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Yeah, I'm feeeding5000, which is totally how I refer to myself in real life. I'm mostly into anarcho-punk/crust and straight edge hardcore of the late-'80's variety, but I pretty much will listen to anything within the punk spectrum, be it pop-punk, ska, pre-mainstream emo, etc. The only sub-sub-genres I have issues with are oi!, which I feel is 90% stupid and 10% dumb, and early '80's-HC revival, which is good but boring. If you ever get into an argument with me about politics or religion in punk, feel free to IM me. I just love telling other people why they're fundamentally wrong.

Feeeding5000's Favorite Bands

Feeeding5000's Favorite Albums

The Exploited - Punk\'s Not Dead (Secret)
Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head (High Speed)
False Prophets - Blind Roaches and Fat Vultures: Phantasmagoric Beasts of the Reagan Era (Alternative Tentacles)
Crass - The Feeding of the 5000 (Crass)
Indian Summer - Hidden Arithmetic (Future)
Dystopia - Human = Garbage (Life Is Abuse)
Sairaat Mielet - Controversial History 1988-1993 (Six Weeks)
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing [reissue] (Castle)
The Formaldehyde Junkies - Are a Total Wreck [7 inch] (Firestarter)
Liberty - The People Who Care Are Angry (Motorhate)
Fuel - Monuments to Excess (Broken Rekids)
Los Crudos - Discografia (Leguna Armada)
Various - Flex Your Head [remastered] (Dischord)
Axegrinder - Rise of the Serpent Men [reissue] (Peaceville)
Stormcrow - Enslaved in Darkness (No Options)
World Burns to Death - The Sucking of the Missile Cock (Hardcore Holocaust)
X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents [expanded] (Castle)
999 - Separates (United Artists)
Disrupt - Unrest [reissue] (Relapse)
Venom - Black Metal [reissue] (Castle)

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