Zao: LegendaryLegendary (2004)
Solid State Records

Reviewer Rating: 3

Contributed by: JesseJesse
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Wow. These guys are metal-core. More to it, they are the defintion of good metal-core. I don't think there can be any mention of metal-core without ZAO being a part of it. This CD is not a new release, but a compilation of their albums. A "best of..." if you wish. I find a few problems with th.
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Wow. These guys are metal-core. More to it, they are the defintion of good metal-core. I don't think there can be any mention of metal-core without ZAO being a part of it. This CD is not a new release, but a compilation of their albums. A "best of..." if you wish. I find a few problems with this though. This band has gone through a lot of line-up changes, and you can definately hear it in the different songs. Another thing is that this is a compilation, so the production is inconsistent, and the songs weren't all written at the same time. I much rather prefer listening to full CDs in their original order, since I view songs as chapters in a book. This album also features three demo tracks at the end featuring Corey Darst, who apparently hasn't been on any other recording and has left the band. They are sub-par tracks and were recorded while the band was on tour.

For all of you who don't know anything about ZAO, let me fill you in. Expect the vocals of a man-beast. Expect heavy, heavy guitars and low, low bass. Expect crazy riffs to come out of both. Expect high leading guitar lines that rip. Expect drums that pound your head into the ground. Expect dynamic songwriting and lots of tempo changes. If this is your type of music, expect greatness.

Highlights on this record include "Skin Like Winter" which opens up with a badass riff that's fist shakin' to the max. It then drops down a key change and features hand claps too. Another rocker is "Walk On By, Walk On Me" which features an excellent intro of craziness and some of the heaviest breakdowns I've ever heard.

On a whole, I have to give this album a 6. Before you rip me apart, let me explain myself. The music is great. There's no doubt about it. I really like the music. This ALBUM as a WHOLE only gets a 6 because it feels really detatched and inconsistent, not to mention the demo tracks that don't measure up at all. I would definitely recommend checking out this band, but I would recommend check out another disc instead. They have six others.


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Anonymous (March 21, 2006)

i think its sad people are so offended by "christian music". everyone who rights good music pulls inspiration from what they beleive and what has happened to them. thats what those of us who aprreciate music call passion. just because zao openly talks about what they believe is no reason to get down on it. everybody tells you what to think. simple plan tells you what to think. why is it that people only ever have a problem with what christians tell them and dont question the garbage hollywood throws at them.

if you want to know something is wrong look at how strongly the world wants you to believe its right.

Anonymous (February 10, 2005)

The comment regarding the song "Repressed" is legit... however, you must note that was before Dan took vox and kicked out that assclown. Seeing as the band has no original members now, I'm not sure if you could say that sort of junk is still previlent in the band.

Anonymous (December 12, 2004)

"i bet it was because they knew they'd get a reaction from you asshats."

heheh... the term asshats always makes me laugh.

I like Zao too. but i didn't get this album, because i have the rest. i could just make a mix cd...

which brings us to another point... why do they release these best-of albums when we could all just copy the songs from the cds we have on to new cds?

Anonymous (December 2, 2004)

I love ZAO, and no I am NOT christian (god why does it matter... you 13 year olds will learn one day that atheism is crock - by not recognizing an existance of some form of god you just regarded the fact its possible for one to exist. Idiots.) ANYWAYS, the track selection on this disc is alright, it is way too junbled I agree (due to all the previous line-up changes). I could also do without the material on the first two albums (before Dan took vox - the material was christrian to the point where it was comical, now zao is more metaphorical and almost darker.) Personally my favorite album is the Self Titled although many would think I am psycho as it is clearly the black sheep of Zao albums (due to its electric drumming and almost industrial feel). Still an amazong metalcore band if I have ever heard one and their influence echos to this day. Underrated as hell.

Anonymous (July 15, 2004)

"fuck carl winslow"...holy shit. i love it.

Anonymous (February 12, 2004)

no that was some other mosh for jesus band.

the worst christian band is Pillar. Everyone should check that shit out.

Anonymous (February 12, 2004)

Eat Quizno's subs....they have a pepper bar.

Didnt the guitar player for this shitty band join those fat nu-metal-heads in that shitty band P.O.D.???

