The Suicide Machines are headed to Mexico in May for a tour with Tijuana locals Los Kung Fu Monkeys. The Detroit-based band will spend the entire month touring the country, playing with a number of Mexican ska and punk acts. Prior to the tour the band will play a set of shows in Puerto Rico.

The SideOneDummy act is supporting their 2005 full length, War Profiteering Is Killing Us All. Recently vocalist Jason Navarro and his wife Sandra have launched Noise Riot Records, the label's inagural release was a remastered collection of the band's pre-1996 material titled On The Eve Of Destruction 1991-1995.

Suicide Machines Tour Dates
Date Day City Venue Details
21-Apr Fri Mayaguez, Puerto Rico MAYAGUEZ CAFE w/Tropiezo, First Failure, D-Cent Jerks
22-Apr Sat San Juan, Puerto Rico SOPRANO'S w/Diente Perro, Un Final Fatal, Clever Effect, Back In The Day
27-Apr Thur Marquette, MI. 231 HOUSE OF MUSES w/Riot 49, F.C.D
11-May Thur Hollywood, CA. TROUBADOUR w/Buck O Nine, Toys That Kill, Los Kung Fu Monkeys
12-May Fri Tijuana, Mexico EL FORO (Jai Alai) w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys, and Nuestra Sangre
13-May Sat Mexicali, Mexico PARQUE VINCENTE GUERRERO w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys, and Nuestra Sangre
14-May Sun Hermosillo, Mexico TBA w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
16-May Tues Los Mochis, Mexico TBA w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
17-May Wed Mazatlan, Mexico TBA w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
18-May Thur Durango, Mexico LA IGUANA ROCK w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
19-May Fri Guadalajara, Mexico SANTA SANGRE w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys, Pena de Vida, Nada Buenos y mas
20-May Sat Mexico City, Mexico VICTORIA w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
23-May Tues Querretaro, Mexico TBA w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
24-May Wed Guanajuato, Mexico BAR FLY w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
25-May Thur San Luis Potosi, Mexico EL BLUE w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys
26-May Fri Monterrey, Mexico CAFE IGUANAS w/Los Kung Fu Monkeys