Comeback Kid / Misery Signals / Bane

Comeback Kid / Misery Signals / Bane: live in Montreallive in Montreal (2008)
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This is one of the biggest package tours of "underground" music to come through Canada in a long time. Comeback Kid organized this tour and invited some of their favorite bands to cross Canada with them. The tour kicked off in Vancouver on October 8, and will go through 20 cities total, wrapping up .

This is one of the biggest package tours of "underground" music to come through Canada in a long time. Comeback Kid organized this tour and invited some of their favorite bands to cross Canada with them. The tour kicked off in Vancouver on October 8, and will go through 20 cities total, wrapping up in Hamilton, Ontario on October 27. The tour hit Montreal on October 23 at Le National.

Before we get to the music, this tour has had some pretty bad luck following it. The week before the Montreal date, Gravemaker rolled their van several times, and although no one was seriously hurt and they could stay on the tour, the van was totaled. And then, the night before the Montreal show, Comeback Kid woke up to find their van and trailer gone. All of their merch and gear and most of their personal belongings were stolen, as well as half of Gravemaker's merch. So, the show started with that hanging over everyone. But all the bands seemed determined to make it a stellar show just to spite the world.

The first band up was Gravemaker. They are one of my new favorite bands in hardcore. Coming out of Vancouver with members of Figure Four, they definitely play Northwest-influenced hardcore, similar to Blue Monday and Go It Alone, but better. I really enjoyed their show. They were full of energy and looked like they just love performing. It was cool seeing all the support they were getting from the other bands on the tour, from the various members that were watching the show from the wings, and from the singer of Shai Hulud coming out to sing on one song. I only wish that I was more familiar with their music, but I picked up their (nautically themed) CD and intend to scream along next time I see them. I expect big things from this band in the future.

Up second was Outbreak. I've never really gotten into them and this show did nothing to change that. I was kind of bored watching them. I just can't get into a band whose lyrics are all variations of "fuck, fuck, fuck you. No one likes you. No one cares." Maybe if they could focus that anger, they could write songs that sounded better.

I've loved Shai Hulud for years. They are an excellent band who make writing songs about anger work. While Outbreak just kind of spit and spasm, Shai Hulud wield their anger with precision. A misanthropy pure, perhaps? They played songs from their entire discography, though they did have to keep their set short because of the sheer number of bands on the tour. Some of the older songs sounded a little different, but that's probably because they're playing them through the metal sheen of their newer material (like the difference between the original version of "Set Your Body Ablaze" and the one on Misanthropy Pure).

Set list:

  1. Set Your Body Ablaze
  2. Scornful of the Motives and Virtue of Others
  3. Misanthropy Pure
  4. Faithless Is He Who Says Farewell When the Road Darkens
  5. My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood
  6. A Profound Hatred of Man
  7. For the World
Bane are one of my favorite bands. Straight up. They put on a very good show, although it was a little bit strange seeing them play up on a stage that was roughly at my chest. At this particular show, Aaron Bedard seemed almost brooding, most of his stage banter was about the loss of the van and trailer being stolen, and encouraging people to provide support however they could. It seemed like an especially powerful statement when the rest of the band began a seemingly impromptu version of "A Bridge Too Far" as Aaron was speaking. As for the rest of the show, they played all the hits, and it was good.

Set list:
  1. Both Guns Blazing
  2. My Therapy
  3. Some Come Running
  4. Pot Committed
  5. Count Me Out
  6. Ante Up
  7. Swan Song
  8. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  9. Ali v. Frazier I
  10. Can We Start Again?
Misery Signals. A friend of mine said it best: "Misery Signals are kind of like herpes. They're everywhere but no one really likes them." That being said, there was a time when I was really into Misery Signals. I still put on Of Malice and the Magnum Heart and enjoy it, but ever since their original singer left, they've been on a steady downward spiral in my books. Mirrors was pretty mediocore and Controller is more of the same. And now, I can barely recognize some of their older songs like "In Summary of What I Am" when they play them live. It's a shame.

Set list (these are only the songs I knew):
  • In Summary of What I Am
  • The Failsafe
  • Anchor
  • A Victim, A Target
  • Five Years
Comeback Kid were the headliners and they played strong and long. I was impressed at how upbeat they were considering they had to play using other bands' equipment, wearing other bands' merch. They covered songs from their entire discography. They set out on this tour initially to promote their new DVD Through the Noise, and they played essentially the same set list as they do on the DVD, but a little mixed around. My only disappointment was the encore, when Andrew asked what songs people wanted to hear and some people shouted Figure Four. He almost seemed to consider it. Bailey (now in Grave,aker) was standing right there and it seemed like there could have been a partial Figure Four reunion. But it didn't happen. Oh well.