Anonymous (February 12, 2004)

Zao has never been goo, & doubt they ever will put out anything worth listening to. Please Zao, die for me! Thanks.

Anonymous (February 11, 2004)

holy crap, i can't believe that i spelled baptist wrong more than once.


Anonymous (February 11, 2004)

hey, gregger. may i call you gregger? well, i will anyway. I'm sorry that you're a Babtist. I grew up and currently live in the south, so i know how horribly intolerant those people can be. Look, another generalization!! i'm on a roll. But, you know what? Lots of the babtists that i've met are incredibly nice until they ask you where you go to church or what religion you are. When i used to reply Catholic, I always got this weird reaction like i'm the embodiement of Satan himself. One actually asked why i worship Mary. Silly Babtists.
Now that i'm grown, I consider myself agnostic, leaning towards the beleif in some kind of higher power. I still get the same reaction from Babtists, pentacostals, etc. That i'm Satan. Even though i don't believe in Satan.

when i used the term wasp, i was referring to the band not you. furthermore, i don't consider wasp a racist term at all. generalization? yes, it most certainly is. I probably shouldn't have used that word. its probably not the best word for the argument at hand.

And the message is important when talking about bands that have message driven lyrics. The review neglected to talk about the message and lyrics.

Musically, I don't mind some of their older stuff. especially the record that i alluded to that contains the lyrics that i posted. In fact i was digging it a lot the first time i heard it until it got all jesus-y. then i laughed pretty hard. Still dug it though. Stay away from their newer records though, terrible shit. That "angel without wings" song is horrible.

Replace Jesus Christ with Allah and it'll sound like some suicide bomber rally cry.

Anonymous (February 11, 2004)

They don't do it right... Some people thought my pro-tolerance rabblerousing was in support of this shit.


Anonymous (February 11, 2004)

It's bad when a record review becomes a religious argument. whether you like it or not ZAO is and will always be the forerunner for all those other pansy hardcore bands to come. They are the only ones who can do it right.

greg6711 (February 11, 2004)

WASP - generalized racist term.

Why do you think i'm white?
I may be a basptist?

next time I see anyone saying what's up dogg.
i'll just have to say, "oh that's just some funny-loving nigga.


Anonymous (February 10, 2004)

fucking douchebags the site doesnt make it a requirement to read a christian review. fuck you. I'm not christian but this is good music. Fucking assholes worrying too much about being punk and not about the music. Go listen to anti flag you stupid cunts.

Anonymous (February 10, 2004)


Anonymous (February 10, 2004)

Hey folks, if you've been wondering where all of these right wingers that listen to hardcore and punk have been coming from then look no further. For this is a prime example of fundamentalist wasp hardcore. And it scares the crap outta me.

Any band that ends a song by screaming
praise Jesus Christ over and over agian can not be taken seriously. This band has the unique distiction of having some of the most unintentionally hilarious AND scary lyrics of all time. Seriously folks, there is nothing wrong with Christian music, but when its angrily delivered messages of hate, I'm gonna have to call fundametalist nonsense.

"there is no other way
to explain for what He has done.
He came to me in such a holy way,
such a way that i would die for it.
it is more than just a belief,
He lives in my heart.
how else can i explain it to you...
Jesus Christ."

And lets not forget the usual right wing twisting of the truth. Take the song "Repressed" for example:

"lies, depreciation of self.
moral demise.
the corporate machine of america.
"in god we trust"
statement of political banter.
plastic words for a plastic nation.
bred to live the american dream.
elderly parents in institutions.
billions of dollars for the promotion of
cutting edge abortionary practices.
prayer in school
has been replaced with condoms.
the value of quality family time
has regressed
to television's filth and sexual innuendo.

our forefathers established this nation,
under the grace of God.
in all his provisions.
why we are so richly blessed.
our Father,
deliver us."

I think that lyrics alone are enough to reinforce the argument that this kind of right wing status quo rhetoric belongs on the Fox news channel and not a hardcore show.

I mean, if you kids totally dig this stuff than just have these shows at churches and those silly christian music club places that are sprouting up all over the place nowadays. Thats fine. To each his own. But if i'm at a secular show than I don't want to have to hear a bunch of preteens screaming praise Jesus before kicking some bystander in the head.

