Bollweevils - Stick Your Neck Out (Cover Artwork)


Bollweevils: Stick Your Neck OutStick Your Neck Out (1993)
Dr.Strange Records

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: fatheadfathead
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The Bollweevils top the list of "hardcore punk bands from Chicago that never should have broken up". If they were still a band, they'd be neck deep in offers from Epitaph and Fat. This is their debut full length. Excluding a couple songs, it's an all around winner. Fast, melodic, talent-filled,.
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The Bollweevils top the list of "hardcore punk bands from Chicago that never should have broken up". If they were still a band, they'd be neck deep in offers from Epitaph and Fat.

This is their debut full length. Excluding a couple songs, it's an all around winner. Fast, melodic, talent-filled, and unique. The vocals are the only questionable part of the band, but it doesn't take long to get used to them. While songs like "The Witness" are among my favorites of all time, songs like "Dehumanize" scrape the bottom of the 'bad song barrell'. Also, I stand firm on my beliefs that a punk record should have more than 12 songs, but what can you do. However, the good far outweighs the bad on "Stick Your Neck Out".

If you like your punk hard and fast, with poppy-emo miles away, then the Bollweevils are most likely somewhere in your collection already. If they are not, this is a great album to start with.


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cheddar (July 24, 2009)

ps.... this is not hardcore punk... by any means. i dont know what this guy is talking about

cheddar (July 24, 2009)

opening 2 songs, are fuckin awesome. and then after that, it seems to juast kinda slowly start going down hill. there are some great songs on this album but i would never be able to just put this record on and listen to it straight through. for fans or screeching weasel, riverdales, huntingtons, etc. this is typical illinois pop punk

GlassPipeMurder (January 10, 2007)

zine is short for magazine and pronounced just like the end of it.

a squatter is someone who lives illegally on land that isn't his.

Anonymous (November 17, 2001)

so then i said "hey bill!" then he turned around and his Cock was haggin out!

Anonymous (November 17, 2001)

i have a few questions to ask you punks.

1. zine, is it said like the end magazine or is have an I sound?Becouse i heard it said diferently on Rocket Power.

2. what is a squatter

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

still think you should shoot yourself in the face. but ok. we'll leave it at the bollweevils rock.

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

dude, we're "makeing" way too big of a deal outta this. I'm at "college" now, and I have to go fail a test, so lets just let it die with "the Bollweevils rock".- fathead

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

Fair enough, keep "makeing" fun of me for "makeing" spelling errors. I will continue "makeing" disgruntled gutter punk comments. I hope that by "makeing" my comment I didn't offend you. I'm not a gutterpunk by the way, and I'm still in high school so that's why I'm not in college*. My age by the way, does not in any way affect my stance that I don't really enjoy any of your reviews and find most of your comments rather snobby and arrongant. I do think the dwarves fucking destroy though, but then again so do the bollweevils. So, I'm sorry for "makeing" such an ass out of myself.

Anonymous (November 13, 2001)

I would think "makeing" was more common sense than "collage."

sickboi (November 12, 2001)

Sounds like a disgruntled gutterpunk to me. God forbid some of us live in apartments we PAY for, have electricity and buy stuff with money we get from WORKING.
Go listen to you fuckin Casualties record squatter.

Anonymous (November 12, 2001)

ok, i hate to seem aragant or snobby, but "collage"...come on man. it's spelled "college". i suggest you go. and don't give me that "i don't have the money bullshit", most community colleges aren't that expensive anymore.and yes, i do have A LOT of cds,records,and tapes that for some odd reason, no one has reviewed. i'll keep writing reviews and you can keep talking shit and i'll keep makeing fun of you. it's all in good fun anyway. dwarves suck.- fathead

Anonymous (November 12, 2001)

I still think fathead is a big stinky douche but thats just me. nice paragraph review asshole. funny how a jackass who works at a sandwich place and goes to collage can own so much music that he must feel obilged to let everyone know what he thinks. get a fucking life, i and i'm sure many others don't care what you think about every release ever. and don't knock the dwarves again, thats just not cool.

savesthedaypunk (November 11, 2001)

Im with aznr get History of the Bollweevils 2 first. Shut up smurf no one cares...nice review fathead.that didnt sound right....later

Ghettosmurf (November 10, 2001)

I hate u fathead...lol
Who r these guys?

aznr (November 10, 2001)

Hell yeah, the Bollweevils rip. Even though this is a great album, I'd recommend picking up "History of the Bollweevils 2" first. Even though it's chronologically out of order, that album is amazing. "Talkpeople" is one of my favorite songs from them. Another tragic Chicago breakup....

WinstonFeatherby (November 10, 2001)

This band is much better than your favorite band (who, by the way, is shitty pop-punk). Too bad the Feds sucked. Go buy deathmetal. That's my advice. Buy this album, then go buy deathmetal. Only then will youtruly understand.


icK-x-Strife (November 9, 2001)

Well I've never even heard of them, but the review alone makes me want to get "Bollweevils" tattooed across my ass in bright pink lettering.

Fathead should start a zine or something. I would buy it just for the review section.

ColdJuly (November 8, 2001)

Great band Great record Great review...I was too in the process of reviewing this. The weevils are friggin rad.

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