Set list:
  1. Partners in Crime
  2. Broadcasting‚?¶
  3. Changing Face
  4. Our Distance
  5. Industry Standards
  6. All in a Year
  7. Step Ahead
  8. Hailing on Me
  9. The Trouble I Love
  10. False Idols Fall
  11. Die Tonight
  12. Talk Is Cheap
  13. Defeated
  14. Lorelei
  15. Wake the Dead
  16. Give'r (Reprise)
  17. Final Goodbye


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DrGunn (October 30, 2008)

"I was at the Ottawa show as well, and left after Bane. I think the bouncer got a bad rap, even though i don't condone "assaulting" broads."

i'm sorry, did you just refer to a woman as a "broad"? are you also wearing a felt fedora and carrying around a machine gun in a violin case?

Trauma16 (October 29, 2008)

Was actually going to write a review for the Toronto date of this.
Best show i've been to all year, when Scott Wade came up to do all in a year and partners in crime it felt like being back in 2005.
Great show, bane killed, shai killed, misery signals were kinda boring, outbreak i couldn't agree more with the review and CBK just sealed the night.

TROOF (October 29, 2008)

Sounds like a great show, I like all these bands. However I still prefer Scotts vocals with CBK.

chips (October 28, 2008)

Greatest moment of my life was when the new guitarist for CBK handed his guitar off to andrew, and then Scott Wade came out and performed 2 or 3 songs at the Toronto show. I was at the Hamilton show too, and he was there again, but he didn't do a performance.

IamMclovin (October 28, 2008)


IamMclovin (October 28, 2008)

I don't care what anyone says, MS still owns. Contoller is one of my favorites this year. Gravemaker's Bury Me at Sea is awesome as well.

termsofuse (October 28, 2008)

Starting off with both guns blazing was awesome, i lost my shit.

danpib08 (October 28, 2008)

Bane closing with Can We Start Again, best brocore song on the planet. Love it when they close with it, hopefully they will at the Church this Saturday.

Martholamew (October 28, 2008)

I was at the Ottawa show as well, and left after Bane. I think the bouncer got a bad rap, even though i don't condone "assaulting" broads. A fight broke out and dudes were stomping the shit out of some guy. The bouncer broke it up and some chick was pulling his hair out, he turned around to grab whoever it was, unluckily for him it was a chick, so he grabbed her. The band went a little too far with the insults in my opinion. I like Bane and all, but ya, shitty show. I hadn't been to a hardcore show in years, and this incident reminded me why.

andrewking (October 28, 2008)

Was at the Hamilton show last night. First off, Shai Hulud killed it, but didn't get the love they deserved. I was disappointed.

Bane was terrific, though I would've loved to have heard "Some Came Running" on this date.

I disagree with your assertion on Misery Signals. I thought they were great - musically locked in and still energetic. They're one of the strongest "metal-y" bands making music.

Finally, Comeback Kid proved why they should've headlined the tour, and that's saying a lot considering the bill. Trakcs like "Defeated" and "Broadcasting" fit in seamlessly with older numbers, and if there's a better closer than "Wake The Dead" that's ever been written, I've yet to hear it.

jamespastepunk (October 28, 2008)

I'm extremely envious that Bane played part of A Bridge Too Far. I've always liked the first three minutes of that song...

jamtheman88 (October 28, 2008)

I was at this show last week in ottawa and it was bar none one of worst shows i've ever been to. One of
the "Bouncers" choked out a girl during Bane's set. Aaron Ended up getting off the stage and telling off the promoter, and they ended up cutting there set really short. I mean like, they played can we start again? and like two other songs and they were done. Like ten minutes tops... Outbreak wasnt Much better either, as much as i love outbreak, there were three security guards on the stage "controlling" the stage dives and pile-ons. It was ridiculous. Every set ended up being a serious disapointment for me. Bane is one of my favourite bands and they always bring out the best in kids at the show, but this was just downright bull shit.
On a positive note, Gravemaker is one of the best hardcore bands coming out of canada right now(next to outnumbered) , check em both out!

score is for ottawa's "hardcore scene"

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