Yup slightly incoherent and long winded. just the way i like my posts.

Anonymous (February 10, 2004)

fuck carl winslow?

Hike your pants up boys there be a fight a brewin

greg6711 (February 9, 2004)

Being a Christian, I almost felt offended for a moment.

But then again, I don't need to defend myself.
But don't you think it a bit silly to assume Christians are naive, nazis, or just plain intolerant?

Those are all things listed below.

I don't need to defend Christ, but keep in mind you will die one day, I just hope you feel confident about where your going.

God Bless, goodnight all.

Anonymous (February 9, 2004)


shut the fuck up you faggots (oh snap.) im not a christian myself, but last i heard, this was a music review, not a religion review.

now as for the album, i really wish they had re-recorded all of the songs, that would have been awesome. i also wish they had included autopsy and left out 'angel without wings.' it is nice to have all of the better songs on one cd though, as well as a few new ones.

Anonymous (February 9, 2004)

To the guy many posts down who said U2 makes great music...you sir.....know NOTHING about music....they have been milking basically the same bullshit over and over for almost 20 years and Bono...despite me agreeing with his opinios.....seems like a fake to me. And, Christian music only sucks if it preaches christianity......if the group members are christians and they sing about other, more important things, ill be down with it...but i dont need to listen to some self rightgeous bible humper telling me that i need to have more faith or that i need to worship the lord or hate gays or whatever other shit the many different sects of christianity preach. And, yes, there are many differeent kinds of christians, not all are homophobic, conservative, Jerry Fallwells.....but all in all I'd have to say ANY religion that preaches some sort of control is a bunch of bullshit. Buddhism, on the other hand, im down with it...i dont believe a owrd of it....but its a cool, unvendictive religion...buddha isn't gonna condemn you for masturbating or being gay. But, anyway, off that tangent.....its ok to dislike a band because they sing christian lyrics...especiall.y if it is a hardecore punk band...since it is basically overlooking everything that punk stands for.

Anonymous (February 9, 2004)

hahaha fuck carl winslow...golden

p.s. this band, aside from playing completely boring music, is a bunch of assholes who are completely full of themselves and stopped playing a show because they didn't like the crowd.

Anonymous (February 9, 2004)

I'd rather say "Fuck Everything Metal"...


Anonymous (February 9, 2004)


hell fuck christian everything

where do christians get off thinking they can play metal, that's like nazi's spinning the dreidel

go back to sunday school you fucks

Anonymous (February 9, 2004)

wow, was that incoherent....


Anonymous (February 9, 2004)

i cant believe people still believe in an invisable man in the sky who has control over destiny and fate....ya, ooooooookayyyyyyy...

whatever, am and aethiest, and if you believe in god, the power to ya (seriously), i just think religion is a crock of shit...

who care if they are christian or not?

lets see: is it GOOD?! is the music actually listenable; you know, i think that's how it should be judged, but what do i know, i only listen to fucking MUSIC!

(fuck Bush)

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

i can't believe someone said fuck carl winslow

boba_fett (February 8, 2004)

holy fucking shit! i agree with you BSD! weird eh?

who here has seen Computer Boy? funny movie ever made.

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

in complete agreement with BSD's comment below


Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

"you choose to be Christian. you choose to be a Nazi. you choose to rape children.

lets be tolerant of nazis and guys who rape children too"

...So, so, so, so stupid... There's nothing wrong with believing in a higher Christian power... As long as you aren't forceful about it. I could easily make the same argument with:

"You choose to be Agnostic. You choose to eat fruit cake. You choose to light homeless people on fire.

Yeah, so let's accept fruit cake eating Agnostics who light hobos on fire."

What the hell is the lesson? Complete intolerance? Fuck you.


Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

Forget all this "metal-core" nonsense... "More Minor Threat, Less Deicide" -Paint it Black

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

This shit doesnt suck just because its Christian. It fucking sucks becuase its horrible music. God shut up.....fuck tolerance...emo faggots

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

you choose to be Christian. you choose to be a Nazi. you choose to rape children.

lets be tolerant of nazis and guys who rape children too

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

haha shit meh-o

i like the band, but that shit got me lol ing all night.

