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Face to Face: Ignorance is BlissIgnorance is Bliss (1999)
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Contributed by: coldjulycoldjuly
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Ok first off.....I know a lot of you guys didn't really like this album, or thought they were trying to go mainstream or however you want to phrase it. But I think the band were at a crossroads and decided to take a different direction with their music. I must say I love this album...I like it wh.
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Ok first off.....I know a lot of you guys didn't really like this album, or thought they were trying to go mainstream or however you want to phrase it. But I think the band were at a crossroads and decided to take a different direction with their music.

I must say I love this album...I like it when bands open their minds to different aspects of music, they took a somewhat deeper more emotional trip with this one...slowing down the pace greatly, but somehow still retaining an edge at the same time.

I admit I wasn't expecting this sound at all...but hearing it just kinda makes you take a step back and think they have really came a long way in their near decade of existence. You can tell they put a lot of work and spent a lot of time on this record....Trevers' voice is like no other on this album, and slowed down it showcases the total extent of this bands' amazing talent.

IIb, and don't turn away have to be my two favorite F2F albums...both have amazing songs..and you can bash me if you want to, but I almost every song on this record. Lyrically, I dont think they can beat this...but musically..well, you never know with these guys.

I found myself relating to a lot of the songs on this record...I'll spare you the drama and not explain, but hell, just buy the album for the lyrics alone. As Ive related to songs on their previous albums, In my opinion you feel more emotion put behind this record than any of their other releases.

I hate it that while some consider this a breakthrough for the band...even more consider it a failure. I think it was one of the best of 1999, and kind of a breath of fresh air from a lot of other bands clogging up my stereo. F2F: what more can I say??? While It's not a musical masterpiece, It marked more progression and opened new doors for the band to take in the future.


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buttcheekbrian (March 13, 2011)

great album. took a few listens before i realized it though. Anybody else notice that this review was posted on Sept 11th, 2001.
Conspiracy Theories Man

moistphily (June 1, 2010)

I think it's by far their best album i love it. Such depth and meaning but still Face to Face

Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (September 17, 2001)

i had almost blocked this sad release out of my mind until you reviewed it, coldjuly.the only f2f release i don't own. something told me to hold off buying it when it came out, and when i saw 50 of them in the hock shop a month later, I was glad.- fathead

Anonymous (September 17, 2001)

yeah its hella different from all the other albums but you can still hear the f2f sound which is just in slow motion for a change.

there is a simply rule to remember for everyone.

face to face = good

people think to hard sometimes

Anonymous (September 16, 2001)

No, your just really close minded thats all.

Anonymous (September 16, 2001)

I would give this album less than one but I can't. I understand that bands want to evolve and grow but this was freakin ridiculous. It was a change but not one that I wanted to listen too. I tried to listen to this album. I listened to it three times; the whole album over. By the end of the third time I still couldn't understand what the hell happened to the great band I heard on the live or self title album. I think people give this album way too much credit to try and make up for the nasty comments this album has and should recieve.

Anonymous (September 15, 2001)

i'm from Munnezza.net, one of the best italian punk/hc webzine.
I wrote a review for this one, and if you know the italian language, or if you have the curiosity to learn some strange words :-) or look how many "stars" i've assigned to this record (eh eh...), you should check it out... (http://digilander.iol.it/munnezza/trlist-stra2.htm)

Anonymous (September 15, 2001)

One of my favorites ever.

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

Jesus....Picky, Picky.

Kurt_F (September 14, 2001)

Um, sorry dude, they didnt go into the studio a couple months later and release this. A little more time passed than that. Yea, track 8 "I know what you are" is SWEET. Overcome is good too, with the breakdown at the end, that "i let my guard down" part. IIB is a great cd. Reactionary is rad too, not to mention everything before them.

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

I Understand what your saying...but I meant to do was reflect my personal views on this record...and hope that most everyone else felt the same way... all of your reviews cant be the same...hell a lot of the CD's ive bought and became a fan of have been on someone elses views.

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

Not my favorite F2F CD. I'm a Don't Turn Away fan all the way. Every song on that CD just blew me away. It just sounded like Trevor was straining to get every word on that CD out as if he really meant it. I Want will always be one of my favorite songs ever. I was disappointed in Ignorance is Bliss to tell you the truth. The musical talent is definitely there, but the band just went in some directions that I didn't like. Songs like "Nearly Impossible" just seem boring to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing punk bands that play slower music (my favorite CD of the year has been STD's Stay What You Are), but it just didn't appeal to me.

There are a few bright spots. The song "Prodigal" is awesome and I can listen to four of the first five songs a lot (I forget the order they're in or I'd be more specific) but it seems to trail off toward the end in my opinion.

BTW - I'm not all about taking shots at the guys who write reviews here all the time, but coldjuly, this wasn't one of your better reviews. It was a personal view of the album written seemingly along the presumption that everyone here has already heard it. While that may be the case, the purpose of a review is still to convey the sound to others and perhaps persuade them into making a decision whether or not they would like the record. I really don't mean to be critical, but reviews should be reviews, and the person's thoughts on the record, if they are not included within the review, should be saved for the comment section.

coldjuly (September 14, 2001)

"I know what you are" or some shit like that

sickboi (September 14, 2001)

Its decent, my score goes for track 8 (can't remember name right now) and the fact that this is the perfect album to put on when you are going to sleep.

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

Dude, they toured for this record. They played in my town the day it came out.

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

This album blows, they didn't even tour for this record. They released it, record sales were extremely poor so they went back to the studio a couple months later and released "Reactionary."

If you want to hear real face to face get "Big Choice."

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

yeah, face to face are one of the few bands that i can personally say have done no wrong musically. album after album they continue to amaze me. this one is different in style, but it's no exception. if anything, it's one of their best.

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

Yeah i love this record too. Full of catchy and emotional stuff.Shame i havent seen them live.I guess the "First seven years" video isn`t available on pal. Can`t wait the new album..

Anonymous (September 14, 2001)

i agree this disc is solid. any f2f disc is at least 4 stars. kickass band...but the live experience is another experience altogether...all 3 f2f shows i've seen get full marks....amazing

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