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Belvedere: 'Twas Hell Said Former Child'Twas Hell Said Former Child (2002)
Jump Start Records

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Contributed by: coldjulycoldjuly
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By the time it takes me to write this review..this album will be over. This (somewhat) anticipated record is finally here..well, it was here about 2 months ago and this hasn't left my stereo since. I was a little cautious about purchasing this one...especially in Canada...$28.99 Jesus! and after .
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By the time it takes me to write this review..this album will be over. This (somewhat) anticipated record is finally here..well, it was here about 2 months ago and this hasn't left my stereo since.

I was a little cautious about purchasing this one...especially in Canada...$28.99 Jesus! and after Angels Live in My town being a little under par from what I expected. after 2 weeks of hesitation, and waiting for this to become available in the used section, I gave in.

Now I'm glad I did so. The first thing I noticed was the incredible amount of maturity the band accquired since the last record...Musically and Lyrically. You like melody huh? This has plenty of it....combined with some rad vocal and guitar hooks while keeping up the manic speed the band has been known for. One problem however...The entire album is a little over 21 minutes long and only has 10 songs. Some of which are under a minute in length. But I've come to overlook that..as I'm sure you will.

Great record...just the best collection of melody, agression, hooks and speed that belvedere has managed to pump out. Download an Mp3 of "Two Minutes for Looking so good" and see what i'm talking about.


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Anonymous (January 7, 2005)

they pretty damn good, just because they sound like this all the time isn't bad. I guess now in the "scene" you have to try and change your sound, pity,...not always a good thing.

Anonymous (April 16, 2003)


Anonymous (March 16, 2003)

Wow a new belvedere album. Lets take a listen. Oh great its fast and the one guy sings and then the other guy sreams and then they're funny and then SO SERIOUS!....meh. Good at what they do but they do it to much.

TrIsTa (January 14, 2003)

Belvedere fuckin rockz and will always rock

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

Belvedere are a solid punk band.. but you get sick of them when they come to your town every month. Angels live in my town is something very new.. and their latest album pumps out new rythms i would never thought of. I'm curious to hear what their next album will bring... also who finds the vocals on the new album sound like millencolin?

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

Our whole band is absolutly in LOVE with belvedere, I cant get my CD back from my buddy, he listens to it all the time, the CD is really influencing us to, in terms of what we see as talented, skilled music and technical playing... On a boring note that only musicians would understand.. they have an amazing talent for writing outside the box of the usual song structures. something we hope to be able to do as well in the future.. These guys are far ahead of most bands in terms of song writing!!! seriously ahead!!! and their live show really shows you the differnce between bands that make a living on tour and just studio bands!!! I cant wait for the next album!


Anonymous (April 2, 2002)

This is a great record, and the boys in belvedere should be really proud of it! anytime you get a chance to see these guys do their thing at a live show, do it.

GeetarChick (April 1, 2002)

I saw Belvedere when they came touring through here in Chicago back in August and I was blown away by their performance and i bought Angels live in my town which I really liked. When this one came out, I bought it too and I was hoping it'd be awesome... and it was. Despite the short length, I think the album rocks mucho. It woulda been a lot better if it were longer, but this is definitely a good album to purchase if you're into melodic skatepunk.

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

This is a good cd. If you like them, definately check out Forty Winks on interpunk.com. Their cd and the Belvedere cd were the best two cds i've ever bought from that online store. Even small punk labels can put out good stuff.

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

burning the cd's of poor, struggling artists off the internet is fucking whack.

jumpstartrecords (April 1, 2002)

While it's safe to say I'm pretty biased about this record seeing as I had a few things to do with putting the thing out, I still ahve to say that this record is great. Belvedere's songwriting has really matured since I first heard "Because No One Stopped Us." Overall, I'd certainly say I like the songwriting on this record more than "Angels Live in My Town," but I like the over all audio production more on "Angels." Either way, this is an awesome record, and a great live band as well. One of my favorites, hands down.

For those of you that find the CD in stores at some ridiculous price, please do one of the following:
1. If you're in Canada, email the fine folks at the Union Lable Group and tell them how much you saw the CD for, and what store. The CD shouldn't be over $22 CDN based on what the Union Label Group is selling them to distributors.
2. You can pick up a copy of the CD from Interpunk.com, Jumpstartrecords.com, or theUnion Label Group for much less than $28 CDN.< a>

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

This album fuckin rocks. Their live show is sweet too.

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

28.99 in canada? You were ripped off. If mailorder is your thing, you could have got it from the union label for hella-cheap. Or go somewhere thats not HMV. CD was okay. Nothing too mind blowing. It's like, they're talented, but I get the feeling that I've heard it all before.

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

i picked it up at one of their shows back in december with a t-shirt, and a t-shirt for my girlfriend for $40! And yeah, it destroys. BTW They are going on tour with Satanic Surfers, should be an awesome show...Belvedere plays even faster live! Check them out if they come anywhere near you

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

28.99 for an album? shit. i dont think any album is worth that much. especially if you can just download the entire thing.

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

this album is definitely killer, even though it is only 10 songs. I like the old one "angels live in my town more" but both are must-haves in my opinion. I heard their next CD isn't far away either.

matteatworld (April 1, 2002)

I was BLOWN AWAY with this album.. check out "Repetition Rejection" and "She sells sea shells"
those songs are amazing... i think they are availble off www.mp3.com

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

this record fucking shreds!

Anonymous (April 1, 2002)

Good to see you back, coldjuly.


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