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

i love how it's the coolest thing in the world to hate christians and their music, but it's soooooooooo bad to hate gays and other supposed minorities. man, if you want to preach tolerance, then be tolerant of CHRISTIANS, AND THEIR MUSIC! if a band of all gays came along, then nobody on this website would bash it just because they were gays.
additionally, just because the members of a band are all christians, doesn't mean their music sucks. for example: mxpx, living sacrifice, U2 (not all of them are christians), further seems forever, etc... christians make good music, and so do athiests, gays, agnostics, whoever... all i'm saying is don't say stupid shit like, "oh this is a christian band, that means they suck." i'm sick and tired of all you hypocrites. grow up, or start hating me too because I AM A CHRISTIAN!

Anonymous (February 8, 2004)

First off, fuck this band. Christianity and Hardcore....I thought christians hated gays...yet this is the gayest shit ever.

Secondly I still don't understand why people put thier stupid comments after everything posted on here. People actually take the time to write shit like "Oh Wow, cool Tour!"...or..."Can't wait for that". Shut the fuck up idots. Hey Scott you seruously need to get rid of this comments shit. They're called forums buddy, look into it. And yes, I am aware of the irony of me voicing this in the comments section.

FortyMinutesWest (February 8, 2004)

Zao? More like Meh-o.

dazed (February 8, 2004)

Not a fan. At all.

Anonymous (February 7, 2004)

personally, i'm a fan of "blood and fire" and "liberate te..."-era zao; i can't really get excited about the rest of it
theirs was the first hardcore show i ever attended, to boot


Anonymous (February 7, 2004)

Fuck Carl Winslow.

let your children starve.

ashton (February 7, 2004)

haha, cool, i have a band called agnostic church, we're currently recording, and we have an appearence by superdude as the last track. "this album was great but..."

Anonymous (February 7, 2004)

Wow BSD, I'm Agnostic too....weird.

Wanna hear something even weirder? There is actually an "Agnostic Church"...

The contridictions involved with just the phrasing of that give me a migraine.


Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

Actually, I'm agnostic. Unlike most people who go around saying "Yeah, 666! Fuck Jesus", I know what it means...


Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

Never heard of them.....might check 'em out....I just hope their lyrics aren't full of Christian ideas....that kind of takes the bite out of music.....asnd the reality. But I'll check it out nonetheless.

eyeball_kid (February 6, 2004)

Who? I agree with sickboi about this legendary thing. Especially because he used the word 'assblasters'.

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

Only if you're a blind christian. For the rest of us, it's still plenty fresh.

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

Blind Christian bashing got so old...


slippy (February 6, 2004)

I like Zao. They arent the most inventive or creative metalcore band, but they have a solid formula that works for the most part. But there are mos def better metalcore and hardcore bands out there.

MikeRiot (February 6, 2004)

zao is really boring.

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

fuck christian music? man fuck you. way to be open minded to the music you fucking ho. wether your christian or not zao is good fucking music.

-Carl Winslow

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

first get Where blood and fire, after get Liberate and then self-titled. But you should definitely own these by now

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

if someone wanted to get an actual zao album (as oposed to a best of), what's the best one to get?

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

Soulbleed=Zao fanboy.


Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

interesting that both songs commented on come from the split they did w/ training for utopia, which is a great little 20-minute ride. i don't have any of the full-lengths after where blood and fire bring rest. i know liberate is pretty good, but is anything after that worth getting?

soulbleed (February 6, 2004)

what is this, reject idiot day? god you guys are killing me. so what if they used the word 'legendary' .. i bet it was because they knew they'd get a reaction from you asshats. And to the post below, what the fuck? Don't even mention Marley. Zao definitely -are- legends within the genre they reside (or resided, considering they broke up or whatever they are doing/did) and pretty much everyone that they share the genre with follows/followed their lead. Take your heads out of your asses, all of you.

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)


That term needs to be saved for the likes of Marley, the Clash and so on. I don't care if these assblasters are good or whatever, it sounds pretty fucking pretentious to me.


Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

haha yeah man fuck em all to heaven

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

fuck christian bands

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